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  1. Dear Thay,

    You matter.

    Get well soon, or come back soon perhaps.

  2. Phoenician says:

    Please, please, please, give us an update on our beloved teacher, Thay. It has been two months and 20 days since your last update.

    Sending you and Thay love and gratitude.

  3. Trang says:

    Kính Thầy Thích Nhất Hạnh,

    Kính chúc Thầy sớm bình phục, sớm vượt qua cơn bệnh này, Impermanent Changing Phenomenon.
    Thầy đã dạy “There is no life; There is no death. There is only Transformation”. Con thấm thía lời dạy của Thầy.
    Je vous remercie profondément. 心から本当にありがとうございました。体に気をつけてください。

    Kính Thầy,


    Nha Trang, Việt Nam
    Paris, France
    Brisbane, Australia
    California, USA

  4. Dear Thay, Dear Sangha, Dawning Light Sangha in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is wearing green ribbons, practicing Sitting and Walking Meditation for Mother Earth, and reading your beautiful Love Letters to the Earth. Inspired by these practices and your teachings, we vow to make small but lasting changes in our individual lives to create a collective awakening for ourselves and our beautiful Mother Earth. With love and gratitude, Divine Oneness of the Heart.

  5. Petar says:

    Medicine Buddha Mantra: Tayata Om Bekandze Bekandze Maha Bekandze Radza Samudgate Soha

  6. Maureen Lancaster says:

    Thank you for these wonderful earth touching practices for Bodhisattva Gaia. We will know you are with us when we walk in silence and with love on Nov 29th…supporting success for the Paris Talks, supporting the healing and happiness of all beings including ourselves and Mother Earth, not separate but the same.

  7. Irene Biffar says:

    Beautifully written, Sister!

  8. Sarah Knorr says:

    With deepest gratitude for your community, Thay’s and the community’s teachings and healing work, and for the refuge of sanity and possibility a visit to your website always gives me.

    With great honor and love,
    Sarah from Virginia in the USA

  9. Jennifer Seitzer says:

    Dear Sister,
    Thank you for your insightful wisdom in reminding us to consider our past — in reminding us that often violent retaliation, in a subtle, paradoxical way, can serve to justify the heinous crimes rather than abating the conflict, and rather than fostering healthy grieving, healing, and peace. Your courage is a light to us all.

  10. khema says:

    I need the alagaddupama sutta in short. majjhimaniya

  11. Laura Hunter says:

    Dear Beloved Thay, Dear Beloved Community,
    Thank you for this wonderful Call to Action! Our Really Beneficial Sangha read the communication at our last meeting and made commitments to each other and the earth. We practiced the 3 Earth Touchings. We intend to hold a Vegan potluck and recipe sharing during the Paris Talks and to watch the film, Cowspiracy together. We also see that climate crisis and the violence around the world are not separate events. We are looking for new ways to cultivate peace in ourselves and in the world. Thank you for your spiritual guidance.

  12. 주대진 says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,

    Thay has been the most influential human that has ever entered my life. My only wish is to meet him in person. I wish him the best recovery.
    Thank you Thay for changing my life.

  13. Kathleen says:

    Dear Sister, Thank you for your deep practice. Your letter is a light in a dark world. May your letter water the seeds of understanding and love. Thank you.

  14. Emilia says:

    Thank you for expressing wishes of so many!
    I do hope peace and compassionate dialogue will be the future of mankind instead of war and hatred.
    I do wish all people would be able to look deply into their hearts and see that there can be no real happiness on Earth with a sigle creature suffering from terrorism and war.
    Breathing in I’m inviting peace into my heart, breathing out I see all people as my brothers and sisters.

  15. True walk with spring says:

    I am translating your letter into Thai and hope to post it on Thai PV website soon. May the letter water the seeds of peace, love and compassion in the heart of all those who get to read it.

  16. Katharina says:

    Your letter touched my heart.

  17. Jenny Chan says:

    Dear Sr. Mai,

    Thank you for your deep teaching of loving speech.

    May the world be at peace.

    : ) Jenny (Lotus Pond Temple)

  18. Patty Cargille says:

    Mille mercis. Breathing in, breathing out.

  19. qssdrc says:

    May your letter help to bring clarity in this time of anger

  20. Evelyn Greenfield says:

    Thank You

  21. Franny says:

    Did you want “as the shepherd who know how to take care of his sheep beyond the borders of his fields.” to say “knew”?

      • Raphaëlle, Joyful light of the Heart says:

        Dearest Sister, I have just read your letter. I have been so sad at the events in Paris last Friday evening. I have family and close friends living in Paris and all of them have shown real compassion for the situation. It makes me even sadder when I hear that the response from the French government has been to respond with fighter jets.

        Thank you so much for your skilful letter. Thank you for your practice and the wonderful presence of the whole Plum Village community.

  22. Jerôme says:

    So beautiful and so very true. Thank you for posting this. It is my wish that this medicine for the illness of fear, anger and terrorism will reach everyone in this world.

  23. Franny says:

    Dear Thay, Dear True Dedication, Thank you for giving these words to help us keep communication going!

  24. Tanya says:

    Deep thanks for this reminder at this time, after the bombings in Paris, to look beyond fear and anger to the suffering of the perpetrators, to interrupt the cycle of violence.

  25. Margaret Vrana says:

    I am grateful to receive posts concerning Thich Nhat Hanh and all who work with him for peace on our planet.

  26. Michael Nadeau says:

    I am so happy happy to see this collective effort on behalf of spiritually minded communities! Hope and optimism is what we need more of, will and courage is the result; and with the will & courage to act now, we will all benefit from hope and optimism!

    Our Sangha meets every Monday, and we will be discussing this tonight. May all beings be happy & may all beings be cared for.

  27. Bill says:

    FYI, there is a typo: “It is not our intention to i-eject your spiritual values.”

  28. I was blessed to have spent a day in your company during a walking meditation at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA, many years ago. I learned at that gathering that peace and mindfulness and compassion are contagious. The more we spread, the more comes back to us. Thank you, teacher, for your life of service in the cause of peace.

  29. Madeline Parsons says:

    We read passages from Thay’s Love Letter to the Earth at our Sangha this morning and resolved to take actions communally as indicated in the email above. We also thought with love of our brothers and sisters suffering in Paris today. May all beings live in peace.

  30. Richard Koontz says:

    Wonderful loving and necessary thoughts on climate.

  31. Jim yoder says:

    Please make the temperature where I live 10 degrees warmer… It is too cold here otherwise

  32. Terry Leoni says:

    I feel a shift in Mother Earth & her need to be noticed, loved & cared for. Everyone is hurrying nowhere, stop & take care of our planet. It’s not too late.

  33. Pauline Leboeuf says:

    Even if I’m in Québec Canada, I join my participation in this meditation. Have a good retreat. Pauline Leboeuf, Québec, Canada.

  34. Rachel Peru says:

    Congratulation Thay, you are more than deserving of this award. In your teachings I have learned to be at peace with myself, others and in life. You are a wonderful blessing to us all. I hope his award gives you strength, peace and courage in your recovery.



  35. Edit says:

    Dear Tahy thank you for changing my life 💖

    • Kahue says:

      Dear brother Thay,

      We have never met in this physical journey – yet we are forever together in the present.

      Some physical signs of our connection include:
      *several of your books within our library; and
      *an array/lots of plum trees growing within our New Zealand/Heartland garden of eden – which sometimes I jokingly refer to as a mini Plum Village; and
      *the times when I smile, and think of your encouragement of the smile, such a simple and effective wave, which, even when sightless, moves across beings and earth.

      Through bio-rapport, I send to you some of my body flow/movement, so that your body might make use of this, if it chooses.

      Through this post I ask those closest to you to check the hospital has the most alive and pure spring water available to drink, to help rebuild the parts of brain (about 80% water) now damaged. A specific water might also assist, one changed/charged using instruments created by John Ellis (http://itsrainmakingtime.com/john-ellis-hydrogen-bonding-angle-water/ ).

      Certain music, as we all can feel, is another great healer. Both the music already loved and embedded in your mind (as described by another person posting here), and the music of the universal mind, represented by several composers. Examples include the slow Baroque music Bach composed, played at a tempo of about 60 beats per second (proven to expand memory and accelerate mind-cell re-learning); and Igor Stravinsky’d Rite of Spring; and Alexander Scriabin’s music and colours and smells; and Sergei Rachmaninoff’s music.

      Most of all I feel free, for you to do exactly what you seek. Setting-up and co-running any organisation like you have co-created Plum Village uses energy and matter. Now it is for others to contribute more of each. It seems from reading Plum Village web site the intent of your wonderful self is in good hands and minds and hearts.

      I represent many who will never meet you hand to hand/eye to eye. We send blessings to your spirit and soul: us each being positively re-directed back to ourselves, so we can take our place in the oneness of the ever turning wheel of life. Your ability to assist us in this re-direction is at the same time timeless and infinite: by your sharing the experience of your own journey, by our reading your words, by us seeing your smile, and feeling your unconditional love. You show us, by example, that once the ‘oneness’ can be seen by many, there will be peace.

      Kahue, New Zealand.

  36. Meribeth Zane says:

    In 2009, a dead tree fell on me striking me in the head and causing fractures in my legs and back. I believe what healed my brain and gave me back my life the most besides God’s amazing spirit was the hyperbaric oxygen sessions I underwent twice a day for wound healing. Please, if this wonderful man is not getting hyperbaric oxygen, I hope someone will suggest this to his physicians!! It works for old strokes and head injuries as well as recent ones.

  37. Sam says:

    Thank you

  38. Isabel Marie says:

    From my heart Thank you for all goodness and compassion you spread around the world, my being is free and I have found happiness through your teachings and my dream now is to help cause a ripple effect of mindfulness and compassion in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Sweet One, Dearest Teacher,
    I hold you in my heart with love. I am a practitioner trained in Feldenkrais, cranial-sacral, interactive guided imagery and mindfulness. I have been in practice for over 25 years. I have been able to help people with strokes, to regain their ability to walk and in some cases to speak although speech is not my forte. If I can be of service I am more than willing to come to you and give you my hands.
    You can contact me if you want through my website.
    In the mean time I send only healing light and love. Namaste, Donna

  40. M.Murray says:

    “Life bursts with miracles”


  41. M.Murray says:

    “You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.”

    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

  42. selva says:

    Dear Thay, I am a ‘healer’ I wish for you to be healed, and able to be present in this challenging current world. You are a light and a song which is so beautiful and healing that we really do need you here , please keep the faith that there are countless beings working for the same dream to be realised, together, in harmony, all across the world, in every nation and smallest or largest space. The energy is always strong and being reborn, it is working in even the most difficult forms and it will be realised. Do you know this dream? I love you.

    Please , please please, can you read my message to Thay?, thank you so much, I love you all, I wish you all a wonderful life and the very same best wishes and love and radiance, x

  43. selva says:

    Hello there. Please may you tell me how to send a letter to Thay? I wish to send him a card with my love and a message to him that comes from deep within me. thank you

  44. Tim Beechinor says:

    Let us all acknowledge the issue, our collective roles in our planets recovery and continued health. C
    We can do this

  45. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Congratulations Thay and all Plumvillage monastics around the world! Thay will be happier and healthier!

  46. An impressive document to be sure, and I concur 100% with its aspirations as will all persons who value the great Mother Earth. I say with some irony however that of the list of names of the signatories I was impressed by the numbers of women there. O So in the Buddhist world as with the mains stream Christina world women are the second class citizens. Until humanity gets this right we are on a path to destruction.

  47. Nature is our belief,
    Earth is our sanctuary.

    La nature est notre croyance,
    La terre est notre sanctuaire.

  48. Elaine Piedra says:

    I want to save our earth and all her interdependent living things.

  49. Emily stewart says:

    We are greater than this century.

  50. Pru Grand says:

    i am sending healing thoughts to thay.
    i am going to blue cliff for some of the winter retreat.
    enjoy the fall air.
    be with winter.
    embody healing.
    love and gratitude,

  51. Kim Fessenden says:

    I know the 2015-2016 internship is very close to starting, earlier in the year I could not find the application information.. Are there still openings? Is it possible to submit a late application?

  52. I’m here for you, Thay.

  53. Claudette Jacques Blanca says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha:
    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, for your presence in my life and the life’s of so many people.
    “A lotus for you all, Buddha’s to be”
    Claudette Jacques from Mexico.

  54. Ben Willis says:

    I met Thay in the late 60’s in Ft. Worth when I was in Seminary. That sharing and meeting has stayed with me all my life. I reach out to you, Thay, that I may share something with you that will grant you even greater courage, and strength, and peace for you and your message have meant, and mean so much. Namaste. Ben

  55. Thuy Nguyen says:

    Dear Plum Village Sangha,

    Thank you for your update on Thay’s health. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist in the San Francisco Bay Area, and also a native Vietnamese speaker. Please let me know how I can get involved and help with Thay’s speech therapy.

    Best regards,


  56. Roseli says:

    That’s really great all the love Thay is receiving from everyone closely involved with his recovery.
    Months ago I watched this speech on TED from this phenomenal complete recovered doctor from her stroke.
    I know she is available for her cause in neuroscience. Please get in touch with her and see how she could help with Thay’s recovery.

    Love and Peace and Health for all of you!


  57. I don't know says:

    Is there a reason why the internship doesn’t alternate between being all male one year and all female the next?

  58. Lin says:

    Dear Thai, we are sending prayers for your recovery. With love, Alina and Octavian

  59. Necta says:

    John,Thank you for your joyful ctnmiomemt to practice and to the dharma and sangha. You have inspired me to practice, and, as your recent post suggests, I, myself, as a result, have gained freedom, vibrancy, gratitude by applying these practices in my life. Through practice, following my breath, my body has become more tranquil and hence my mind clear, spacious and blissful. I feel more myself, more alive and as a result, more happy. I have learned to have a joyful engagement in my life and have great faith in and awe, enthusiasm and wonder of the precious 3 jewels and realize just that I am truly part of an ever changing sea of change and beauty. The gradual relinquishing of my self-centered likes and dislikes has made it ever more possible to move through my life as an enlightened being would . With deep gratitude, I bow.

  60. Jerry Rossman says:

    I am so happy to know that Thay is alive, awake and mindful of the beauty that surrounds us all.

  61. I am so grateful for Thay in the world. I am grateful for all the words that he has spoken and written that have carved permanent beauty and peace into the universe. Let us recognize that his very being speaks more loudly than words itself, and that his very being is a profoundly full and complete gift to the world, lacking nothing. He has delivered bountiful and boundless words to the world as a field of flowers has spread it’s seeds around the world. Let us focus on his recovering the groundwork of his strength and vitality, joy and happiness, daily.

    I am a 40 year holistic practitioner in SF area and want to share that there is a branch of acupuncture specializing in recovery of stroke and paralysis and I hope you are availing yourself of the best experts the SF Bay Area has to offer. The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in SF is a renowned resource and has worked in conjunction with California Pacific Medical Center in SF. Although Western science has much to offer, I know from direct experience that the ancient healing wisdom of acupuncture can heal beyond where limited Western science cannot. I have written to the contact form on the Plum Village website, please contact me so that I may offer assistance in this area.
    With devotion.

  62. Susanne says:

    Dear Thai and Dear Sangha,

    Even though I practice mostly Tibetan buddhism, Thay has been the most deep inspiration for me the last thirty years or so.
    Also many of my friends and family, we are all so inspired deep in our hearts of Thai. When I read this announcement about Thay’s current health, tears were flowing down my cheeks like rain…So much love and beauty…
    I want to thank Thay for all his beautiful written books and all his beautiful teachings…opening our hearts and freeing us to life as it is here and now…

    Much love and forever thanks from the depth of my heart,

  63. Maggie Mae says:

    Dwelling in my gratitude for you, Thay! Taking comfort in the words of Truth you have shared with so many minds on this Earth. Maybe…just maybe…you are not speaking now so that your words can come from our mouths…and maybe we can’t see your body so that we can practice seeing you elsewhere. You have been a good and faithful teacher of The Truth, may you rest now in simply being…less doing. Peace be with you Thay!

  64. kay maughan says:

    Dear Thay I continue to do mindful meditations and try to enjoy every mindful moment and dedicate my practice for you, I am so happy every time I hear your health is improving
    I send you love and Many Blessings kay maughan

  65. Margaret says:

    Everyday I find a moment to say in Thay’s words, which heard him say years ago, ” to be alive is a miracle.”
    Praying for Thay…

  66. Barbara Miyamoto says:

    Dear Beloved Teacher Thay,
    It has been almost twenty years since I had my stroke. I had physical and speech therapy for two and a half years. I was in a wheelchair for several months and when I tried to walk I had to drag my left leg by using my hip to move it and then lo one day my knee bent and I could lift my leg slightly. I exercised every day. While I sat to rest, I tried to lift my leg o strengthen the. Muscle and make my leg muscles listen to my brain. My speech therapist had me read the newspaper “out loud” every day and read books to try to improve comprehension and retention. She made me sing songs to help me pronounce words correctly and increase volume.
    Now, I walk everywhere with a cane and even belong to a bookclub.i go to the gym to exercise and even take Chair Yoga class. I am able to drive a car and came to see you in Pasadena last year and what a blessing that was to see my beloved teacher in person to receive your joy. Do not give up hope. Continue working hard every day. Your brain must heal and build new pathways to retrieve mobility and comprehension.
    We all love you and pray for your full recovery. Bless you.

  67. Ferenz Kallos says:

    Thay, You are alive forever in Countless people’s consciousness ! I send love and prayers to You !

  68. Carol River says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,

    Thay, thank you for continuing to practice and to teach through your practice and for the way you are. You are so beautiful and have touched my heart deeply.

    I was at the 2009 retreat in Colorado, and feel so blessed to have practiced during such a powerful time. I felt Thay’s presence so profoundly–just as much if not more than I had experienced his physical presence the first time I sat with him and the sangha in Estes Park in 2007. I have not been to any large retreats since the 2009 retreat in Colorado. I aspire to share to join the sangha in a retreat again one day and to bring my daughter, who is now 11.

    Much love and peaceful breaths,

  69. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful update. In our home we continue to send all the positive energy we can for Thay’s continued happiness. Even when he cannot speak, he is still always a teacher of how to practice.

