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  1. Sunny Lee says:

    Delighted to hear the positive news. Many thanks to the medical team. Thay, sending you loving kindness and mindful, healing energy as you continue your recovery surrounded by the sangha.

  2. Dena says:

    I am singing this song for you… here are the words: Blessed, truly blessed in the season of the spring, when all of creation is radiating. Thanks be to Earth for her bountiful display, reflecting the rainbow as it smiles across her face.

    On my rides to work I often look at a picture of you and it brings me peace. Your words have helped me center in many a storm. I am smiling now thinking of you back at Plum Village enjoying spring.

    I work with children and young people with eating disorders as a recreational therapist. We are going to paint on a wall in my movement room one of your quotes: Dear body, I am here for you. Thank you for this sweet reminder. I know your body right now is unfamiliar, responding in ways you are not used to. Please know that your life speaks volumes and so many of us are touched just knowing your feet touch this Earth and your breath is a part of our atmosphere.
    Sending Love and deepest of gratitude,
    Dena Wilder

  3. Rose Marie and Gerry Murphy says:

    So delighted to hear you are back home in Plum Village what better healing environment could you be in. Continued good wishes

  4. Lili says:

    Dear Thay,
    I love you with my heart.
    Thank you for your beauty in this world.
    You are a true living angel who has brought
    so much beauty and love into this world.
    Surely your Dharma light will shine for all
    of time. May you be well, and be healed as you
    have worked so tirelessly to heal all of us.
    May all of your great wishes and that of the Sangha
    be thoroughly granted. May your great compassionate
    will be done. Thank you Dear Thay with all of my heart
    and from the depths of my being, a gratitude which can
    never be repaid. That someone as beautiful as you would
    take time to love us all and shine your love and light in
    our very hearts and souls. You have infused us with hope, and
    because of that we can go on. Please know that you are infinitely
    loved. Because you are here the world has a bright light. There
    are not words enough to tell you how thankful we are or how much
    we need you, or how much we love you. May we show you our gratitude
    and love by practicing truly what you have worked so hard to teach
    us. Please be well.
    I love you Thay.

  5. Joanne Wilson says:

    Dear Thay – How wonderful to be back home surrounded by the familiar that supports us and bring smiles from the heart.
    There are no words of gratitude large enough for a lifetime of giving, teaching and leadership. For the many windows you have opened to the spirit of love I can only say thank you. I wish each of your days to be filled with quiet joy and wellness.
    Sending You a warm hug with caring. Joanne Wilson

  6. Sloane says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am so happy to hear that you have returned home to Plum Village. You remain in my prayers for your recovery.

    Your teachings have completely changed my life. With deepest gratitude and love, Sloane

  7. Gaston says:

    Dear beloved teacher and Sangha. A smile manifested on my face when reading this. You and the Sangha continue to inspire me on a daily basis in so many ways. And I just became grateful for the miracle of swallowing myself again. Thank you for the reminder. So many conditions for happiness…Sending peaceful and healing vibrations.

  8. Pam says:

    Dear Thay,
    I am so grateful that you are recovering in your beautiful village. Sending love and prayers your way.

  9. Len ap Wales says:

    Dear Thay – I am so glad to hear of your continuing recovery. I hope now after so many years of giving will you be given the chance to rest at least for a little. – Not good for you or me I know, but I have to confess my grief should you pass. – I pray for peace and warmth to you.

    Kindest regards

    Len of Wales – Plentyn y mynydd

  10. Noel McEvoy says:

    Dear Thay I am delighted that you are getting better so you can enjoy all the things you have opened all our eyes to. Please get better for you, not for us, please rest no pressure , the labourer deserves his rest and goodness knows you have laboured for us all good luck with the path to recovery whatever that will be and thank you for all the hard work. So put up you feet take it easy let down the load mindfully of course need it be said, and the world will still be here. thanks for all you insights I know there will be more form you as you say there is no coming or going.

  11. Margo McGeeney says:

    Dear Thay, I was delighted to hear that you are back in your beloved home, which will nourish and heal you. I send you my love and gratitude, Margo

  12. Martha Dickinson says:

    Sending prayers for healing with love from the heart to all around you.

  13. Warren says:

    Para empezar, hay que mirar la capacidad de carga de
    la batería que adquirimos, que se mide por su desempeño en miliamperios
    por hora mAh.

  14. Rosa Casado says:

    My family and myself we are extremely happy to know of Thay recovery, we will continue to pray so that his health improves day by day..

  15. teresa neil and edie mae says:

    dear thay, we are so pleased for your homecoming and so grateful to all the drs and nurses,with much love for your ongoing recovery and love to all at plum village xx

  16. kay Maughan says:

    I am so happy to hear that you are back at Plum Village dear Thay, I continue to pray and send healing thoughts to you.
    With Love And Many Blessings. kay maughan.

  17. Tony says:

    Great news. God’s blessing and peace always be with you.

  18. Thao Huynh says:

    whenever we drink tea, we smile to the cloud in tea and pray that Thay will recover. We’re happy that Thay returned home.
    Deep gratitude to all doctors, beloved Brothers and Sister, friends for support Thay’s recovery. We are with you through the long journey.

    Con có 1 bài thơ ngắn xin tặng Thầy, bài này có hát theo điệu nhạc được đó ạ
    “Thầy con có một cốc trà
    Thân tâm an trú bây giờ nơi đây
    Lòng con gió bụi mưa trần
    Quay về nương tựa nơi Thầy an vui”

    With lots of love, Thao Huynh

  19. mick mcclellan says:

    Thay has been one of the most influential people in my life, when I first read “living Buddha Living Christ” it started a transformation of my Spiritual perception. Reading the words of Jesus and the Buddha Combined with meditation and allowing the bell to (as Thay puts it), “bring me back to my true self”. I became open to the reality that it is possible to focus on only the beautiful similarity’s in all Spiritual traditions and let go of the differences. Today I try to share that spirit of open-mindedness with men and women trying to recover from addiction. As an intern at a treatment center in Minnesota that works with clients who have suffered a serious brain injury and have turned to drugs and alcohol for relief, I have been given the opportunity to facilitate a mindfulness class and practice coming back to the breath. Without Thay’s inspirational and compassionate teachings I would never have been able to free myself-self from constant mental suffering, and try to help others do same. For that I want to say THANK YOU THAY, I have much love for you and the Plum Village Community. I don’t know if I will ever have the resources to visit their in person, but I can always be there in Spirit. Peace 2 U all !! Mick McClellan

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