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  1. Martin Knanishu says:

    Dear Teacher
    Through your writings and the kindness you have shown the world, I have learned so much. Please be well.
    Your’s In Mindfulness.
    Martin Knanishu
    Champaign, Illinois

  2. Barb says:

    I hold him in my prayers.

  3. Amy Cooke says:

    Holding That in the Light of all being…

  4. Jere Quinlan Jr. says:

    Smile, breathe, go slowly. Thay years ago I received horrible news and the next day you were on the front page of the newspaper. I remembered just the relaxation and peaceful picture of your face and it immediately gave me hope. I bought Peace is Evers top that day and have many books and think of you often when I get tense, angry, etc. You have taught me much about myself and life. Thank you for being an inspiration for me. I am truly grateful and praying for you. I am #ThichNhatHanhSTRONG! I also am wearing a bracelet that says LIFESTRENTGH! A Reminder that life is precious. Thank you again THAY!

  5. Grace says:

    I wish for constant light and love surrounding Thay may he recover. with all my heart and blessings

  6. Kristin Bendixen says:

    Thankyou Honourable Thay for all the truth and beauty you have offered us by opening our eyes and mind. The Sanghas here the country of Mexico send you our love and gratitude and peace for your recovery.

  7. Signe Alexander says:

    Blessed Thay and Sangha, Deep love and gratitude for those who are giving Thay their heart of loving care. My prayers are for those that support Thay: the nurses, doctors, aides, Nuns, and Monks. May the world wide Sangha’s loving kindness buoy you and Thay through Thay’s healing. The best gift that I know of to give is to continue Thay’s work by being present in each and every moment, with each gentle step on this earth, paying Thay’s work forward.

    A blossom for you,

  8. Jeff Ong says:

    May Thay be recovered soon, that will be my only wish for the Christmas and New Year.

  9. May Thay be peaceful,
    May Thay be restful,
    May Thay be in balance,
    Mentally and physically,
    May Thay be at Home.

  10. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Mong thay mau hoi phuc
    Con xin goi positive healing den thay.

  11. Love, in action, love in presence; sometimes a person exemplifies what our hearts want and our spirits aspire too. Our hearts go out to meet the gentle strength of his example.

  12. Bruce MacFarlane says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and vision.

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