    Please may we send also our tremendous gratitude to all the monastics who continue to teach and give dharma talks and keep the sangha growing. Thay always says the Buddha is still here with us; we always see the Buddha in Thay and Thay in all of you. Thank you for having the kindness to continue his work which helps us all so much.

  70. Lynne Owen says:

    Thay has been great teacher over many years and I hope he makes as great a recovery as is possible with help from the specialists in his treatment in San Francisco

  71. Gerrit Schaap says:

    Thay, your light is shining so bright on Earth. Thank you!

  72. james says:

    Thay, I can’t thank you enough for your teachings and your life. May you and all beings be happy and free from suffering. Mother Earth smiles on you Thay. I love you dearly my brother.


  73. khadijah kelly says:

    I am so thankful that my beloved Thay is recovering, peace and continued blessings to him.

  74. Michaela Höfenstock says:

    My heart is light as the air about your news. I never forget Thai saying in a retreat that when we are smiling thousands of people all over the world will smile with us. We all need this smiling we have learned from Thai. Lots of smiles to the world and for Thai. Namasté with love Mi/Vienna

  75. Joel Kroeker says:

    Many thanks for these updates about Thay’s recovery process.
    Please also try Music Therapy as it can be a wonderfully effective way for Stroke recovery.
    Here is a link to a short video to show how this can work (re: recovery of speech and movement after stroke):

    TV Story on Music Therapy for Stroke Recovery:

  76. Jeanne Sutton says:

    Most dear and precious Thay and sangha,

    Your open heart, like a window flung wide open
    Blesses me here in my retreat cabin. Thank you for your teaching which arises in every moment as the freedom and vast heartedness of your being. I am forever grateful.
    May you be well always in all ways. Thank you for teaching us directly and fearlessly about aging and sickness at this time. May we all follow in your footsteps.

    San Francisco is so blessed by your presence.

    Thank you,

    Jeanne Peri Sutton

    • Mary says:

      I have been thinking of you.I am thinking of you when I walk along the beach and look at the birds.I light a candle for you. Autumn is arriving now.
      I was reading your book “The Art of Communication” I so enjoyed it. I came to see you in Plum Village a few years ago… how special that was. I will always cherish this and the lovely walks past the fields of Sunflowers thankyou. I hope one day I can be more mindful and a better person in this world. Thankyou so much for your writing and presence in this world. Xx

  77. Kim says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha,

    Such a beautiful update and reminder of the practice, thank you. Today I was reading an article that mentioned the therapeutic use of singing to restore speech after stroke and other brain injuries, and it reminded me of the story told by another person in these comments. I thought I would share a link to the article and to the lab that specializes in this work, in case it is of benefit:


    Singing is such a beautiful part of the Plum Village tradition, and must be such an intimate part of Thay’s being…perhaps this may be another way home for Thay.

    Blessings and gratitude to all.

  78. Johan says:

    Namaste. Wishing him all the best and sending all my blessings.

  79. sharyn says:

    continue to enjoy the blue sky
    the ocean
    the breezes
    the love of those around you

  80. carolyn says:

    Get well soon…
    His a superhuman…
    His life journey and pure kind and spirit as human being has touch the people around the world….

    one of it..Its me…
    thank you.. so much..

  81. Phyllis Stevens says:

    Wishing the highest and best

  82. Margaret says:

    How beautiful this update is!!! To have Thay being able to initiate movement in his leg! To have him speek those beautiful words! Oh, Thay, you are nothing short of miraculous! Blessings For Thay and for Sangha! This is a process of mindfulness and healing. Setbacks come and go, so don’t be discouraged.

    Dear Thay, you are making great strides – we are all with you – those you know and those you have yet to meet. Please enjoy this time of healing and know you are loved deeply. I love your way of teaching the doctors – healers need to be reminded that healing is about rejuvenating the connectionwith life. Tea meditation is the perfect way to do it! I have been savoring my food and doing walking meditation in honor of your teachings on the present moment – because of you and sangha, I suffer much less; thank you and bless you!

  83. Thank you. In out happy smile thank you blue sky sangha

  84. Martine Larrieu says:

    Merci merci de nous faire vivre le moment présent avec THAY par ces bulletins de santé . Chaque jour depuis la rencontre de THAY est un jour d éblouissement a la vie .chaque minute est pleine … THAY merci mille fois pour ta sage présence lumineuse ,tu es dans nos cœurs pour toujours chaque minute . Amour amour toujours

  85. Artemis says:

    I hope that Thay has the chance to enjoy the beautiful fog of the wintertime in San Francisco as well. In the winter, Golden Gate Park’s tourists leave, and the place becomes a delightful, and wheelchair accessible, place to connect with nature and delight in contemplation. I love to hear about the love and care that you are giving him. Thank you so much for the update.

  86. Zoya Zeman says:

    Thank you, Thay.

  87. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn says:

    First met Thay in 1997 at UCSB – he led a 6-day retreat, and each morning at 6, we’d gather at the campanile to walk in silent meditation down to the beach below the cliffs.

    A group of American military had asked for a ceremony of forgiveness. It was a powerful event to witness.

    I remain so grateful for these teachings, and add my blessings for Thay’s continuing recovery…

  88. Andre Fleet says:

    Thank you Master Thay. Smiling.

  89. pat johnson says:

    my mother had a stroke at age 85; initially she had no speech at all. she began speech therapy with little success but while still in the very beginning phase a woman came who encouraged her to try and sing! the woman knew old favorite hymns that my mother had sung all her life, albeit not recently, and began by singing them to her and asking her to sing along. within minutes! i heard my mom singing entire verses with no hesitation. it was truly astounding. alas, she was not able to continue with this therapist, and subsequent efforts were same old. i was not able to be with her for long stretches of her recovery but she did regain minimal speech, and being a good communicator used it to best advantage. i had never heard of this being tried, nor have i since, but it is clear to me that being able to recapture these familiar words in **song, words so ingrained in her psyche, along with the rhythmic aspect was a powerful trigger which, had it continued, would have yielded great success where by rote exercises did not. you probably see where i am going with this. it takes someone who knows these songs to be there and facilitate and it takes that deep connection to the words and the feeling on the part of the “receiver”. i hope that this may be of service. i just have to add: my mom was never a singer, could barely carry a “tune” and was always a little uncomfortable trying, but she put her all into it this time around.

  90. Pete Loane says:

    Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile, dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment.

  91. Kate Jones says:

    With gratitude for That’s life and teaching. Sending healing and love

  92. Auma Arunachala says:

    Thay is teaching us many very, very important lessons. One in particular is how, when an elderly human being has practiced so sincerely that they have preserved their mental health and can share the deep wisdom from the practice, the younger generation recognizes the offering and will protect them and respect the wisdom of the elderly. If we practice and care for our mind, body and spirit when we are younger, we are not destined to become part of a cycle where the elderly are ignored and abandoned. I believe that it is not cruelty or ignorance that results in this type of paralysis, but rather we do not know how to help and relate when chronic illnesses like dementia have manifested due to a lifetime of inattention to our health. Thay’s teachings since his brain hemorrhage have been a beautiful, happy unfolding for me. I work as a health partner with people in memory care facilities. I can show their children, who are now in their 50-60’s, Thay’s journey and what they can do right now for our own future. This is the smartest way to love our own children, in preserving our health and the possibility of sharing our lifelong wisdom with them. I am most grateful to the Plum Village sangha for sharing so openly and lovingly with all of us and for your absolute determination in manifesting Thay’s continuation. In, Out & Thank you!

  93. Bruce Costa says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful, beautifully written, and tear-bringing post. It seems the doctors and therapists truly understand whose presence they’re in. Indeed, at the Blue Cliff Retreat, as every statement began with, “Dear Thây, dear Sangha,” we all enjoyed a subtle reminder that all of us are the continuation of our beloved Thây, and that without him, we would not be present.

    Thank you Thây, thank you Sangha!

  94. Lora Graham says:

    From the time I first heard him read a poem, years ago in Berkeley CA, I knew he was my spiritual teacher. The sound of his voice has brought me peace through the years.

  95. Thank you for allowing us to partecipate. Feeling connected in this way brings great feelings of gratitude.

  96. Thay's student says:

    Thank you for the update.

    I hope and pray to God for Thay’s speedy recovery and to prolong our “bonus” time with Thay. I cherish the Mindful Walk that I did with him in Escondido, California few years ago and may he heal soon so he can touch more wounded souls with his compassion, wisdom and beautiful smile.

  97. Diana Viola says:

    We may regret Thay’s speech difficulties, but Thay has spoken. There are books, and generously given videos. It is our turn to listen. Thank you, beloved Thay.

  98. Joann Malone "True Collective Practice" says:

    What joyful news of Thay’s first words in months! He teaches us in his every word, action and breath.
    So important for us to listen to his teachings and BE THAY to our friends and communities.

    With great love and gratitude,
    “True Collective Practice”
    Takoma Park, MD

  99. Victoria Marcelis says:

    Thank you for sharing this touching personal update. Many blessings of love, light and healing for the highest good for Thay, and All,

  100. Thank you for your beautiful & honest letter sharing Thay’s progress towards health.

  101. Lorrin Phuntsog Dronma says:

    Thank you.

  102. Mitzi Trostle says:

    May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be safe. May all beings be happy. May all beings awaken to the light of their own True Nature. May all beings be free. ❤️❤️

  103. Norma Espinosa says:

    Thank you so much for these updates on our beloved Thay! I am new to meditation, yet I breathe in and out and I imagine Thay sitting next to me and I feel his love and compassion. Thank you Thay for all your courage and encouragement you give us all by simply Being!!!

  104. John McClafferty says:

    I have only known Thay from his books and through the devotion of members of my Sanghas. I do not remember feeling to close to anyone I have never met. His continuation is assured and becomes more personal with each sitting and discussion of Thay’s guide to the Buddhist ethic.
    I am grateful to have known this man so well.

  105. Debbie Sterling says:

    Abundant blessings

  106. Cynthia Soltani says:

    Every day I make a prayer for Thay to enjoy a wonderful cup of tea.

  107. Paul says:

    Thank you Thay! Vui qua’. I look forward to updates on Thay’s health. I am inspired by his ability to find peace and happiness in the little things. Keep your shoshin alive!

  108. Chris says:

    Thanks for sharing a status update. I am on the west coast too and though I have read books by Thay over the years have only recently felt close to him after taking the video course on the body and the self. This whole summer after major surgery has been an eye opening experience and the words Thay speaks have helps give me some perspective. Thanks Thay.

  109. tttamaluv@yahoo.com says:

    blessings to Thay and all who help him recover . I hope the perfect so each therapist is found . Hyperbaric oxygen is very miraculous for stroke recovery . Hope you can research and utilize this . Also for speech .. There are many resources available for speech rehab for specialists for kids with C.p . …. These same specialists would have a lot of k owl edge about speech therapists and who to contact . All my love and faith . Aloha , Tama

  110. Sandra says:

    Much metta. Xx

  111. Pamela Coleman says:

    I’m so happy and at peace for Thay. May he continue to be blessed as he truly blesses us all. May his health continue to improve.
    Thank you for reminding us to look at God’s beautiful blue sky, or share a cup of tea in mindfulness and thanksgiving.

  112. TJ Branham says:

    Be here, now.

  113. Marina says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Thank you for this touching update. It is so hartwarming, to imagine Thay being able to pronounce those very special words again!
    I wonder whether you are aquainted with Ms. Anat Baniel’s work (http://www.anatbanielmethod.com/adults/stroke) in San Rafael (CA).
    I have heard dr. Rick Hanson (author of The practical neuroscience of Buddha’s Brain) speak with great admiration about her, during an interview.

    She seems to have developed an own soft, gentle and very effective approach.

    In gratitude,
    Beautiful Respect of the Heart

  114. Cheryl Dockery says:

    Amazing lengths the soul takes the body to continue to teach, so grateful to his soul and body.

  115. Rata says:

    Mira que lindo lo de Thay !

  116. Teresa Buchanan says:

    Thank you for the update. Much love and thanks to the sangha, especially those who are caring for him.
    I hope someone is giving him a nice foot massage sometimes, so his feet can remember the touch of the earth.

  117. My Beloved Teacher, Thay,

    Enjoy the Pacific Ocean air, breathe deeply….

    Feel ‘my smiles surrounding you.’

    With Love and Deep Gratitude, my heart is with You.

    • Ian & Jenny says:

      Master Thay,

      May you be filled with a Golden healing Light that has the brightness of a thousand suns

      Blessings my brother
      From Glastonbury England

      • jane Rhys says:

        Dear Thay,
        You are with me every day. Your gentle presence has helped so many. You will heal because you are needed and
        loved. I send you warmest wishes.

  118. Christian Gasior says:

    I am very pleased to hear that the venerable master Thay has improved and continues to teach us all how to live simply by example. Great thanks to Thay and his caretakers!

  119. Arturo Maximiliano Jeger says:

    El Zen llegó a la vida del que escribe hace no muchos años. Las enseñanzas del Maestro Thay han tocado profundamente en mi corazón.
    Que la Existencia dé fortaleza y salud al Maestro para que pueda seguir sembrando las semillas de la Paz de los budas.

  120. Tamara Soltysik says:

    Dear Thay, thank you for the love, hapiness and joy , you bring to the world, I am thankfull that your health is progressing.
    Get well soon. I send endless Flowers to you.

  121. Jann Sparks says:

    I am so happy that you are better! I, too, was quite ill. During this summer I spent 4 months in hospital and in the end of struggle my right foot was amputated. During that time I had a lot of time to contemplate and to read. Your books were beside me and when I survived complications and returned home your videos continue to teach me. Because of my illness I found a fuller path. You brought me blessings- Thank You.
    With Love, Jann

  122. Margaret St John says:

    What matters? Thay keeps bringing us back to what really matters, what is truly fundamental in our view and practice every moment, in every circumstance, at every stage and way of being. Whether in a smile or laugh, in sadness or anger, in direct honesty, humor, tenderness, determination, longing, or in patient, grueling work, Thay’s vision, inspiration and actions return us to clarity. Whether by example or in stories, analysis, poetry, gathas, visual creations, movement, stillness or silence, he reaches out to the depths of our potential, lovingly and strongly calling for — and calling forth — our disciplined and loving commitment, again and again, to a wise and loving realism in and beyond our grasping selves. We can respond.

  123. Hi
    I have read quite few books written by Thich Nhat Hanh, not this one, well not yet, and I have loved all of them. They have helped me and inspired me a lot, I am so grateful for that. Thank you, Thich Nhat Hanh.

  124. Tran Minh Nguyen says:

    Thanks Buddha for Thay’s recovery. Please be stronger. I need to keep hearing your voice. I started and ended my day with your teaching. Please be strong and teach me more and more to live better for myself and everyone around me. I gave up my bad spending habit due to your teaching of breathing, Thay. Thank you so much for your help.

  125. Dear Thay,

    Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you that being a teacher is not only about words, it is also (and maybe even more so) about being. You are my role-model for mindfulness, compassion, loving-speech. You have taught me to hold my anger with care and understanding, even if I haven’t grasped that fully yet. You are my companion, when I sit on my meditation cushion, and my mentor when I need to connect back to my breath.

    Thank you for being you. You have made my life so much more wonderful.

  126. Cameron Green says:

    Thay taught me to listen deeply. This has given me life as I had never imagined. I know Thay is listening deeply every day. Holding up a flower is a dharma talk. Holding up our beloved Thay is a dharma talk. Let us speak in the requested way. Our opportunity for unity on his behalf is his current gift to us. It is a joy to send help along with all who can. Thay changed the world and he changed me. Yesterday I sat in the shade to meditate, and to avoid the direct light, and the sun moved until it found me. I retreated and it found me again. Like Thay, it refuses to leave me in darkness. And we are all with our teacher in our hearts seeing with the eyes he gives us. Our love to you dear Thay.

  127. Douglas Miller says:

    I am happy you are still here and improving . You have taught me so much ! Thank You ! Enjoy your summer ! -Doug

  128. Louis Doughty says:

    Thay… I am tempted to say you will never know the joy and beauty your words have brought to my life, but of course you do… I have had a life of inner turmoil and suffering coming through drug abuse, alcoholism, and a strong feeling of rejection from a very traumatic child hood…

    Growing I struggled… Now a man of 32 years, your words bring me inner peace and a feeling of vibrant, powerful love… you are a beautiful being…

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your blessings xxx

  129. modesty says:

    hello. on first reading, an idea was arising as such. like one writer did, trying to stay open. deeply believing that Thay, the most empowered as possible, has the most impacting energy possible.
    there are so many issues, just today. economic, consumer society. refugees .. not sure it’s a ‘need’ to ‘have’ this issue at all. if there was peace. or better, if there was a just distribution of goods, land, etc. not e.g. oil and the most powerful with the biggest tanks gets it .. maybe one of the biggest issues.
    i firmly believe that people like Thay, the most in strength as possible; are able to stand for the switch – the switch of hearts. that, the most important, are other people and their wellbeing and joy .. insights to give, that’s fine, surely good. however, standing for a world that does not stand on economic power or better: consumer wishes .. that’s worth everything.
    wishing all the best, and taking him in the heart and thoughts .. and actions. may he be back as strong as possible, as soon as possible.
    so grateful that somebody like him, decided to go his way.

    • Nancy Perrone says:

      Your deep inner strength, inspirational.
      Healing thoughts, prayers and meditations are for you.
      In Deep Gratitude

  130. Trng says:

    Thank you venerable Master. I understand that it’s dhamma that is important. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that the world will be a little less brighter, a little less tender if you were to go.

    With metta from Reston, VA USA

  131. Ankush says:

    Thank you for sharing!! Much respect to the Buddha!

  132. Ankush says:

    Happiness and unhappiness are not in the field of Bliss. It is everyone’s desire to be happy and contented. To be truly blissful is to go beyond happiness and unhappiness.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Much Respect to you!

  133. Kimberly Feffer says:

    Namaste, Thich Nhat Hanh, healing abounds in your favor.

  134. Sig Schwarz says:

    God Bless Thay

  135. Fabiola says:

    Thank you for posting this most wonderful SUTTA. I have the book. But reading it today on the go on my ipad is such a gift! Long live Thay. Wonderful Teacher.

  136. Cath Jack says:

    I do not know any mantras or words to help Thay, but wish to express my gratitude to a man I have never met but whose writings have changed my life and how I see each moment with wonder and a smile. Thank you for caring for such an important man with such love and compassion. I send loving energy to Thay and wish you all strength and love. Thank you Thay.

    • A Dennis says:

      Thay we have never met, Thay we have never spoken, but, Thay you are always with me.
      thank you for every present moment, every wonderful moment.

      • Inge Gans says:

        Dear Dennis and all within,

        thank you for transmission.

        With sunny regards


  137. Cory Bennett says:

    So very true…. Thank you

  138. Margaret says:

    P.S. Here’s the lesson I get from this: Go watch the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart. Thay, as part of a Global community needs our help. It’s simple.

  139. Margaret says:

    Thay is trying to heal, so let’s help him do that and not second guess why – it’s enough to know he is making tremendous progress and feels he can do much more. I’m inspired, personally, by his ability to take the present moment and make it a work of art. I’m learning how to heal my own back injury by watching Thay work through this. Because of Thay’s example, I suffer much less.

    Dear Sangha,
    Thank you for posting a link to make donations – it’s really nice to be able to give back to Thay! Thank you for being strong and for having the collective courage to reach out – we all walk with you in support.

    Dear Thay,
    We’re here for you! You’re doing beautifully – keep going!

  140. Hoa Tang says:

    Dear all Thay and Su co,
    I have some medication that I belief will help Thay Nhat Hanh recover inner strengths and also helps circulate oxygen in blood. My father has been taking this medication for many years, and it also prevents strokes, should you try this medication called Concord Sunchih Premium GPSP, made in Australia. Thank you and hope Thay get well soon. Nam mo a di da Phat.

  141. Lisa says:

    May we all do our best to generate love, joy and happiness to nourish Thay and ourselves.

    I raised my children with this breathing exercise he taught in Berkeley years ago:

    in -out
    mountain -solid

    With Love and Gratitude,

  142. Lynne Owen says:

    Blessings to Thay for his work and life

  143. Tin 'Allen' Pham says:

    Dear Thay –

    It was short of a miracle that I chanced upon an older taping of your interview with Oprah on youtube about 2 + months ago in 2015. Along with less than a handful of teachers / mentors across all faiths, your gift to me with your lectures on youtube are beyond words to convey. There’s so much more I want to ask or have you validate for me about life. I understand you’re going through therapy and may need to rest. But I’m very hopeful that when you recover, please allow me to just be in your presence meditating, if I am unable to ask a question before returning to France. I pray you a speedy recovery. I’ll be sure to send you healing light through intent from meditations and whenever I’m able to remember to do so during my waking hours. Cam on thay – Allen

  144. david olguisser llanos says:

    this is to say i’m here fo you dear thay

  145. The letter is long, and on first reading, I missed part of the message. I wanted to help in whatever way I could, but the answer was in the letter:

    “Let us renew our efforts to practice and connect with our Sangha, whether locally or at mindfulness retreats in practice centers around the world. Let us open our hearts and reach out to our loved ones and to those who are suffering and need a little kindness. We know that with every mindful step and breath, our collective energy of practice and togetherness is supporting our Teacher’s healing.”

  146. Michelle Wilson says:

    Thank you so much for keeping those of us who are and have been so extremely positively impacted by Thay’s teaching, as many of us, such as myself, have derived so much benefit from his strength, his kindness, and his conviction on Dharma. Of course some may not understand that although yes everything is indeed impermanent, and we all should try to keep our overhead as low as possible, there is absolutely nothing wrong about wanting to fully recover from a health crisis or extend your life to continue helping people for as long as possible. It is in fact the right choice. On that note, I would like to offer any assistance in his recovery that I can provide, at no charge. I have a background in nutrition, traditional herbs, massage and yoga, and I would very much like to contribute in any way to his recovery that I am able. I am in Scottsdale AZ and could provide hands on therapy as well as review his diet, physical therapy regimen, and supplemental nutrition. I feel my comprehensive, as well as its simplicity, approach to health could be of help, and I extend that for any time, so please do not hesitate to contact me if interested. I am deeply grateful for Thay’s work and anything I can do to give back, I would.

  147. PAM TRAN says:

    should Thay try stem cells therapy?

  148. On behalf of Jikoji Zen Temple in Los Gatos California I would like to extend our home, sangha and support to Thay. We’re close. Waves of prayers. Waves of healing. And so it is… Gassho.

  149. Michael B. says:

    Can Thay’s friends here in San Francisco be of any help/support?

  150. ioma jones says:

    Continuing Hope Healing and Love to Thay ,I am not a buddhist but often wish i were !Broke my arm recently and reached out to the invisable sangha that i know is there ,I derived much comfort knowing there are people of Good will and kindness everywhere.if you send details of how to send a small amount through snail mail.i would be gratefull.

  151. Faye Harasack says:

    Like some others who have written here, I too was confused when I first heard this news, wondering why Thay would request this option, which he surely knew was very expensive and difficult to carry out. The confusion caused me pain, but I tried to keep my mind and heart open to understand some of the things that might motivate him, and these thoughts came to me:
    I’ve seen the way Thay has lived his life up till now, so I have confidence that he wouldn’t take any action just to get some small, passing satisfaction for himself on a personal level. Since the update tells us that “Thay is very determined to do everything possible to recover both his physical movement and speech” that must mean that he feels it would benefit not only himself but all of us, his students and friends, and that it could also benefit others who don’t yet know the teachings.
    It might be that during his stroke and recovery Thay has learned things that he wants to share with us directly, in spoken or written words. Right now he is able to communicate with those who come into contact with him, and they can tell us how his actions and way of being inspire them. He teaches us all without words, and will keep on doing so. But that’s not the same as if he could express for himself what he wants to tell us.
    I know from reading books like Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight”, that people who undergo a stroke can have deep and beautiful experiences that give them insights into the nature of reality. Maybe Thay has things like this to tell us, and maybe he knows that if he shared those experiences with the world, it would relieve the suffering of many other people.
    Of course I don’t know any of this for sure – maybe his reasons are completely different! But I do have confidence that his choices are based on compassion for all beings. So, though I still don’t understand completely, I’ll support him as much as I can. And I’ll try to follow his example of working to improve my ability to communicate love and compassion to others.
    Gratitude to all who are assisting Thay on this path of healing, which is also the heaing and strengthening of the sangha body!

    • Julie Roberts says:

      Beautifully put. I too wondered why he would agree to an expensive treatment, but also thought that perhaps he has a great insight that has come since the stroke, which would be of benefit to many. I don’t believe that he is just doing this for a personal, short-term extension of life. I hope he succeeds in recovering, and that his battle to get well is an inspiration to all those struggling with major illnesses.

  152. Erica Solano Plummer says:

    I’m picturing you with your beautiful smile. Sparkling, dazzling healing energy flowing all through your being. So many beautiful healers focusing their love on you right now :)

  153. Wajeedah says:

    It is so touching, reassuring, and amazing to see all of us students coming together and expressing our well wishes for Thay’s recovery. As I’ve seen others say, he truly is the Buddha of our time and has given us an abundance of peace and happiness, and most importantly, has made Buddhism more accessible & comprehensive. It is a beautiful and rare thing to see the legacy & impact you have created while you are still on this Earth. Sending healing energy to our Beloved Thay. I have never felt so connected with a group of people as I do now reading everyone’s well wishes. Namaste.

  154. Thomas Voelker says:

    I hope each day of his life continues to encourage others along their path.

  155. Maria says:

    I am so glad to hear this good news. Gratitude to Thay for the love and light he has shed on so many lives and for his ongoing work to heal the Earth. Wishing Thay love and support for this new step in his journey. I hope the new doctors will be successful in bringing him a full recovery.

  156. Inge Gans says:

    Ein Mantra für Thay

    Tag für Tag möge es Dir, lieber Thay, in jeder Hinsicht immer besser und besser gehen.

    (Vielleicht mag jemand dieses Mantra in anderen Sprachen übersetzen)

    Mit der Sonne im Herzen
    und vielen lieben Grüßen an die Shanga und Allen die bei und mit Dir sind,

  157. George Bush says:

    You have THE most famous stroke doctor (acupuncturist) in the world on the West coast. Dr. Zhu Ming. He has literally performed miracles on people with strokes. You should absolutely take Thay there! http://www.scalpacupuncture.org/clinic/our-staff/ming-qing-zhu-l-ac/

  158. Mary T. says:

    I’m am so happy to hear that Thay’s trip was smooth and that he arrived here in my home state safely! He is a treasure to me and I hold him in great honor and respect. I wish him all the best! Namaste, dearest Thay _/|\_

  159. Nelunika Gunawardena Rajapakse says:

    Thay has been my living inspiration of spirituality since the day I began my search for my beloved dad, when I lost him nearly thirty years ago. Today, I am healed knowing that both my precious parents along with all of our ancestors are wth me and all others – through every breath and every step! Thay, you have expounded the Buddha Dharma do succinctly. I am eternally grateful to you! You are the living Buddha of our time!

  160. Shelle says:

    Great lesson for all of us. We will keep sending healing vibes. Blessings Thay!

  161. Constancia Bonak says:

    Prayers and blessings for a positive recovery.

  162. Kathleen says:

    Are the therapists helping Thay to crawl? Hand chakra contact to earth should stimulate speech.

  163. Cloris Sciaroni says:

    Namaste to all the staff of Plum Village and the Sanga,
    I amo really happy to hear this wonderful news about Tha’s Health. I was a little worried to read that he wonted really go to the USA for more rehabilitation because it’s not a simple journey, but I am released now to read that everything went ok and I am shure he will be in good hands and he has also the spiritual support of his Monks and Nuns but also our prayers. We love him so much and would like to hear his lovely voice again. Please let me know how to send you some money on line, but not with Credit cards. You should please let me know your IBAN and Bic Nr., the name of the Bank and the name of a responsable Person there at Plum Village, with the address, so that everything will go easly . Send you all my love and best wishes. Namaste.

  164. Carlos Poblete says:

    Me alegra enormemente que Thay esté mejor. Personas como el hacen mucha falta. No dispongo dinero en absoluto, vivo de una pequeña pensión.. sALUD, tHAY. Un abrazo con mucho cariño.

  165. greta says:

    Prayers for his continued recovery!

  166. Dilip Ekanath says:

    I never met the master but His name alone brought grace and blessings in great tides. He arrived last weekend in CA and I had been feeling His love for few days but I just read the news about Him,

    At your feets master,

  167. Georges says:

    I have to confess I am a bit confused with such news. I do not mean to judge. I have myself just been injured after falling from a tree. I know how it feels to be scared to lose one of the body’s ability – as my hip is damaged and I may develop arthrosis anytime now. I am very grateful to receive free medical care in one of the best hospitals in France thanks to the French social security system. I cannot imagine how strong the desire to recover must be when it is a brain function that is threatening to disappear. I cannot but admire Thay’s resilience in overcoming this challenge.
    But what about the teaching of the Buddha that Thay’s conveys to us all ? Isn’t it about learning to accept life’s impermanence, and to live happily with what the universe gives us ? I’m very happy to know that someone is generous enough to offer to fly Thay to a more advanced facility, and I support people to give whatever they want in order to support Thay’s recovery, if that is their wish. But I am still confused. Would we do the same for anyone in the Sangha ? Isn’t flying a private jet across the planet an extremely heavy cost to add to the environment’s already huge toll ? Every day at lunch, Thay invites us to eat in a way that is beneficial to life on this planet. How can this teaching cohabit with such a huge spending we are making, to prolonge a life that is intresically impermanent ?
    I wish all of you to be well and happy.

    • Dave says:

      Accepting the truth of impermanence doesn’t mean not doing what is reasonable and within ones power or means to continue living. Accepting impermanence means letting go of attachment that causes suffering and using our lives for what is meaningful and of benefit to others. Though Thay’s students likely have attachment to him and thus want him to continue to live, they also probably recognize how precious and important he is to the ultimate happiness of others and themselves. To find a teacher like Thay and have a wish to study and practice under him and to be able to develop his qualities of love and compassion is difficult. Also Thay’s desire to continue to live doesn’t likely come out of attachment but likely out of a recognition of the value of a rare and precious human life, and a wish to continue helping others develop love and compassion and attain a state of unchanging happiness. While Thay’s trip and continued care may come at some financial cost and cost to the environment, so does every other human beings life come at a cost. Many beings die for our clothes, meals (even if it is vegetarian) etc. A lot of suffering is experienced by others just so we can live. It can’t be avoided. This cost to others could be seen as part of the reason why we need to use our lives to benefit others. thus if anybody’s life is worth a jet trip and a few hundred thousand dollars it would be somebody like Thay’s, a teacher who is always showing others the way to happiness.

    • KM says:

      People have offered to incur the travel and health expenses to one of the greatest spiritual leaders of all time. I would hope that it would do more damage to man’s spiritual growth, not to accept the offer, than harm the environment. Our hearts and minds yearn for wisdom daily and it spreads contagiously and is desperately needed in a hurting world. The gift from God through Thay’s teaching on how to love the earth will allow us to provide better care of the earth hopefully thereby mitigating and surpassing the extent of environmental harm. God makes no mistakes. This care for him is intended for continued growth and nurturing of the spirit of man. Peace and love to the earth and mankind.

    • A very religious man was in a ship that sank. He grabbed onto a piece of wood and prayed. A dolphin swam up to him and tried to take him on its back, but he pushed it away, saying to himself, “God will save me. I must have faith.” A ship came by and dropped a lifeboat, but he pushed it away, saying, “God will save me. My faith is strong.” A helicopter flew over and dropped a rope, but he pushed it away saying, “God will save me. Only my faith will carry me through.”

      Then he drowned. When he got to heaven, he went to God and said, “God, I believed in you, and you betrayed me!” And God said, “What do you mean? I sent a dolphin; I sent a ship; and I sent a helicopter!”

      So, this is a long way to say that we don’t have to refuse help when it is offered, and I sense that Thay has much more that he wishes to communicate, and part of that may be that we don’t have to feel sorry for ourselves and give up when faced with tough times. _/\_

    • Lauren says:

      Dear Georges, a lot of time has passed, but I want to share that I think your questioning is appropriate — the Buddha encourages us to examine all things. Such questioning may make others uncomfortable, as can be seen below. My thought on this news has been that those closest to Thay can’t possibly share all the factors that went into these decisions, thus we on the other end of this letter don’t have enough information to be able to make a discernment. Also, through the progression of update letters about Thay’s health, it’s clear that there is concern to present the most positive picture possible, in order to water seeds of hope and joy, and to help us all cope with our encroaching sense of deep loss. The monastics are showing us utmost compassion in this way. My aim is to hold all my inner responses with equanimity — I want to know more about how the decision was made, and how Thay is really doing, and on and on, but this is not mine to know right now. I wish dear Thay joy and ease in his ongoing recovery, and a beautiful continuation, moment by moment, starting with me.

  168. martine kerr says:

    Your recovery has a special place in the chamber of my heart.
    God hold you in his protective embrace,comfort and strengthen you.

  169. Claudia Stone says:

    Thay continues to teach me without words. Thank you so much for this detailed update. Tears of joy are streaming down my face! What an example he sets for us. My career as a social worker lead me to work with many stroke survivors, mostly in Canada, where they have universal healthcare and also some in the U.S. where they do not. He is truly an inspiration. I wish all people could have access to such great health care and loving attention. Namaste and blessed be. Thank you Master Thay!

    • samten Lhendup says:

      I offer my prayers and wish for Thay’s recovery and healing, his teachings are just amazing, teachings on mindfulness, what more could he offer to the world than this priceless teachings, he is a true bodhisattva showing us the ways and means for the journey to city of liberation….I sincerely wish for his recovery soon!

  170. Sherry Thompson says:

    I am so happy for Thay’s continuing recovery and healing. Very good news indeed!

  171. Fatima says:

    This are good news! My best wishes and healing thoughts to Thay!

    • Margie Smith says:

      Sending healing vibes your way,on your next page of your journey, live the love,& light your were given, because you inspire so many of us to be better humans on this planet!

  172. Jean Gustavson says:

    Thank you all @ Plum Village for your wonderful care of Thay.
    I have read so many of his books & must try much harder to walk the walk.
    It is indeed such good news to hear of his progress.
    My love & light to you all.Jean

  173. Sophatai Kanthatham says:

    Thank you for taking time to give us such wonderful updates on Thay’s miraculous recovery. Thank you, Thay for showing us the way..again and again.

  174. Joan says:

    So happy to read this update. It appears that peace really is every step.

  175. Annie Krell says:

    I was delighted and encouraged to read this most recent update on Thay’s health. Such a wonderful example he is – still doing walking meditation, enjoying the lotus flower, savoring his food – reminding me to really notice the beauty in the present. He is such an inspiration for me. Thank you all at Plum Village for providing this update. Namaste.

  176. Barry Basham says:

    Semper fi….

  177. enrico mainato chiesa says:

    with my wife we daily join our teacher mighty presence. We are not surprised, only joyfully
    pleased. Though the body is still crippled the mind is lumminous like a towering lighhouse
    spreading loving rays over us…
    As a distance healer I would suggest Phosphorous 30ch granules 5 daily to treat the imbalance.

    Enrico (Mainato)

  178. Satya Sullivan says:

    Continual love surrounding you, thank you for you presence, may your healing be joyous

  179. Vera Souza says:

    I am very happy with the news about Thay. Thanks to the sangha for the beautiful description. Love to you all.

  180. just watched a dvd on facing death and dying well with the dalai lama [meridian trust]
    went to the site of plum village for news of thich nat hahn
    what a great surprise to read the wonderful post
    i remember being at spirit rock in northern california with 1000 people in silence with thich nat hahn
    i shall remember that always
    blessings to him and all

  181. William Seng says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful books and talks. Thank you most of all for the example of how to be happy in life. I look at the nice picture and we are one together, all of us and everything beyond forever! Unborn, indestructible, beyond infinity and eternity… with only love remaining, everlasting.

  182. Claudette Jacques Blanca says:

    Dear Thay and the comunity of Plum Village:

    It was so wonderful to read about how Thay is being able to recovery. Thay and all the community not only in Plum Village but in every center you have all over the world are a lamps who guide us in the path of mindfulness. Thaks so mucho to Thay and to all the community’s. “A lotus for all of you, a buda yo be” Claudette Jacques from Mexico. I love you all.

  183. Thank you for your wisdom Thay! How strange it may seam that many people miss the most obvious. How great that you could put into words guidance for us to be able to perceive and practice the basic things for making life enjoyable. I hope for a soon recovery for you!

  184. Anna says:

    Sending hugs and love to Thay and the people of Plum village from South Africa – very happy to see him improving <3

  185. Mike Oliver says:

    Wondrous teaching. Thank you.

  186. Sam says:

    Very beautiful and inspiring! Thank you :)

    • Deborah says:

      Dear Ones

      Thankyou for the news, for the miracles, that flow from and through this great Love of this Master and Teacher Thay. You are blessing us all with each New step you of your Renewal – In the Light and Love of a New Time and a New Earth Namaste

  187. Dave Troupe says:

    Thanks for update the great news, and thanks for taking care of Thay. May Thay have good health to continue the spreading of the Dharma of Wisdom and Compassion to all sentinent beings.

  188. Gaston Schmitz says:

    Beautiful, inspiring and deeply moving. I feel grateful for the Sangha.

  189. Margaret says:

    Dear Thay,
    We’re all walking with you! Delighted you are doing so well – this update was a precious gift for my heart on my “continuation day”! Thank you, dear Sangha, for sharing with us all such a beautiful description of Thay’s healing and his spirit in living the practice; inclusive of the conditions. We are all very grateful for the good news, and what a lovely picture of Thay enjoying the beautiful lotus flower! Plum Village is, as Thay is, a true example of the art of living mindfully and supporting one another as a Sangha in the knowlege that none of us is separate. Thank you deeply. Palms pressed, with gratitude and joy,


  190. kay Maughan says:

    My Heart was filled with joy at the news of dear Thays continued recovery I send Love and Many Blessings to Thay and all Sangha at Plum Village.kay

  191. Lecia Sinclair says:

    Dear precious Thay thank you for transforming my life and opening my heart to love and the beauty and miracle of walking on this planet Earth.
    May you be peaceful and happy and may I always find you in my lives.
    With deep love

  192. Kate Preston says:

    Thank you so much for painting such a fresh and rejuvenating snapshot of Thay’s inspiring steps and the days preceding summer retreat.
    It warms my heart and connects me again to Thay, the monastics and the beautiful nature of Plum Village…Thank You Thank You……So happy that Thay is back home amongst his loving Plum Village family. Lots of love to you all.

  193. Sitting by the river
    I contemplate.
    Never the same river
    Never the same me,
    New Me arises.

    I read Thay’s story
    I rejoice. His fight like a river.
    Never the same Thay,
    A new Thay arises.

    New Me rests in Mindfulness
    Hears the roar of the river,
    Feels the strength of Thay.
    With the compassion of Avalokita
    I know he will win the battle

    I know with great joy
    I will win mine

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  194. Meant to be met says:

    Everything is possible. Enjoy the present moment. Joy comes from what we can do – sitting, eating, walking, seeing, listening mindfully. Example is leadership.

    Thanks Thay for inspiring us to learn more, do more and become more through your living. Hopeffully Thay’ll be fully recovered and able to give dharma talk once again – so that more people can be inspired by your message.

  195. Hildegard Amalie Kauth says:

    Thay geht es gut, das macht mich so glücklich.
    Thay soll 1000 Leben haben zusammen mit unserer wunderbaren Gemeinschaft.
    So viel Liebe und so viel Freude wünsche ich Dir, geliebter Thay

  196. Today i wish to sing amazing grace for Thich Nath Han.

  197. Lis says:

    Love to you Thay and the Plum Cottage Community XXXXX <3 <3

    Please try homeopathy for Thay. It is amazing :-) X

  198. David Lam says:

    Thanks For The Great News … Namaste !

  199. Raka Satori says:

    First of all, thank you, sangha, for your patient loving description of Thay’s progress, happiness and guidance. I saw Thay only once. A last minute ticket ended up in the 2nd row in Denver. Through the entire event, I was touched beyond words. I saw his lineage present, and bathed in the light of his presence. I wished to come to Plum Garden, but have not had the means. Nevertheless, I am very grateful for the master’s time here with us all.

  200. LIli says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You………………

  201. Corina says:

    Feliz por saber de você. Feliz ao saber que você está superando a limitação.
    Obrigada pelos ensinamentos, pela sintonia, pela proteção contida na leitura de seus livros .
    Gratdão. Paz. Harminia, Thay.

  202. June Davis says:

    I send respect and loving thoughts.

  203. Martine says:

    belles nouvelles que voilà . Thaï est toujours dans nos cœurs , puissions nous lui donner autant qu il nous a donné et qu il nous offre encore d amour et de courage .

  204. Matthew Wild says:

    I must be a very poor Buddhist because I read this with tears in my eyes. (Attachment? Absolutely.)

    Thank you for such a beautiful post.

    • I suspect that Thay has had tears in his eyes on more than one occasion. Didn’t they pour from your open heart in the present moment while you were reading? Sounds to me like you’re living the path, even if not conforming to an idea of Buddhism — even your own. I bow to your love for Thay with the Heart Sutra mantra: Gate gate paragate parasmagate. Bohdi. Svaha!

  205. silvia del pino says:

    Cuánto me alegran las noticias de los progresos en salud de Thai. Aunque no lo conozco personalmente, lo conozco a traves de sus hermosas y valiosas enseñanzas. ¡ Larga vida, querido Maestro !

    • Learning Student says:

      Master Thay has taught so much to me through books, transcripts, and mostly how he lives moment by moment. He reappears driving this message home. Am overwhelmed with gratitude. Those here who dedicate their merit to That are my inspiration. They know the profundity of his mission in ways I am still learning. May we all look deeply at the luminosity of mind which is Thay’s wisdom, abandon self-clinging, completely realize that the only cause for happiness is love, pray for one another and all countries, and each take a personal vow to truly identify pride and jealousy as it arises so frequently and subtly in the mind leading to aversion for people and objects and experiences. Let us guard our mindfulness and realizes the afflictions as the arise in their most subtle forms. Let is correct those things for I am really no one at all but am seeing that jealousy and pride are continuous. Please watch your mind streams and stamp them out. Our greatest offering has to be to realize our essential nature is Thay’s wisdom mind and practice as dilligently as we can to benefit all beings all the time of our lives.
      Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhisattva Svaha.
      I learned this from Thay. He will never leave us because he is the kindness of us. He is a great Bodhisattva. His life example is a real gift for the whole of the six realms. Lets use the devotion he kindles in us to see what has been with us all the time: Buddha mind and abandon all samsaric thinking, with our minds resting in the natural state thinking always of how to help one another with loving compassion. Let is never think we have done enough but do more for one another as Thay is setting this example for is now. Let us offer Thay our enlightenment. He has done so much. Please pray for an end of jealousy and hatred… it is time we address it pointedly.

  206. Kristie says:

    Miraculous recovery by a wonderful man! Thay is such an inspiration. I find such joy, peace, and happiness in his words and take great comfort in knowing he is healing well.

  207. Sherry S says:

    We thank God with deep gratitude for Thay’s continuous healing. We thank Thay for his gift of magnificent inspiration.
    Heartfelt Love & Prayers

  208. Emily Whittle says:

    I burst into tears of joy as I read the happy news about Thay’s continued recovery. What a privilege to be his student!

  209. isis says:

    Thank you for this update, it’s a joyful day! Keep on!

  210. Dave Lavis says:

    Thank you dear sangha for this truly inspirational and upbuilding update. I vow to continue my practice each day. I have arrived, I am home. Yes anybody who has been touched by Thay’s teachings will always have him as a teacher.

  211. Maria says:

    This is very good news. I wish you full recovery.

  212. Minna says:

    Thank you all brothers and sisters from Plum Village for telling us these wonderful news!!! THANK YOU!!!

  213. Kerry says:

    What a good new. And what a great inspiration for me. Everything is possible and Thay demonstrate that day after day. I sincerely hope that our Great Master will continue to get a better health on the next months and continue to enjoy the beautiful seasons in Plum Village. Blessings

  214. Manuel Trindade says:

    Tears of joy and recognition formed while I was reading the wonderful news of Thay’s life example and miraculous recovery, despite his advanced age. Shine on, zen master, your life is the most beautiful example you could offer the world :-) <3

  215. Dear Thay, may you have many moments of happiness in your hammock and sitting by the river. This message of you today is one of your greatest lessons. I will practice living my life smiling with you: “Teaching is done not only by talking, but also by living your own life. Your life is the teaching, is the message.” Peace and love

    PS. I continue to teach mindfulness and self-reflection in schools and invite all people to wonder anew. I post the positive changes people are making or want to make on my blog Wonder Anew. I created this project in October 2013 after a retreat at Magnolia Monastery when you asked me to share what change I made in my life in honor of your birthday. I carry your question to others. May we heal ourselves to heal the world.

  216. Anne says:

    Dearest Thay, may you be well, may the sangha be well! Your entire life is a teaching, pointing to us the way …
    In deep gratitude for these news,
    Anne (Joie fleurissante du coeur)

  217. Evelyn Greenfield says:

    How fortunate Thay is to have such wonderful brings attending to his needs.
    I am so looking forward to Thay’s next book !!!

  218. Tony Nguyen says:

    After a long silent on Thay’s health since April 6 2015, I was keeping checking on Thay’s health almost everyday. And after several repeating requests to update Thay’s health, I am overwhelmed and delightful at his latest update health that has been greatly improved. I am so happy now and whishing Thay’s more speedy recovery. Thanks.

  219. Miquelis says:

    Thank you very much

  220. Helen says:

    What a wonderful present moment reading the progress of dear Thay. In gratitude I bow to my teacher. In gratitude I bow to the Sangha.

  221. linda wright says:

    So very happy to read this today. Thay is INSPIRING in every sense of that beautiful word. Thay is beautiful. Sending a heartfelt thank you to this incredible man who shows us how life can be extraordinary with mindfulness.

  222. Jessica Morton says:

    What a blessing to read this beautiful news! There is so much to appreciate and learn from in Thây’s wonderful recovery and his gently persistent example. Thank you, and may all be happy, be well, and at ease in their lives.

  223. Yetty says:

    Thank you for The beautiful update! I’m delighted to hear the happy news of such a beloved teacher.

  224. sean fernando says:

    Glad to hear the progress of Thay I pray and pass merit to him may he be well happy and peaceful and live a long time

  225. forest says:

    Thank you

  226. Françoise says:

    Merci pour ces bonnes nouvelles tant attendues!

  227. Donna nist says:


  228. pranic roger says:

    blessed Thay. your strength and resolve to stay with sangha and lead by example is filled with honour and love and compassion. Blessed be you and the sangha at Plum village.

  229. Wonderful news of your continuing health….may you continue to flourish……

  230. Que alegria saber que se recupera momento a momento!!!

  231. Janet says:

    Thank you,thank you, thank you, Thay. For without words you are teaching us the greatest lesson of all…”our life is our path”. Humble I say Namaste.


    I am Venerable Dr. K. Dhammadinna of the Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am glad that Venerable Thay is back at the Plum Village Hermitage. Wishing Venerable Thay a fully and speedy recovery.

    May the Noble Triple Gem, Buddha, the Dhmmma and the Sangha, bless and protect Venerable always.

    Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

  233. sylvie bousquet says:

    I am deeply touch by this news. I’ve been seerching for so long to have news for this great master. Thank all of you to get the informations of the health of this precious being.

  234. Jean McAlister says:

    I would love to visit you in Plum Village but I live in Australia and am not able to leave my disabled sister Catherine who I help to support in a nursing home. Catherine is only 60 and she is totally disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I am 71 and am not very good at keeping to a good meditation routine but I have many wonderful books on Buddhism that help me. I am reading your book called “The Sun My Heart” which is very beautiful and I shall read it to Catherine also. Thank you for your inspiration and teaching. It is wonderful to read that you are enjoying better health. Namaste

  235. Wonderful news. Remembering ‘The Power of Prayer’, praying for Thay’s further improvement. He continues to inspire all those whose lives he has touched.

  236. Debbie says:

    What wonderful news! Thank you for sharing. It made my day. Thay, I wish for your continued progress and comfort, for you to continue to teach for a long time, and for those who care for and support you to be ever strong, mindful, and filled to overflowing with loving kindness. I love you.

  237. Lyndsey Summer says:

    Truly wonderful news – much love xx

  238. G.LLewellyn says:

    All healing reiki energy to you for you are brother/sister to me these thoughts I had months ago
    in meditation I touched your head
    I greatly enjoyd reading you are full of strengh and walking on the healing path on more intense knowledge about yourself and so for all.

  239. Rebecca Hall says:

    Thank you for the inspiring and hopeful update. Thay is a true bodhisattva.

  240. amit says:

    More love, more power, speedy recovery to Master Thay. Praying for him.

  241. Donna M Reitano says:

    wishing Thay wellness

  242. Maria das Graças Sales says:

    Those are very good news!
    I’m happy Thay “continue to practice no matter what the conditions”.

  243. Suzanne says:

    I read with great happiness Thay’s progress ! Thank you so very much for taking the time to keep us posted!! Thay is quite an example for all of us!! I send him many kind Healing thoughts and much Love!!! And lots of warm smiles and Blessings!!!:O)) Namaste!! ♥ஜJ☼Yஜ♥

  244. Scott says:

    Namaste and Blessings, Thay!

    From America with Humility & Love,


    • Margaret says:

      Thank you for sharing and may Thay continue to be the the guiding light we all need on this earth. Blessings to Thay and all his wonderful team and helpers. 💜

  245. Stephen Haygreen says:

    Learned a lot from Mr.Hanh.

  246. Eileen says:

    I’m nearly finished with the Body And Mind Are One online course and it has taught me so much. Sitting here in my garden in Nashville, I’m inspired and charmed reading this description of Thay and his beautiful determination. All the love in the world to him and to Plum Village in your upcoming events. Thank you all for your teachings.

  247. David Demers says:

    Praying for you!
    Meditated with you in Boston several years ago!
    Thank You!

    • George Hoguet says:

      Tears in the corner of my eyes. Thank you all for this beautiful update. I am busy working on a 5-minute sharing as part of an Interfaith panel this week discussing the Pope’s Encyclical from our Tradition’s perspective. Pleased to say this is organized by the Thomas Merton Center. Struggling, I think I will follow Thay’s lead – I’ll let the Buddha write. I’ll let Thay write. Indeed, he has already said it so well. _()_

  248. D Toniolo says:

    Great teacher, love him dearly, my living Buddha.

    • Hedy says:

      I love Thay and hope for his full recovery. His teachings are transforming my way of looking at the world and my inter connectedness to all things!

  249. Laurie says:

    Much love to Thay and the sisters and brothers caring for him. Blessed be to you all and for your examples of true love and compassion. Thank you.

  250. Khoa says:

    Thank you for publishing the Letter from Thay.
    It would be great if the Vietnamese version is published too so I can share with my parents.

  251. John Lucia says:

    I have only encountered this great teacher through his writings and video dharma talks but love him profoundly.

  252. Melanie Gallo says:

    I start my day and practice mindfulness and it helps me to think more clearly
    And lessons my pain and anxiety. Thank you Thay. I pray for your continued healing.

    This world is a better place because of your presence and special gifts.

    Thank you from my heart.

  253. our thoughts and minds continue to be with you, teacher, and with those who care for your well-being. thank you for the gift of mindfulness.

  254. FastingDude says:

    Please give us a new update about Thay. God’s willing, no news is good news!

  255. Rozalin Kovacs says:

    I would love to volunteer at Plum Village for the whole duration.
    Please you you contact me I would be happy to postpone my trip to Bali till later.
    Roz kovacs

  256. Margaret macken says:

    Dear Thay. I am very sorry to hear you have not been well.

    I send you love and prayers for a speedy recovery to full health.

    I am glad to hear you are back home in your community.

    Lots + lots of love. Margaret

  257. chris says:

    Please correct set-up ( arriving on July, 26th ) to “arriving on June, 26th”.

  258. Janet says:

    Hi, are those dates correct? It says from 3rd to the 31st but then says set up is to arrive on 26th. I am confused, sorry.

  259. Lourdes says:

    Will we able to be close of Thay?

    • Dear Lourdes,
      Thay is still recovering at his hermitage and there are not yet any plans for him to appear during the Summer Retreat. The teachings will be given by senior dharma teachers.

  260. Valeria Labró says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in volunteering, but my computer can’t open/ doesn´t find the way to get in touch with the lower hamlet registration team.

  261. charlie thomas says:

    i am a vietnam veteran … so fortunate to have found Thay and read much of his writing. Today I am reading the Sun my Heart p 131 “Why do you cry, Sister?”

    Nếu bạn muốn hòa bình, hòa bình có với bạn ngay lập tức

  262. Merrily says:

    With peace to Thay, My stepfather recently had a stroke and left us for the next part of his journey. Your teachings from your books which I have read have helped me to deal with this and allowed me to be calmer while being with my family in the hospital. Also I was able to connect with calm and kindness, with my stepfather while he was still with us, when his mind was wandering.
    Be strong and keep striving. A stroke is quite the ultimate in the road of life, the hardest road I believe. Thank you for your selfless work which nourishes others and keeps on.

  263. Leon says:

    Dear Sangha, dear Thay — very happy to know you are home… the insight, love, and compassion emanating from Plum Village and your teachings is sorely needed in our world today. Hope to be there in just a few days for the upcoming retreat.

  264. Jenny says:

    Just looking at the visit to Japan and I really think this is something I would have great pleasure in attending.. Have you any scheduled?
    Kind regards
    Jenny :)

  265. Viet Do says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am glad you are on way to better health. Like Buddha says, life is suffering. Our temporary life gives us a chance to improve our spiritual life. Pure mind leads to Buddha path, wandering mind leads to reincarnations. Hope future generations with many more teachers like you to spread Buddha teachings.

    After my study of zen, my definition of zen: “A state of mindful awareness without opinions, attachments or fixations”. Now I just walk on the path and determined to become the path eventually.

    I thank you for your compassion to teach the world Zen Buddhism.

  266. Natalie Keen says:

    Dear Thay

    I am so happy that you are on the road to recovery and back home. Your contribution to the world has brought , and thankfully continues to bring such peace and hope. I’m extremely grateful that you are able to continue with your generous work and so happy that you get to enjoy more of what the world has to offer.

    My love and best wishes to you
    From Natalie

  267. leandro mottin says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    All my gratitude to you Thai, a small man with a giant heart!
    The humankind has a chance thank You Thai that guided many to the light!
    Your recover is one of the most beautiful teachings!
    Long and Happy life!
    My lovely energy for you!
    Leandro (from Brazil)

  268. Lisa (Sister True Collective Compassion) says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Rejoicing in this very good news in Indonesia for the brothers and sisters and our beloved community. Congratulations and Anumodana!
    Will any of you be joining the Sakyadhita conference in Yogyakarta?
    Hope I will not be the only PV friend there!

  269. Jürgen Votteler says:

    I am happy, knowing that Thay gets the best support one can think of, the support of his powerful sangha.

  270. Margaret says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    So very glad to know, Thay, that you are back home, enjoying the nourishment of the beauty that is Plum Village! We are all deeply grateful to the medical staff for taking such good and skillful care of you along side your attendants, for you are deeply loved and precious in this world. You have made the teachings a fresh joy and your life’s example is the embodiment of the Way. Thank you for everything you are and for everything you do! Thank you for creating such beautiful and shining Sanghas! Such elegant and loving fingers all pointing to the moon!

    In gratitude and with respect,

  271. Amanda says:

    I am recovering from a recent episode of severe depression in which I felt extreme hopelessness and despair. I went to a therapy program whose basic tenets were mindfulness and enjoying the present moment. I was immediately reminded of Buddhism (the program uses “dialectical behavior therapy”… in fact, one of our worksheets cited one of Thay’s works!). I finished reading “No Mud, No Lotus” a few days ago and look forward to my next read. Reconnecting with this beautiful practice has given me great joy and inspiration and meaning to my life and my suffering. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom with the world. Reading about Thay enjoying the flowers and birds brought tears to my eyes. I send my love and best wishes!!!

  272. Domeico Maurizio Monetti says:

    Thank you.

  273. YuanZhi says:

    Thank you,my perfect teacher.

  274. Chan Y Nghiem says:

    Dear Thay
    I am very happy to see Thay will come back PlumVilage with good healthy. I always pray for your health with my love

  275. rodrigo alen says:

    Amado Maestro, tu vida entera ha consistido en dar. Recibe ahora nuestro amor mas puro. Gracias compartir tu sabiduría con nosotros. Bendiciones!!

  276. Jane Christie says:

    Dear Thay,
    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and beautiful way of looking at the world.
    I am from Ireland and had the pleasure of attending your retreat in Killarney a couple of years ago. Your message touched me deeply and I have tried to be as fresh as a flower everyday since! May you feel the peace and love that you have shared with so many across the world now as you recover.
    Much love,

  277. Roch Aksiadi says:

    Nice news…
    May All creature live Happily

  278. chad clark says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha,
    The deepest gratitude for your teachings and blessed presence in a world so full of pain and confusion.

    Being Peace , Chad

  279. Larissa says:

    Beloved Thay,

    Thank you very much for being in this world and showing us through your wonderful teachings a way to awaken. May your healing process continue to proceed well. Many blessings, much love and strength to you!

    With gratitude and love,

  280. Andrea Oliveri says:

    Dear Thay,
    I am from Chile..and now here living in Canada. Your life and teachings have touched my life deeply in very difficult moments. You have had strong committment with the world..now We are with you in this stage you are living. I am glad to know that you are back to your home, in your community.

  281. Hai says:

    What a great song. Could you please provide a link to download the mp3? Thank you.

  282. kay Maughan says:

    Dear Thay I continue to pray and send Love and Blessings for your recovery,you have given me so much joy and inspiration.
    Thank You. Much Love and Many Blessings. kay

  283. Jane says:

    Dearest Thay,
    I have been following your progress through your wonderful staff at Plum Village. It is a gift to hear about any progress you are making. I know from having cared for my dear mother after a devastating stroke, the path back can be long, slow and arduous. And you are truly given this time to live in every moment as you continue to improve. You are not alone in your journey as I’m sure you see daily…and you have the knowledge that others who experienced this before you, such as my mother and Ram Das, were able to find life after stroke and truly understand how the Devine can present itself to us on this earthly plane. Much love and continued healing and peace. Namaste Jane

  284. Jewel says:

    Dear Thay, I had the gift of going to Deer Park Monastery yesterday & hearing you speak via a taped message from 2006. To hear your words, your wisdom. I so appreciate your teachings and am thankful to read your books. You have done so much to help create peace in this world. What a gift you’ve given us. Praying for healing and wellness for you.

  285. thanh says:

    I know Thay has taught that we shouldn’t attach ourselves to his teachings and that they are merely a means to the final destination … I will still struggle to dettach myself from all of Thay’s teachings….it is so much a part of who I am.

  286. Amanda Sturman says:

    The Blessed One has protected you mind stream dearest Thay. My the clear light continue to shine within you. The world has been blessed by your recovery.

  287. Алмагуль (Республика Казахстан) says:

    Есть ли возможность обучения у Тхить Нят Хана на русском языке?

  288. Paul says:

    Dear Friends,

    I live in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, which is the home of Northern Arizona University, from which Kayla graduated in 2009. I thought you might appreciate the following articles and photos, from Flagstaff’s newspaper, the Arizona Daily Sun, about the candlelight vigils for Kayla held at the university, as well as in Prescott, Kayla’s hometown:




    I did not know Kayla, but the people who spoke at the vigil made it very clear that she was a truly remarkable person and was deeply loved by many.

  289. Tracy White says:

    Be well dear Thay, we love you so very much. :)

  290. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    Great thanks to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for Thay’s Recovering.I wish Thay full recovering very soon.May Buddhas and Bodhisattvas help him to continue his career of teaching Buddhism all over the world and building a peaceful and non-violent World.

  291. Lynda Lien says:

    Great news that Thay continues to gain strength and heal. Sending love and prayers from Washington state, USA. Bless you dear Thay.

  292. Jenny Casey says:

    Sending love and gratitude to Thay, and indeed to all, from Sandy Hook, CT USA.

  293. venu BONDALAPATI says:

    you connected every piece of organism in this universe and made everyone happy. You see everyone’ happiness in you as you contain the multitudes of this vast expansive screen of the universe. Long live Thy!
    with love,
    Venu,ON, Canada

  294. Annie says:

    Dearest Thay,

    I have a postcard of you resting in a place of honor on my meditation table, as you have been and are an inspiration for me to breathe into my heart, where I feel peace and love for myself and for all of my brothers and sisters. I am so grateful to know that you are recovering well, and grateful to have been in your presence at Plum Village, in Vietnam, and at Blue Cliff Monastery.

    When I enjoy the moon at night, I always think of you.


  295. Ellen says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha,

    I am here in New Zealand and there with you. Sending love, smiles, healing energy and warm wishes to dear Thay and all of you. It is wonderful to see on Facebook, the daffodil next to the Buddha – green and yellow on black – solidity and peace. Thay is surrounded with love and peace at home, this is very good. I am sitting quietly breathing in and out as the bell outside chimes in the night breeze and my puppy sleeps by my side. Good night dear friends. :)

  296. Margaret says:

    Stepping with compassion
    In the midst of suffering
    Offering completely
    A heart
    Of loving kindness,
    Courage, gentleness,
    Mindfulness and insight.
    May Avalokitesvara
    Hear our suffering
    And our grief!
    May Kayla’s life
    Heal the suffering
    And bring peace.
    May her captors
    Awaken from fear
    From violence.
    May understanding
    Bring the diamond
    That cuts through
    May the rememberance
    Of Kayla
    Be as the Great Bell
    Of Interbeing.

    Peace, love, respect and
    tenderness to all.

  297. path to heal says:

    Thay, Sending healing blessings of energy, strength, peace, light and love… Remembering your beautiful presence, soul– the community of mindfullness created– sitting, breathing, walking, listening to your stories, especially
    “There’s a cloud in my tea” at Blue Cliff 2013

  298. maria says:

    Dear Thay,
    You are remembered with love and appreciation here in Mt. Shasta. Sending love to you and the whole Community,

  299. John Casey says:

    I live just down the road from the former Green Mountain Dharma Center which I attended regularly and sorely miss… I was a beautiful thing… many of the former GMDC members still live here…

    I have skills in the construction and maintenance fields having earned my living employing those skills for most of my life to date… I would love to come an use my skills to in small measure repay the peace that your Dharms brought to my life…

    If this is of interest to you, please advise…

    yours in peace


    • Dear John,
      Please do get in touch with the monks and nuns at Blue Cliff Monastery – it’s some distance, but perhaps worth it: http://www.bluecliffmonastery.org/contact-us/ . I’m sure they would be more than happy to see you. There may even be some familiar faces from GMDC. If you’re considering a visit across the ocean, feel free to get in touch with the Upper Hamlet – which has also inherited some GMDC monastics :)

  300. Christine Laubin says:

    So beautiful that your international teaching groups spring out of the earth as all the plants and flowers do at this time of year. It has a beautiful naturalness to it. Like the earth itself breathing out health and goodness to all who live on, in, and over it.

  301. Usama says:

    I am so glad and grateful for knowing those wonderful news , Thay’s health recovery is a great motivation for every one who wants to live in enlightenment to follow his steps ,read his books and benefit from this reservoir of wisdom and love

    Thanks for publishing this update

  302. Greg scott says:

    I am happy to be walking on the last stage of the Camino de Santiago starting in a few days, and will carry prayers for you on the journey, and offer them at the shrine at the journey’s end.

    With love

  303. Roslyn Fassett says:

    Spring reminds me of inner truth and life. Roslyn Fassett

  304. Chris Cashiola says:

    Wonderful news. My best wishes to Thay. Mindfulness, impermanace, and interbeing.

  305. Lita says:

    Peace is Every Step, dear Thay. You came to London some years ago, and I was fortunate enough to hear your words. Blessings on you and your dear community of nuns and monks.

  306. Thank you so much for this update & even more so for all of the love & light that Thay & each of you continue to put out into this world… I am honored & humbled to join you in doing the same thing from my home in Port Orchard, Washington… So much love & gratitude to all of you & happy healing Master Thay <3 James

  307. Linda Kelly says:

    Most serene and venerable Thay…thank you so much for enriching my life and in doing so, reaching to all of my circle of friends. Stay safe and know that I am having a mindful bank holiday here in the UK in your honour….much prayer and love, light and a bright mind with positive thoughts, followed by altruistic speech and rightful action….I promise XX love to all and keep enjoying the tea

  308. jjkklau says:

    Dear Thay,

    The Stars, the Moon and the Sun are accompanying you with all their loves. Your unceasing love is warming us even in your most critical moment, we love you.

  309. Louis says:

    Dear Thay,

    We send you our love and wish you a smooth recovery.

    Thank you for opening our eyes to the deep and wonderful teachings of the Buddha.

    The teachings on inter-being, mindfulness and living in the present moment have been life transforming. Through the practice we have learnt to be peace.

  310. T K Gopalan says:

    Respected Thay,

    You changed my life by offering the Retreat in Chennai in March, 1997. Since then you have never left my consciousness. Your physical presence on this earth is still very important to me. My gratitude to all who are caring for you.

  311. carol pedigree says:

    Thay: A Christ in the midst of a challenging world. A True Being in the midst of human error. All love you, Thay. I pray that for any who do not know of you may tune in to your compassionate words. May recovery be swift.

  312. Tony O'Mara says:

    Dear Thay and Community,

    I am so glad to learn that Thay is well enough to return to Plum Village and the loving care of you all during this beautiful season of buds and flowers. May this delightful Qi flow gently in you bringing healing and joy.

    Your neighbour, Tony

  313. marian ring says:

    Dear Thay,
    Today I saw your wellness in a flower and I took a mindful breath for you.

  314. Vickie Caskey says:

    Love to you my Brother.

  315. Marianne Michaels says:

    I am so happy that you have gone home. I know you will continue to heal in such a loving environment. You have helped so many of us, this is now your time.

  316. sarath says:

    ..no death no fear.

    I have never seen you dear master,but you are always in my life for a couple of months and you will never be away from me ever.

    I have never learned a lesson so profound deep and simple as mindfulness.it has taught me living.it has taught me to stop smile breath rest and love unconditionally.

    Like me I suppose there will thousands of lives be touched with your love.what you are doing for the humanity is ..magnificent

    From all the love welling up in my heart I pray for you,for your health,for your recovery..

    Deepest wishes from a humble discipl from far across the globe


  317. Jacqueline Woodland says:

    Dear Thay, dear Medical team and all who are helping in Thay’s healing,
    It was such a relief to read that Thay has been able to leave the stroke rehab unit in Bordeaux and return home to his beloved Plum Village. I have held you in my prayers, Thay, and imagined doing walking meditation with you and breathing for you and with you. To read that you are well enough to return to more familiar and less clinical surroundings raised my spirits. May you be free of all physical and mental health problems, and continue on your way to complete healing surrounded by the love of all of us AND your team!

  318. Jerry Leventer says:

    At times, it seems there is so much to learn and so many words to read in order to understand the teachings of Buddha. Yet, the most important teaching I have learned comes from the man I know through his books as Thich Nhat Hanh; being aware of my breath and thinking little comments along the way. The exercises are so simple and therefore the most useful to me because I can remember them and use them any time, in any situation I find myself.

    “Breathing in, I am aware of breathing in.
    Breathing out, I am aware of breathing out.”

    “Breathing in, I feel happy.
    Breathing out, I feel peaceful.”

    I’m happy to hear the good news that his health improving.

  319. Michael Meenaghan says:


    I am happy that you are recovering and relaxing in your Physical and Spiritual Garden.

    :The bird sings,
    A leaf flutters,
    Life lives.

  320. Hilary Vander Veer says:

    That is wonderful news!! Thank you for keeping the community updated on his miraculous progress. with much love!

  321. Vasantha Karan says:

    I wish Thay well. I am glad he is recovering fast because the world needs evolved souls like him for guidance. I have taken on Thay as my Spirit Father and he has stood by me during many of my hardships. I know Thay will always be with me and with the people who need him with his spiritual support, during good times and bad, no matter what.

  322. Bhakti says:

    Dear Thay and Plum Village Sangha,

    Our family is so happy to hear that Thay has been able to return to Plum Village and view the beautiful sights of spring. We send all of you our greetings and our wishes that Thay will experience the healing that comes from being in one’s beloved community. We think of you all each day with so much gratitude.

  323. Fr Robert Herrell says:

    Our dear Thay, you are in my thought and prayers. Please recode

  324. Patrice Anthonio says:

    Dear Thay,

    Although I don’t know you personally, I consider you as one of my most inspirational spiritual teachers and mentors. I am very pleased to hear you’re on the mend, back home again. Sending you healing energy, much love and my eternal gratitude. Get well soon beautiful soul!

  325. Git Bengtsson says:

    Dear Thay

    You´ll always in my heart and mind. I´m so happy to hear that you are back home enjoying the spring.

    With Love.

  326. Penny H. Soteriou says:

    Dearest and most Beloved Thay,
    We Love you so much. Thank you for your beautiful presence in this world, you are truly a living Buddha, a Prophet, we are so blessed to be touched by your beautiful teachings of the Dhamma.
    We are praying for your full recovery and healing,and we are both so happy to hear you are mindfully drinking tea again!
    We just wanted to share that we both work with herbal medicine and have found TUMERIC to be a powerful spice that helps to bring a swift recovery from stroke, it can be taken in capsules or in food or both! We have seen miracles with this herb. We pray that if this information is helpful to you that it will find its way to you.

    May Peace and wellbeing be with you Beloved Thay, you are always in our hearts.

    with Metta,
    Penny and Tucker

    • Chaitanya says:

      Thanjs for educating on Turmeric, i will myself take it with milk.It woupd be better if you email your info to the contact person at plum village or phone them. Thank you.

  327. Ruth Thomas says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha

    May you be at perfect ease, wrapped in the heart of understanding and love at your beloved Village des Pruniers. So pleased you are home!

    With love and gratitude


  328. Remko says:

    Dear Thay, dear Medical team, dear brothers and sisters at Plum Village monestry,
    I am happy to here that, however Thay is in the autumn of his live, he is recovering step by step and regains his basic health. Very nice also that he is now back in his spiritual home, where he can recover steadily with the nourishment of the sanga. Thay, I send you all my positive cosmic energy to enjoy each day, breathe out and breathe in deeply and slowly, and simply catch the greatness of each moment in the present. All the best!

  329. Martha Clunie says:

    Wonderful news!

  330. Rev James Barry CP says:




    PARK RIDGE, ILL 60068

  331. Linda Joy says:

    so happy Thay is home with you all at Plum Village. Warm Spring love and thanks Linda joy

  332. Justin says:

    Dear Thay,
    I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best.
    You have been a light shining in the darkest of times for so many. May the Sangha now bring you the same comfort and peace.
    Best wishes

  333. Barbara Whipple says:

    Dearest Thay,
    Thank you for being my teacher ,
    for sharing your life and insight with the world . I think of you and what you have taught me, every day . I send you my deepest love and healing prayers . I hope to see you again, if only to give you a big hug .

    I send my love to all the Brothers and Sisters, and to all the Sangha.

    Much love to.you,

    Awakening Path of the Heart

  334. maura says:

    Our second trip to Plum village for a family retreat this July will be all the more wonderful if we know that Thay is at home and getting better. Maura

  335. Jon Hughes says:

    Dear Thay,

    I hope you are feeling better every day and that the Spring flowers smile at you and the sun shines it’s warmth on you and that the nuns and monks bring your favourite tea to you and it heals you.

    Sending all my best wishes


  336. vic blommerde says:

    Om mani pedme hum Thai

  337. Wolf Tytschkowski says:

    Because you are still with us, Thay, the waters still run clearer and the leaves are still greener. Thank you for your inspiration. Please heal well.

  338. Sunny Lee says:

    Delighted to hear the positive news. Many thanks to the medical team. Thay, sending you loving kindness and mindful, healing energy as you continue your recovery surrounded by the sangha.

  339. Dena says:

    I am singing this song for you… here are the words: Blessed, truly blessed in the season of the spring, when all of creation is radiating. Thanks be to Earth for her bountiful display, reflecting the rainbow as it smiles across her face.

    On my rides to work I often look at a picture of you and it brings me peace. Your words have helped me center in many a storm. I am smiling now thinking of you back at Plum Village enjoying spring.

    I work with children and young people with eating disorders as a recreational therapist. We are going to paint on a wall in my movement room one of your quotes: Dear body, I am here for you. Thank you for this sweet reminder. I know your body right now is unfamiliar, responding in ways you are not used to. Please know that your life speaks volumes and so many of us are touched just knowing your feet touch this Earth and your breath is a part of our atmosphere.
    Sending Love and deepest of gratitude,
    Dena Wilder

  340. Rose Marie and Gerry Murphy says:

    So delighted to hear you are back home in Plum Village what better healing environment could you be in. Continued good wishes

  341. Lili says:

    Dear Thay,
    I love you with my heart.
    Thank you for your beauty in this world.
    You are a true living angel who has brought
    so much beauty and love into this world.
    Surely your Dharma light will shine for all
    of time. May you be well, and be healed as you
    have worked so tirelessly to heal all of us.
    May all of your great wishes and that of the Sangha
    be thoroughly granted. May your great compassionate
    will be done. Thank you Dear Thay with all of my heart
    and from the depths of my being, a gratitude which can
    never be repaid. That someone as beautiful as you would
    take time to love us all and shine your love and light in
    our very hearts and souls. You have infused us with hope, and
    because of that we can go on. Please know that you are infinitely
    loved. Because you are here the world has a bright light. There
    are not words enough to tell you how thankful we are or how much
    we need you, or how much we love you. May we show you our gratitude
    and love by practicing truly what you have worked so hard to teach
    us. Please be well.
    I love you Thay.

  342. Joanne Wilson says:

    Dear Thay – How wonderful to be back home surrounded by the familiar that supports us and bring smiles from the heart.
    There are no words of gratitude large enough for a lifetime of giving, teaching and leadership. For the many windows you have opened to the spirit of love I can only say thank you. I wish each of your days to be filled with quiet joy and wellness.
    Sending You a warm hug with caring. Joanne Wilson

  343. Sloane says:

    Dear Thay,

    I am so happy to hear that you have returned home to Plum Village. You remain in my prayers for your recovery.

    Your teachings have completely changed my life. With deepest gratitude and love, Sloane

  344. Gaston says:

    Dear beloved teacher and Sangha. A smile manifested on my face when reading this. You and the Sangha continue to inspire me on a daily basis in so many ways. And I just became grateful for the miracle of swallowing myself again. Thank you for the reminder. So many conditions for happiness…Sending peaceful and healing vibrations.

  345. Pam says:

    Dear Thay,
    I am so grateful that you are recovering in your beautiful village. Sending love and prayers your way.

  346. Len ap Wales says:

    Dear Thay – I am so glad to hear of your continuing recovery. I hope now after so many years of giving will you be given the chance to rest at least for a little. – Not good for you or me I know, but I have to confess my grief should you pass. – I pray for peace and warmth to you.

    Kindest regards

    Len of Wales – Plentyn y mynydd

  347. Noel McEvoy says:

    Dear Thay I am delighted that you are getting better so you can enjoy all the things you have opened all our eyes to. Please get better for you, not for us, please rest no pressure , the labourer deserves his rest and goodness knows you have laboured for us all good luck with the path to recovery whatever that will be and thank you for all the hard work. So put up you feet take it easy let down the load mindfully of course need it be said, and the world will still be here. thanks for all you insights I know there will be more form you as you say there is no coming or going.

  348. Margo McGeeney says:

    Dear Thay, I was delighted to hear that you are back in your beloved home, which will nourish and heal you. I send you my love and gratitude, Margo

  349. Martha Dickinson says:

    Sending prayers for healing with love from the heart to all around you.

  350. Warren says:

    Para empezar, hay que mirar la capacidad de carga de
    la batería que adquirimos, que se mide por su desempeño en miliamperios
    por hora mAh.

  351. Rosa Casado says:

    My family and myself we are extremely happy to know of Thay recovery, we will continue to pray so that his health improves day by day..

  352. teresa neil and edie mae says:

    dear thay, we are so pleased for your homecoming and so grateful to all the drs and nurses,with much love for your ongoing recovery and love to all at plum village xx

  353. kay Maughan says:

    I am so happy to hear that you are back at Plum Village dear Thay, I continue to pray and send healing thoughts to you.
    With Love And Many Blessings. kay maughan.

  354. Tony says:

    Great news. God’s blessing and peace always be with you.

  355. Thao Huynh says:

    whenever we drink tea, we smile to the cloud in tea and pray that Thay will recover. We’re happy that Thay returned home.
    Deep gratitude to all doctors, beloved Brothers and Sister, friends for support Thay’s recovery. We are with you through the long journey.

    Con có 1 bài thơ ngắn xin tặng Thầy, bài này có hát theo điệu nhạc được đó ạ
    “Thầy con có một cốc trà
    Thân tâm an trú bây giờ nơi đây
    Lòng con gió bụi mưa trần
    Quay về nương tựa nơi Thầy an vui”

    With lots of love, Thao Huynh

  356. mick mcclellan says:

    Thay has been one of the most influential people in my life, when I first read “living Buddha Living Christ” it started a transformation of my Spiritual perception. Reading the words of Jesus and the Buddha Combined with meditation and allowing the bell to (as Thay puts it), “bring me back to my true self”. I became open to the reality that it is possible to focus on only the beautiful similarity’s in all Spiritual traditions and let go of the differences. Today I try to share that spirit of open-mindedness with men and women trying to recover from addiction. As an intern at a treatment center in Minnesota that works with clients who have suffered a serious brain injury and have turned to drugs and alcohol for relief, I have been given the opportunity to facilitate a mindfulness class and practice coming back to the breath. Without Thay’s inspirational and compassionate teachings I would never have been able to free myself-self from constant mental suffering, and try to help others do same. For that I want to say THANK YOU THAY, I have much love for you and the Plum Village Community. I don’t know if I will ever have the resources to visit their in person, but I can always be there in Spirit. Peace 2 U all !! Mick McClellan

  357. ruth carter says:

    warm and happy wishes and prayers for Thay’s continued enjoyment of the spring and of being back in his hermitage. Thanks and love to him and to all who have cared for him in the past months and those who continue to do so. And thankyou for the continued updates on his health and well-being. ruth

  358. Richard Howard says:

    My heart overflows with joy as much as my eyes with tears to hear such beautiful news of Thay’s improvment…my love and meditations continue for all of you….with much metta…. richard (Ontario, Canada)

  359. Philippe says:

    To Thay, With much love, prayers from the heart and warm wishes of prompt recovery.

    • Deborah says:

      I am filled with joy to learn that Dear Thay is back at Plum village. What an inspiration you have been and continue to be. Much love and warm wishes.

  360. Willy De Jongh says:

    Simply a miracle!And acomplisht by the true heart of countless people

  361. Dianne Howard says:

    I am smiling!

    Wonderful news that Thay is home at Plum Villiage, enjoying the magnolia trees.

  362. con Thay says:

    Con tham cam on But To da dua Thay tro ve voi chung con. Cau nguyen cho Thay som binh phuc voi nhung phep la dang dien ra hang ngay trong co the Thay – vi Thay gia o nguong tuoi 90, nhung luon tre mai trong long chung con.
    Vo van tri an Thay _()_

  363. Jimyo says:

    My gratitude for your perseverance, and the wonderful news of your improved health! May you continue to find joy and peace.

  364. donna kammoora says:

    Thank you for the post and to all who have cared for Thay over the recent past, I have nursed patients such as Thay and watched remarkable recoveries. A big thank you to Thay, his walking mediation ‘I have arrived I am home’ has given me great strength to naviagate the many experiences greeting me on my path. I have had many wonderful moments in my meditations where Thay has felt present and in connection. Even though I try to practise non attachment, I am so happy that he is in recovery. Om

  365. Viviane Brachet says:

    I am so overwhelmed with joy and gratefuoness fo hear that Thich Nah than can enjoy Spring time in Plum village.
    Viviane Brachet from Mexico where the magnolias also bloom

  366. Marie O'Kelly says:

    Welcome home Dear Thay. We look forward to hearing your beautiful voice again. Marie

  367. mary l bates says:

    I wasnot your time to leave this earth.I hope you continued recovery.

  368. Benedetta says:

    (Inspiro e espiro) Inhale and exhale i feel happy and the good news of Thai make me smile, I can feel energy growing, I thank for my tiny mindfulness. Et je recommence.

  369. Zenni says:

    Dearest Thay
    I have learned so much from you. Although I am still living at the same place and with the same people, my thoughts and my feelings are different. For more than 20 years, I used to cry myself to sleep every night. I don’t do that anymore. Because of you, I have arrived. I am home.
    Please, Thay, please breathe in and receive the healing powers of the universe…
    I am breathing with you, with gratitude and healing blessings…
    Thank you to all who have the privilege to help Thay with his recovery to health. Thank you, thank you so much.

  370. Inge Riebe says:

    may his strength and patient endurance be an example to all as his love has always been.

  371. Victor says:

    So happy to hear of your healing and return home!

  372. Dr Nuwan Dissanayaka says:

    Your teachings have been an inspiration. Sending metta from the UK, Nuwan

  373. Welcome home Thay to familiar surroundings, to colleagues and friends and family. May this spring heat and sun bring you renewed strength and healing. With every breath I am with you, cleansing and energizing our bodies as the synapses re-connect and you find new movement and expression. In love, always, Roger thank you Master.

  374. Hanh says:

    Welcome back home, Thay! We are so glad that you are back home. Our hearts are with you, recover soon Thay!

  375. claudine says:

    I feel grateful for you to share this beautiful news.

  376. julian coates says:

    very pleased to hear this excellent news

  377. Tarika Hoffmann says:

    So happy to read the Update about Thay’s recovering and the good news that he is able enjoying the springtime.

  378. Gaye :) says:

    I am so appreciative to those who are dedicating themselves to Thays recovery and are keeping us updated. Breathing for you :)

  379. Eileen Graves says:

    Dearest Thay,
    Sending love and blessings and joy. What happiness that you are able to return to Plum Village.
    With gratitude,

  380. Keith Higgins says:

    As I begin my eighth decade of life, I reflect on the fact that, as a late-life baby, I had no elders in my family. Since I discovered his teachings, I have looked on Thay as a wise, compassionate, and loving uncle. I have learned, and passed on so much from his example, his parables, his love for all things. I cannot say that I walk the path as well, because old negative habit energies are hard to change, but I’m trying, and each day I get a little better. I’m so happy that his recovery is going so well, and even happier to have him back in his adopted home. My uncle, my brother, myself…bless you, and may your message of peace invest us all.

  381. Pru says:

    Heart warming news

  382. andrea says:

    Breathing with Thay.
    Grateful for your devotion to his wellness.
    Grateful for his teachings.
    Thank you for letting us learn with him during this process.

  383. Devi Yuliawati says:

    Thank you for nice song. :)

  384. Sadhana Goulston, Mollymook Dru Yoga, NSW Australia says:

    Wonderful news! so glad Thay is recovering well with tender care in the scent of magnolia blossoms, as we are blessed with his light as it shines around the globe. Love to him in his healing.

  385. Margie Smith says:

    I am so happy to hear of his progress, and learning that he is now back home where he is comfortable. Thank you for taking such good care of such a wonderful inspiring man, whomever you are, Doctors, nurses, aids, and of course the monks, & nuns!

  386. Lembrouk says:

    Merci pour tout le travail que vous faites et les soins prodigués au Maître Thay
    longue vie au grand sage Maître thay
    mes prières vont vers lui et a vous tous

  387. Judith Clifton says:

    You mean so much Thay to so many people throughout the world, may you receive the healing blessings you deserve..
    I wish you peace and contentment back where you belong.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Much love to you precious one. XXXXX

  388. kim dutta says:

    Good news. Long may Thay live happily in recovering his health. Bless his heart. So grateful to him.

    • Heather says:

      such wonderful news!! I think of Thay often & send my best for his full recovery and good spirits. So happy he is home, finally! He has made tremendous progress!! I feel very happy today 😀

  389. Angela Allen says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you for posting updates. How joyful you must all be to have his beautiful light back in your midst.

  390. Christopher LaForge -"Breeze of the Heart" says:

    Thank you so much for the update,… we appreciate hearing of Thay’s progress. Thank you all once more.

  391. Marcus says:

    I’ve been checking for any news on my dear mentor and friend.
    This is a very difficult time for me with much suffering, but both Thay and this (online) sangha have steered me through it. You taught me to let my insight grow and to get stronger every day.

    So even when ill, just drinking a cup of tea, Thay’s compassion and clarity is of as great a use to me. I hear him as clearly as ever. Even though we never met and we’re miles apart. That is why he is one of my best friends.

    Thank you Thay and Plum Village!

    May Thay soon again enjoy his health, strength and wellbeing.

  392. Lee lavelle says:

    I am so glad to hear that Thay is at home now. I wish him so much love and peace and everyone at Plum Village. I met them all here in St Catherine’s on a retreat and it was a blessing and a joy to be part of it. Much love, lee

  393. cathy J says:

    Prayers, as always, have been answered. :)

  394. Continue your healing Thay, with the loving support of your world wide sangha.

  395. Pat Chase says:

    Happy teachers will change the world. Indeed you have, Thay! You are in my thoughts daily.

  396. Thank you for keeping us updated on Thay´s wellbeing! So good to know that he is strong enough to return home and that he is enjoying spring. I am very grateful for Thay´s ongoing inspiration to practise every day and every moment. Every time I do I feel very much connected to Thay and the whole sangha.

  397. louisa says:

    Thich Nhat hahn I’ve always learned from your teachings even if I don’t belong to your community. I continue to pray for you. Please be well.


    Thay quel homme magnifique, une Lumière du monde qui en a tant besoin, j’ai si souvent prié pour lui durant ces derniers mois que ces nouvelles me réjouissent
    quelle joie va l’envahir quand il va arriver dans son village des Pruniers
    je lui envoie mes plus tendres pensées d’amour…..
    Chantal **

  399. louis says:

    Gracias Thay, en este tiempo de su hospitalización cuando he estado pasando por alguna situacion he escuchado su voz aconsejandome. Ya su energia esta en mis celulas y se que que esta conmigo donde quiera que voy. Hoy estoy super contento de que este de regreso con tu comunidad. Que sigas mejorando cada vez más y gracias por tus enseñanzas

  400. Lotus Do says:

    Grateful Loving happy feeling the joy of spring rebirth in and around Thay as the tree bones become green flourishing before blooming in the season of Healing

  401. Carrie Eastman says:

    Blessing & Complete Healing for Our Dearest One

  402. Cecelia Cynthia Bonner says:

    Thay, a graceful and kindred spirit, I thank you for your dedication and relentless love for inspiring others to be mindful and thankful for each awakening moment. Many blessings to you, my Thay.

  403. Pru grand says:

    Wonderful news that thay is going home! Blessings…

  404. Claire says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us updated about Thay’s well being. It is wonderful to know that he is back with the sangha. It also touches my heart to know that he is there enjoying the birdsong and all the wonders that spring brings. Yesterday, I was sitting outside listening to the birds, enjoying the sunshine, and watching the bees and butterflies. I was practicing for Thay.
    You have given me the greatest gifts of my life, dearest Thay. Dear one, I know you are there and I am here for you. Sending all my love, compassion and healing energy to you and to all beings. x

  405. Sharon rose says:

    Delighted that dear Thay is doing well xxxx

  406. Simona De Serdici says:

    May Thay’s health improve from strength to strength. It is so good to know his health has progressed far enough for him to be able to go back to his Hermitage at Plum Village, where he will be surrounded by love from the Sangha and from all the trees and plants and nature. May his health grow each moment stronger and stronger. May he progress to be able to swallow his food and to be able to use his voice even in a simple way. May he be well, happy and at peace in his spiritual home surrounded by love and care. Peace +Metta, Simona

  407. Fred says:

    The news that Thay has returned to his spiritual home, Plum, makes me very happy. I wish him further recovery and I am sure the sound of birds singing, the blossom of the trees and the sound of the bell will help him and heal him. As I sit and breathe mindfully, Thay is always a part of me and I am a part of Thay. Inter-being whereever we are.

  408. Atula Shah says:

    Very happy to know that Thay is back home & that he is recovering & is in good health & spirits. One thing I have learnt from Thay’s illness is that we humans have the power to heal our inner self if we have the will & the faith. With deepest gratitude to all who looked after & cared fro Thay & continue to do so. From Nairobi, Kenya With Metta, atula shah

  409. Patrick Cicognani says:

    Welcome home, Thay! Kihelakayo:”keep going!” in Lakota/Sioux

    in mindfulnees of Spring, best wishes

    Patrick Cicognani

  410. Yozen says:

    Excellent news, Thay is back home..
    We have had him in our daily service since November and will continue to do so.
    Blessings to him, and the team who is looking after him!!
    Yozen and Kakua

  411. Petra says:

    From my heart I send Thay love and health. as well to the Plumvillage community. I am deeply thankful for so many of Thay’s words and books which have been reassuring and soothing for me. Bless. Love.

  412. Joy Birley says:

    Wonderful news. So glat Thay will be able to enjoy each spring day with all nature’s wonders opening.

  413. Tee Zee says:

    I am so glad Thay is doing better. I wish him a speedy recovery and I look forward listening to his live lectures soon. Thay, once you’ve said that “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today,” and today I am practicing it with love and compassion.

  414. Peter Lau says:

    So the body nor the form is neither empty. Only our mental image or the illness is empty.

  415. Lee Mitchell says:

    Many healing blessings for dearest Thay and all those healing from strokes. Breathe in healing, breathe out gratitude.

  416. Rohit says:

    I’m so blessed to have Thay in my life. Thank you dear friend. And so happy to know that you are recovering. Lots of loves and best wishes.

  417. Hillary Wilson says:

    Merci pour en haut les dates sur le Maître Thay. Je suis heureux qu’il progresse. Dites-lui s’il vous plaît accueillent à la maison de moi.

  418. Denise says:

    I am so happy he is able to be home. May the peace of the place help him heal.

  419. Scott says:

    Namaste All-Ji,
    I have been Sitting, Walking daily since reading the news of Thay’s medical condition back in November.
    My heart & face smile deeply with this latest update!!
    -Scott Cutshall

  420. Celia Wildroot says:

    I am so happy to know that this beautiful teacher is doing this well, able to breathe in the beautiful spring air, and hear the birds singing and the sound of the bell.

  421. Jack says:

    My heart is so full at reading this blessed news of this Sacred Master!

  422. mina says:

    MY GOD!!!!!!! So glad of hearing this!!!!! We hope a soon recovery in his home so loved by all Plum Village and By us! THANK YOU NUNS AND MONKS of Plum Village for writing about Thay’s health!

  423. Thay was instrumental in opening my heart to my spiritual path. I was so blessed many years ago to have been able to do a silent meditation walk, have dinner and a lecture in Providence RI, with sister Chang and the many others supporting Thay on this trip. I remember it everyday and send blessings to Thay and the monks and sisters daily since than. Thank you for lovingly taking care of Thay and continuing his mission.

  424. Ron Beasley says:

    This is indeed wonderful news, many of us feel a great sense of relief. All best wishes for a peaceful and happy recovery.

  425. Gabriel Craft says:

    Metta & Blessings to Thay & to the worldwide Sangha from Gabriel Craft (Iwate, Japan)

  426. Karunakshi says:

    We love you Thay,
    Wishing all blessings for
    Steady recovery we need your presence always !


  427. Luz Galvan says:

    Que alegría tan grande, que el gran ser humano que es continúe con nosotros un tiempo más.
    Gracias por compartir tan hermosas noticias y plegarias para su total recuperación.
    Saludos desde Mexico con amor, admiración y devoción.

  428. Christine Beaulac says:

    What wonderful news to hear that you are home again my friend!

    I was just a small town girl, existing in a life so disconnected from the world.
    On April 27, 2013, I had the good fortune of experiencing ‘ TOUCHING PEACE ‘
    Your beauty and loving, soothing speech spoke to me from a clear and honest heart space which entrusted me to become one of your students.

    Merci pour tout tes enseignements, ta paix et ton amour! Prends soins! Je t’aime mon amie!!!

  429. Jody says:

    My heart is singing uncontrollably !!!

  430. Mongolia says:

    God Bless him. Thank you for the report! I smile when I think of Thay…

  431. Thomas Ziegler says:

    So good to hear the good news of your progress . Blessings for your continued progress to a complete recovery . May your spoken teachings , be forth coming in the near future . Love and healing to you Thay!

  432. Marjohn Love says:

    I listen to Thay chanting “The End of Suffering” to Gary Malkin’s evocative music on the CD Namasté and it soothes my soul.

  433. Richard Douglass-Chin says:

    Thay for you I practice smiling and gratitude so I might live up to the name you so wisely gave a cloudy me–
    Happy Sunshine of the Heart

  434. Marjohn Love says:

    Thay has been an inspiration to me since the 1970s. His deep gentle compassion for former U.S. soldiers suffering post traumatic stress astounded me. I am so grateful for his healing and I pray his recovery continues in the safety, security and love of his devotees at Plum Village.

  435. This is joyful news.
    Smiling deeply,

  436. Gerri Gurman says:

    I am so happy that Thay continues to recover. He has brought so much peace to so many and continues to do so as he heals and demonstrates healing to the world. You are love, Thay. Thank you

  437. Valentine says:

    This is wonderful news!! Thank you all for supporting him !!

  438. Janet says:

    So happy to hear this latest up date, thank you. Sending out more loving, healing energy, and stand in awe at what the power of love can do and has done for Thay. Sending you love and light and joy and peace. ~”Darling, we are here for you”~

  439. jeff says:

    Thank you for recovering. This great news! Forever grateful for your wisdom, love, and compassion.

  440. Carol Conner says:

    Precious Thay, Welcome home; Two precious words that mean so much to us your followers. We are but flowers blooming along the shore to support you on your journey. You have continued to teach us through your illness and adjustment period to a new wholeness. Thank you, Precious Teacher.

  441. Carlyn says:

    I am so happy to hear the news of Thay’s recovery process. I pray for continued recovery and his improvement.

  442. Jean McAlister says:

    Sending love and best wishes for your complete recovery xx

  443. Pamela Howard says:

    Healing moves through many chapters and now this new chapter back home at Plum Village will strengthen and bring peace to Thay just as his presence strengthens the community and those everywhere who love him.
    Pam Howard

    • Beloved Thay, thank you so much for offering your teachings, presence, and smile to me. My life has changed so much. I honor G*d with my practice, my Sangha is my true church. I love you with all my heart, and dedicate my life to the practices and insights that you have offered and continue to offer. Love, Elly.

  444. maire says:

    Wonderful wonderful news. This is a happy moment.

  445. Robert Cox says:

    The tea tastes wonderful!
    May we all in deep gratitude enjoy this present moment.

    • Wonderful news

      Sending Thay much Love and deepest gratitude

      So glad to read he’s now home

      My Tea is tasting ever more wonderful this morning.

      From Mangalo

  446. jacqueline dubois says:

    God bless him………!

  447. Ronna says:

    So grateful that Thay is at home and improving steadily with the love and support of all.
    I have just read a book by Norman Doidge called “The Brain’s Way of Healing” that has many different non-invasive healing practices (many based on eastern medicine philosophy) that use different forms of energy to change/stimulate the brain to heal itself and physical manifestations….based on neuroplasticity and the mind (body) connection. There may be a therapy or therapies that would benefit Thay or others.

  448. Michael Detweiler says:

    Blessings to Thay! Sending him lots of Love from Northern Pennsylvania.
    Compassion is widening throughout the world.
    Wide grins to you all!
    Keep your keen humor, my Friend!

    Mike Detweiler

  449. Françoise says:

    Merci pour ces belles nouvelles !!

  450. I’m so grateful that Thay is covering so well. These updates lift my heart! Thank you. I will remember to smile at the cloud in my tea.
    Peace be with all who suffer.
    Namaste and love!

  451. We love Thay and would like to continue to hear about his health and the progress he is making. Thanks. John.

  452. Asha says:

    How is Thay now? Warm wishes

  453. Bradley Floyd says:

    Each and every day I pray for Thich Nhat Hanh; that he may reach his destiny for all of us, and I’m thinking and sending good thoughts that he will be with us in health, once again, but, happy he is with us still as we are with him, in spirit and mind!

    With love and appreciation,

    Retired, Burlingame Ca, Police Commander, Brad Floyd

  454. Sita says:

    Blessings upon blessings to dear Thay… When I breath I feel him breathing too So much love and healing to you

  455. I have been very deeply touched by Thay’s wisdom, gentleness and messages of love, compassion and understanding. Such an immense and beloved being. I am praying for Thay’s health and wellbeing.

  456. vivi bowden says:

    A dear healer you have been to me for many decades. I am now 11 years post major paralyzing stroke and surprised & grateful for each new day as I still improve. Please keep on keeping on, dear Thay. I learned to sing again, walk again, read & write again. So much help, even tho’ my husband of 40 years filed for divorce, doubting I would recover.

  457. Emma Hannan says:

    Kayla clearly practiced compassion in action and was very brave putting those enduring terrible suffering concerns for her own wellbeing. Have a joyous rebirth.

  458. Veronica Anne deMarie says:

    Namaste Dear teacher. Your current journey is a teaching example of wonder, joy and patience. You continue to lead by example. With Love Honor and respect. Thankfully, Veronica

  459. art says:

    Let your light be ever brighter for many years to come.

  460. Ann says:

    Reading Your last update About Thay drinking his first cup of tea, and watching the moon rise, I felt connected and Present in the room with him and his beloved attendants. I just finished reading his joUrnal from 1962-1966 “Fragrant Palm Leaves “. I understand more deeply now what made him who he is. I understand more deeply what it means to be a mother, and what Buddhism and compassion mean. What a gift Thay Is to humanity. Thank you so for the updateS. Any news to share ?

  461. kay Maughan says:

    When I awake Every Day I Pray For Thays recovery,He has given so much love to the world and taught us so much.Love and Many Blessings kay

  462. Tam Dat says:

    Dear Thay, Con cau mong Phat Bao Gia ho cho suc khoe cua Thay som binh phuc de tiep tuc giao hoa do chung. God Bless You My Dear Master. Tam Dat.

  463. AmyCloud Chambers says:

    We are all grateful for Thay’s continued healing. He has taught us so much about love, and it is a joy to pray for his recovery.

  464. Shantum says:

    Thank you Kayla,
    Your light continues to shine in the midst of darkness. It is an impo thread of our sangha.
    You live in our hearts and our aspirations for a peaceful and just world.

  465. Valentine says:

    I wish a soon recovery keep us updated please! he is a wonderful teacher and human being :) I will come to visit soon the Plum village in France I’m so interested in the monastic life

  466. louisehawes says:

    I keep Thay’s comments on the heart sutra with me always. I am so deeply happy that he is still with us, in body. His joy has always been an inspiration. It still is. Sending love and gratitude for each minute he shares, and for your updates.

  467. Louise Hawes says:

    I keep Thay’s comments on the heart sutra with me always. I am so deeply happy that he is still with us, in body. His joy has always been an inspiration. It still is. Sending love and gratitude for each minute he shares.

  468. Shirley says:

    Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Peace is Every Breath” is my constant companion. I’ve read it numerous times and each time I am touched anew and learn something that I missed previously. His teachings have changed my life and helped me find peace and joy. I wish him much love and a speedy recovery.

  469. Leandro Mottin says:

    Dear Universe

    I am breathing in to Thank you very much for the 100% health recovery of the Lord Thay!

    We are one heartbeat , we are one smile, we are One for you, Thay!


  470. Jerry-yah'kov says:

    My sincerest wishes for a continued recovery and increased strength and wellness, dear teacher.

  471. jae anh says:

    My great teacher, My dear thay!

    Thank you so much! thank you very much!

    I want to meet you! I want to visit in the plum village.

    Your’s student send my mind to my dear thay in Seoul, Korea

  472. Bart Berlin says:

    I have been reciting poems from Thay’s collection, Please Call Me By Real Name, at coffee shops in order to express my thanks for the solace I have received from his poetry. My time in Vietnam and in the US during the 60s has always weighed heavily on me. May we all continue to know comfort and joy even in our watchfulness.

  473. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    How about Thay’s health now,March 11,2015 ? Thank you so much.

    • sally says:

      Namaste! I wanted to send my heart felt love to ‘Thay’ my prayers and love for this Beautiful soul….merely allows for immense humility and a Wonderous Connection of stillness where the very idea of any comlaints about anything atal….Is none existant! I love you ‘Thay’ and I love myself in a manner I have seeked for years! Thank You! I stand as a Testiment for all your Teachings! May, Peace Be with You and all who are by your side and all others who continue to support your life’s work…If, i am a quarter of who you are….I will be Happy..Though, naturally, I aspire more from myself..whilst loving being Nothing! Namaste and My Love Sallyxxx

  474. anna says:

    The last news was so positive, thank you for such a wonderful insight into how Thay is progressing. I continue to wish him wellness and strength in every breath and love in every moment ♥

  475. Jean Starns says:

    I have benefitted greatly from reading Thich Naht Hanh’s books for several years now as a part of my Buddhist studies. His wisdom and gentleness have made such a huge impression on me. I just learned today of his stroke. He is always in my daily prayers and my prayers now will be stronger for his recovery. He is an international treasure.

    Thank you for the updates on his recovery.

  476. Anna says:

    Thank you, thank you, to the friends of Plum Village for keeping us updated on Thay’s recovery. So often the thought of him gives great light to my day and I hope all of our thoughts also bring him great light. This is truly wonderful news~

  477. Muhammad says:

    Kayla, you are a beautiful soul. Your eyes and smile says it all: you are a peaceful, compassionate and a wonderful human being. Sad to see you depart so young. Your compassion and giving will inspire many of us to do even more good in this bitter and violent world. May you rest in peace and may your family cherish your memories and find peace and strength in their lives.

  478. Ben-Zion Weiss says:

    This is most heart warming news!

  479. Lin Rongxiang says:

    May one and all be well, happy, safe and peaceful


  480. Gisli says:

    Thank you

  481. charles says:

    I have been a great admirer of Thay since I first began practing Buddhism. I was saddened to hear of his illness but his recovery and knowing he is doing better brings me joy and happiness. I draw strength every day from his words and teachings I love U Thay!!!

  482. Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing Karen. I suffer from physical and mental health issues as well, and Thay’s books, words and guidance have been a tremendous amount of support over many years. For that, I am deeply grateful. I hope to join the community in France for retreat during the month of June.

  483. Shayna Morse says:

    Thank you!

  484. Angelika says:

    Thay is with us as we are with him.
    Peace, joy and happiness.

  485. Hanh says:

    a beautiful flower and many other flowers have been stepped on and withered by bitterness and violence. Such a big pity for human in the 21st century!

  486. Bill Smith says:

    Thay is such an inspiration to me. I am so happy that he is making a nice recovery

  487. Kayoko says:

    Listening to Thay’s teachings everyday, his presence is vivid and vibrant in my heart but even then, I am caught in worries for his health. I hope the absence of updates only mirrors the fact that he is doing well. I owe many many thank you’s to dear Thay and his wise guidance. Sending loving thoughts everyday.

  488. Hanh says:

    Wow, our hearts are full of joys to know that Thay is making good progress and is able to drink tea after a long time and serious illness!We have been checking plump village website almost everyday for news on Thay’s condition, the last news was already in 3rd January.

    Thank you so much for all of the loves and supports of everyone out there and everywhere have given to Thay.

  489. Shelley Ervin says:

    I am so grateful to hear of Thay’s progress. What an inspiration he is to all of us who have benefited from his teachings, and learn by his example. I hope to visit Plum Village someday, and to meet him so I can tell him what he has done for me by being on this earth. I am chronically ill and suffer daily, but in reading his wise words today, my pain begins to lift and I am filled with joy to be here in this moment. With him. With all of you.

    Love and blessings to Thay and all,

    Shelley Ervin

  490. Caitlyn Mayfair says:

    I am new to mindfulness. I so enjoy the peace and calm I receive when opening myself to the spiritual. I so feel God when reading about the Master

  491. ´Katharina says:

    I am grateful for her compassionate and courageous life and thoughts. At the end of the following homepage, she beautifully explains TNHs influence on her dealing with despair: .


    More on her thoughts: forkayla.org

  492. Katharina says:

    I am grateful for her life and thoughts. At the end of the following homepage, she beautifully explains TNHs influence on her dealing with despair: .


    more on her thoughts: forkayla.org

  493. Jim Farwell says:


  494. Clara Villanueva says:

    Our dear Thay,
    Thank you for your teachings, and thank you to all those who help spread mindfulness across the universe. It was five years ago that I discovered your loving teachings by reading one your books, and have since read several more. Your gentle patient heart spills out with each word. The wisdom you so generously share, enriches our lives. Thank you for guiding us toward mindfulness, and an increased understanding of being present in the moment. I am confident that each of us, practicing mindful lives, will help this universe become a better place, one moment at a time.

    I send you my love, profound gratitude, and healing thoughts.

  495. Karen_Kaeli_McCarthy says:

    I feel such love and gratitude in reading your detailed and positive update. I am grateful for Thay’s life, for his continuation body at Plum Village and for the love and connectedness I feel between all of us. Love and compassion and healing, Kaeli

  496. Helga Ruschka says:

    Thank You Dear Thay, with Respect and deep Love,
    Helga Ruschka from Graz, Austria

  497. Linda Spence says:

    Very sad as she was there for the right reasons and not for just a money making/seeking fame reason.

  498. Kath says:

    I’m curious why the recognition of one of Kayla’s peaceful & loving Journies was referred to as Palestine then recounted she was in Tel Aviv which is in Israel. Thank you Kayla for your brave actions in the world.
    In loving truth.

  499. Sue Shapiro says:

    Thay teaches us with the cup of his favorite tea.

    Thay is always teaching us.

    Our love surrounds him.

    Our devotion to him never fades.

  500. Friends may be interested in reading this article: http://thefederalist.com/2015/02/25/kayla-mueller-is-not-our-helen-of-troy/, which says of Kayla: “Mueller was not a woman who inspired wars. She inspired peace.”

  501. alexia says:

    Many blessings on a graceful and speedy recovery, thank you for Being you, an inspiration and gift.

  502. Claudia says:

    Dear friends,
    I can only guess the tremendous amount of courage, strength,
    Commitment and surrender of Thay and all of you who help him to recover
    in tiny little steps. It made me very happy to read he could have a cup
    of the again. Thank you so much for sharing! In my thoughts and prayers I am with him and with you. With love, gratitude and deep respect,

  503. Steve White says:

    this is wonderful news to hear. Mindfully hoping the progress continues!

  504. Peace to you Thay. In this moment Peace to you.

  505. Kledja says:

    It’s a lovely song, and a sweet lullaby to sing to a sleeping baby/child. I would also like to have the lyrics, so since I don’t see them here, I thought I’d give them a try in english and french. Please make any corrections if you see fit, as sometimes it’s hard to decipher the right word from the song.

    The red sun going down
    At the dark onlook
    A little star is twinkling
    Is the gate of the Heaven
    If we trust what one said
    This wonderful kingdom
    Is just risen for the very little one
    The red sun going down
    At the dark onlook
    A little star is twinkling
    Is the gate of the Heaven
    If we trust what one said
    This wonderful kingdom
    Is just risen for the very little one

    Le soilel c’est enfuit
    Mais dans l’hombre regarde
    Chaque etoile de la nuit
    Est un coin du paradis
    Si l’on croit ce qu’on dit
    Ce royaume enchante
    Le peut etre habite
    Que par les tout petits
    Bonne nuit mon amour
    Que les anges te gardent
    Et t’emportent juste au bout
    Du pays de reves et de fleurs
    Et demain si tu veux
    En ouvrant tes rideaux
    Ta maman de nouveau
    Surira dans tes yeux

    Go to sleep little darling
    May the angles behold you
    And carry you to the land
    Of peace, of love and joy
    Tomorrow, your mother
    Will smile sweetly to you
    And will ask
    ‘Little darling, do you know I love you?’

  506. Cindy Thomas says:

    Dear Thay, I wish you continued bodily strength, and a ocean of love daily.
    May my heart stretch to epic proportions to truly love as you do.

  507. Daniela says:

    Che gioia! Il tuo insegnamento continua anche nella malattia, oltre la malattia. Un abbraccio!

  508. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    Deep thanks to Buddha for Thay’s recovery.I wish Thay would fully recover soon to continue his unreplacable teaching of Buddha’s Way of True Wisdom and Liberation.Teacher like him is very rare now and on.

  509. Minh says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Thầy in wishing him a speedy recovery. Thanks for posting the update.

  510. Thanks for the update! And thank you, Thay, for give us lessons still at this very important moment.

  511. Howard says:

    I’m filled with joy from this news.

    From my (re)discovery of Mindfulness and Thay since 2015, I felt great personal support from him and everyone at Plum Village, during heavy suffering. Even though we have never met, I know I’m not imagining that and I’m touched. So both Thay’s and everyone else’s warmth and compassion span continents: it has reached me!

    So a warm greeting back: may Thay and everyone both close and far from him be healthy, contented, happy and well. I hope I may join you at Plum Village one day. I’ll make sure to tell you this in person!

  512. Sandy says:

    I spent the day in Plum Village on 8th Feb. It was such a privalege to be with such beautiful people. Thay’s presence is everywhere. May he continue to recover and feel the collective love and energy from all around the world. His presence and teachings are everlasting

  513. m_carrieann says:


    So sorry to hear of Thay’s stroke. Thinking of you now, and all of your family/friend/colleague
    Wishing you much healing and including you in prayer. It seems you are making amazing progress, I hope this continues to the best health now. You are such a kind and gentle, wonderful person. I can not even imagine how many people’s lives and situation you have changed. I have only looked on a small number of articles and it has already help refresh me such a positive and straight forward help you offer, I really do respect your effort to spread such a peaceful beautiful message and theory to life. I wish everybody could take the time to read up on your teaching’s in this entire Universe because sometimes it might just take someone like in my own case, to stumble upon your name and life work, in just a few days I feel much better about myself when I felt quite upset a week ago. It helped me re-connect with my conscious.
    Really hoping for your full recovery, wishing you every single happiness and health. Best wishes, Aoife Kelly – London

  514. Sandy says:

    I spent the day in Plum Village on 8th Feb. Such a privelege to spend time with such beautiful people. Thay’s presence is everywhere. He has transformed mine and so many other’s lives. May his recovery continue and may he feel the collective love and energy created all around the world for him. His presence and teachings are everlasting.

  515. Carol says:

    dear Thay,

    I’m a very new in mindfulness learning…by your teaching…..I’m so Greatful I found your you tube, “refreshing your heart” and from the moment I watch it….I keep watching and listening …and I found a new light on my path…after my challenging of life almost knock me down…now it’s a time to go home…my mind, myself, my body…To get joy in the heart…and compassion….

    Get well soon..see you in my prayer…

  516. Valerie_Dorsky says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for your so very many gifts of insight, mercy, patience and Great Love. We have never met face to face in this lifetime but you are with me every day nonetheless. Thank you one more time — and another and another. . .

  517. don aubrey says:

    Please keep me posted on all future events…
    In the NOW & future moments of the moment & another NOW

  518. Aoife Kelly says:

    Wishing Thay well in his health for the new year. What an amazing person. I will say a special prayer now. And I will smile, hoping he can see it here in England for him.
    Very best wishes to you all. Blessings. Love & Light

  519. claire barton says:

    Thank you for offering this email service to learn more about Thay’s recovery and to participate in distance meditations.
    I was so blessed to hear Thay speak in Trafalgar Square, London. He talked about each of us being our Mother; it deeply resonated within me.
    With Metta

  520. Connie Mansueto says:

    I felt truly moved to read of Thay’s continuing peace and happiness in the midst of his severe stroke. Thank you Thay for the learning, peace and inspriration you have brought into my life.

  521. Cheryl says:

    Dear Thay,
    I was introduced to you some 24 years ago from an audio tape which a dear friend gave to me from one of your talks. I immediately became aware of your capacity for peace and understanding not just through your spoken words, but also through your the gentle-strength that resonated through your voice. In those moments of listening to you I felt my heart and mind were being watered and this feeling inspired me to bring this feeling into my life through further practise. Your spoken and written words have been a blessing, helping me move through life with openness and awareness ; I thank-you deeply for this.You have taught me so much. I am so glad to hear that you are supported by love and kindness as you now move through this healing process. Please know that my heart stands with yours as you heal and always.

  522. Luigi says:

    I’m so happy to hear Thai’s conditions are improving!

  523. julian says:

    Dear Thay, very glad to hear you are enjoying tea again.

  524. Ana Paty says:

    The Love that wells from the depths of my heart joins our beloved Thay and embraces him. I Am with You, beloved Thay, Always.

  525. Julie says:

    Thank you :-)

  526. Rani says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Thay

    Thank you for showing us what courage, grace, and love as a practice looks like. May we all aspire to do the same in our daily lives.

  527. michelle elliot/ Great Listening of the Heart says:

    hearing this news, I smile. Breathing in, Thay teaches me about my body, breathing out I know a great listening of the heart
    Thank you dear Thay in health and in illness

  528. Joey says:

    I have arrived! I am home!

  529. kam po Sy says:

    Dear Teacher,
    I hope you will recover and get well soon. You help me out of the difficulties for many times in my life, i believed and know that a lot of people are waiting for your guidances and help, recover soon. Nowadays, I feel lost as the society, community and even the world are getting worst and ugly, people have a lot of angers, me too sometimes, luckily I got your teaching from my heart, i can calm sometimes, still feel a lot of people are suffering under poverty, unfairness, they are not living, they are suffering, when i am looking at those pain, i feel frustrated, feeling human beings are so little, fortunately, life is still amazing and precious I know :)

  530. Faye Harasack says:

    Dear Thay, dear sangha, I too am so grateful for all Thay is teaching us as he shows us the way through these experiences. And I’m so thankful to all who have been sharing these days and months with him and who then transmit to us what they see and learn. It was so moving to read about Thay’s enjoying the full moon earlier this month. When I saw that moon at my home in Alaska, I thought of him and wondered if he would someday be in a place and a condition to enjoy it again. Often when I see the moon I remember hearing him say that the mantra ”Darling, I know you are here and I am so happy!” isn’t just something we can say to other humans – we can use it to greet the moon, or a flower, or any other “thing” that we recognize and relate to. It makes me so happy to hear that he can again greet the moon as a friend! Thank you again to Thay and to all for living life so beautifully and showing us how to appreciate every moment!

  531. Paul Mitchell says:

    I check everyday to see how Thay is doing. Thank you, my family can always count on you for inspiration and compassion, even at this challenging time you continue to work magic. WOW!

  532. Jason Gerhardt says:

    Thay continues to live by example that every day is precious and to be cherished! Bowing humbly.

    I’d love to have the new years gatha in a larger format to print if possible, such as just two diamonds per page, or even one.

    In gratitude,

  533. Samatva says:

    May all who are caring for Thầy be happy, be free from ill-being, and be bleesed by the work you do.

  534. Susan Hopkinson says:

    Thank you for being a continuing source of inspiration and love. I’m so grateful to have learned from you. Namovalokiteshvaraya!

  535. Franziska says:

    I am praying daily for Thay. I am so happy that I was allowed to know his books, and I do my best to applicate what I read. I am going on praying for his healt.

  536. wonderful news… was honoured to meet him a few years ago and he is an incredible example of peace.

  537. Alan Gornik says:

    Wonderful to hear such good news!

  538. Lynn says:

    I am so happy to read this wonderful news. Thay is strong in spirit and love. Peace to all.

  539. Polly says:

    Daily we hold Thay in our hearts and prayers. He is living what we all seek to obtain, and in his immediate suffering continues to show us how to live with compassion. Much love and healing, The Foxx Family

  540. Robert says:

    My best wishes for further recovery to Thay. I have been to Plum Village in 2007 and will never forget this deep and beautiful experience. It was just today that I read about Thay’s health issues and slow recovery. Get well soon!

  541. Ingrid Walbrach- Fickler says:

    Dear Friends,
    Our Sangha in
    Karlsruhe/Ger sits for Thays recovery breathes mindfully and sends positive Energy for Thich Nhat Hanh.
    We are thankful to have net hin in the retreats, to hear the dharma lectures ans Tod have the Meditation with him.
    Please can You send us the Dates of the Bank to make a donation forThays recovery?
    Best wishes
    A Lotus

  542. Sue says:

    It is fantastic that Thay is gaining strength day by day. Thank you for keeping us informed of his remarkable progress and for reminding us to take every moment and use it with joy and the preciousness it deserves. Sending love and prayers to the most special man.

  543. Carol Conner says:

    Dear Thay, Even in your darkest hours, you were and are continuing to ‘teach those of us who are watching and listening'; And, I am one of those. If such a stroke would attempt to destroy my body, by your model, I now know how to deal in peaceful thanksgiving with illness. I am so thankful to gain this powerful wisdom. I humbly bow to You, Thay. May you feel, this day, the power of ‘love’ and ‘support’ I am sending to you.

  544. Romina Lourdes says:

    WHAT A WONDERFUL NEW!!!!! We are very happy in hearing it! We love Thay and our prayers are always with him!!! Best wishes

  545. jane says:

    Blessing to a wonderful soul..

  546. Priscilla Selden says:

    Blessings upon dear Thay, and prayers for continued healing.

  547. Fabián Maison says:

    My wishes of a soon recovery for Thay. I admire his strength and capacity to enjoy life. Dear friends, take good care of him.

  548. john costas says:

    I ma so glad to hear of Thay’s progress. He has been in my heart and prayers everyday. His teachings have been such an encouragement to me! may he continue to gain strength and may is spirit be strong.

  549. Dorothy Darrow says:

    It brings me great joy to know that Thay’s condition continues to improve. The sun shines a little brighter each day that he continues to be with us here on earth.

  550. Rose Gordon says:

    Fabulous news and very inspiring. Another set of great teachings by Thay, without him saying a word. And thanks so much for sharing the printable “Look deeply to understand clearly and Listen deeply to truly love.” I appreciate the generous sharing and will make good use of it.

  551. Jim says:

    My first encounter with this wonderful and wise soul was through the website “Beliefnet.com” in “The Great Bell Chant”. The first time I listened to it I was brought to tears from the cleansing I experienced. From that moment I have striven to learn as much from this Master of peace as I could. He is truly a Mentor for me and I am forever grateful for his presence, if only through my computer contact.

  552. katherine says:

    I am so happy to hear you are still with us. I send my love.

  553. Luigi says:

    I say a big thank to Thai for its valuable lessons! I hope he can recover fully, the world needs his wisdom and compassions.
    Inhaling I smile to Thai exhaling I say thank you!

  554. Rimaj says:

    Thank you Thay for your indispensable teachings. This world is a better place because of your kindness and deep wisdom. Get well soon.

  555. Brigid Ruth Brine says:

    My darling fellow Buddhists and lovers of peace.

    It is Valentine’s Night in New York City a place that is sometimes associated
    with violence.

    But, in the hearts of many New Yorkers, like me, there is a feeling of serenity and peace.

    We send our deepest love and metta to all of you, as well as Thay.

    Your love is strong and is felt around the world.

    With deepest gratitude, Brigid

  556. Leon Bryant says:

    Greetings from San Antonio, Texas.

    I see in another post that there is a Dharma Center in San Diego. Are ther other US locations that I could visit? Of course, I hope to eventually make my way to Plum Village as well.



  557. priya nirit chen (nur) says:

    Can you kindly update on Thay’s health progress.
    Sending him life, light, love and looking forward seeing him upon his recovery.

    Looking forward hearing from you,

  558. maytruth says:

    How are you, our teacher? Are you feeling better? You’re helping me so much right now in this moment. My heart is being healed because of your wise teaching. My prayers go out to you. Please get well soon and show us your beautiful smile again, forever. Thank you, Thay.

  559. Ada Javellana Loredo says:

    good day! i wish to know the state of health of dear Thay. I have not seen any update after January 3. Thank you.

  560. Linda Spence says:

    Sending beautiful and loving thoughts from Australia.

  561. Valerie says:

    Thank you for posting this, it was wonderful. Sending Prayers and thoughts of wellness and continued healing for Thich Naht Hanh.
    Love and light,

  562. Carla says:

    Sending loving energy to all of you in this time of healing and recovery.

  563. marie dochnahl says:

    My great loving teacher,

    Wishing you healing wishes and thoughts of peace. I do so hope you heal from your present medical situation. But if it is your time to leave this world, leave in peace. I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful caring message. I know I am a better person for meeting you, my first Buddist teacher, through your books. In love and peace. Marie Dochnahl

  564. Charles Day says:

    I have love, compassion, and gratitude for Thay. He is the perfect manifestation of Buddha’s teachings.

  565. vasantha says:


    you have shown me the way to transformation . I pray for your good health. the world needs you. I am sure you will be back soon

  566. Suwanrang Dansawan says:

    We would like to hear more about Thay’s health after 3rd january2015,please.

  567. Fasweh says:

    It has been a month since your last update. Please update us about the status of our beloved teacher Thay…Thank You!

  568. Kate Harper says:

    Please give us an update on Thay’s health.

  569. Don Baer says:

    Dear Thay

    As a novice, I send you my love, and pray that you will recover soon.

    With deepest respect,

    Don Baer

  570. Chasy says:

    When I meet a pretty flower walking in the forest, I greet Thay with joining my palms.
    Today in Korea I read the New about Thay’s Health.
    Starting 108 bows for Thay’s quite well again and Thay’s teachings.

  571. Chasy says:

    When I meet a pretty flower walking in the forest, I greet Thay with joining my palms.
    Today in Korea, I’ve read the News about Thay’s health.
    Starting every day 108 bows for Thay’s quite well again and Thay’s teaching.

  572. Cloud says:

    This is a precious moment

  573. patricia klein says:

    I breath in for Thay’s health and my out breath for his full recovery. He is in my meditation at all times. Metta.

  574. Karen E. Stone says:

    One mind, one heart….may love and blessings surround you Thay.

  575. Marcela Lozano says:

    All out love and gratitude for Thay, hope to have an update of his health soon

  576. Andreas says:

    The very best wishes for the recovery of Thay! The world has a lot to thank him, we all have that. May he be back soon be healthy and able to enjoy walking and breathing!

  577. Vivek says:

    Thay is a living Buddha.Thay’s books and his peacefull aura tell us about Shakyamuni’s teaching in a pure and clear way.Thay will definitely recover.

  578. Vivek says:

    Thay is a living Buddha.Thay’s books and his peacefull aura tells us about Shakyamuni’s teaching in a pure and clear way.Thay will definitely recover.

  579. Jan Vermeiden says:

    would you please mail me the postal address of the Lower Hamlet. My daughter Floortje is staying there and I would like to write her a letter.

    thanks a lot,

    Jan Vermeiden

  580. Thay,
    In the midst of a blizzard here the falling snow reminds me to be still. I am so glad to hear you are able to smile again. Your gentle smile and words have been an example for me many times. Peace to you during your recovery.
    -olivia from NY

  581. Mike says:

    Dear Thay, you gave me so much, maybe even saved my life. Now I hope that people like me can return the energy you shared with us with good profit to you.

    All the best dear Friend.

  582. George & Ha Eaglin says:

    We have enjoyed your teachings and have gained much benefit. Prayers for your rapid recovery.

  583. Pat Maslowski says:

    Dear Thay, You are in our hearts. We are happy you are recovering. Namaste

  584. peterv says:

    Thank you.
    Listening to your song made me calm and happy and peaceful.

  585. Steve Ak says:

    Thay s message and work may still speak through us. We are his voice.

  586. Ana says:

    Hi Teacher!
    I am so glad to hear you are recovering!
    Even in this difficult time in your personal life, you are an example of patience and acceptance. For me the smiling is a sign!
    Thank you for being you, and for sharing your wisdom with us, in your books and through positive messages.
    Much Peace and Love!

  587. Victoria Schafer says:

    Sending all the love I can muster along with much tonglen practice. It is not an exaggeration to say Thich Nhat Hanh’s writings saved my life and continue to beautify it.

  588. Nathalie Anquetil says:

    I don’t think you need to change anything apart from when you do working meditation outside. You clothes may be inconvenient even a hazards for that. In other traditions i.e benedictine or soto zen for example, I have seen the monastics changing into plain clothes for outdoor work but you can keep the color brown if needed, but that’s common sense really to be practical when working. Some gets scared about a ‘westernization’ being too attached to exotism which is common in Western buddhism is also to bear in mind. At the end of the day, is it about being attached to appearance or is it about practicality?

  589. peter says:

    hallo teacher
    i am happy to read that you can smile
    that is a good sign, a good sign from above
    i hope you get to your legs slowly but certainly but certainly slow… thx for helping me with your books to save my divorce, thich
    love you peter from belgium

  590. Libni and Gerald says:

    We are sharing the snow falling, softly, so peacefully, with you, dear Thay.

  591. daniel robertson says:

    I have learned a great deal of knowledge about how to practice through Thay.
    I am blessed to find out about him and try to spread his basic teachings to whomever is ready for holistic health and fitness.

  592. Alissa says:

    That has been ill is a reminder for impermanence. Thay still alive or passes away is not important,o show our love and respect to That,keep practicing what That has taught us. Let the law of nature does its course, accept that That will be gone one day. The Buddha taught us not to attach to emotion no matter who with.

  593. Paul Cook says:

    Sorry to hear of the teachers stroke he had a good heart and I was blessed to meet him:) om a hum, om bekenze bekenze bekenze maha bekenze bekenze ranza samungati soha om mani pema hum.

  594. Alissa Le says:

    The most importance is keep practising . No matter what happen. Thay has been ill is a real lesson about impermanent. Thay still alive or passes away is not important, importance is practising what Thay has taught us.
    We need to understand that sooner or later Thay will be gone ( and we will too).
    Showing our love and respect Thay by practising.
    The Buddha teaches us NOT to attach to feeling, remember that.

  595. Rose says:

    Thay, I’m praying for you. Sending love and light towards you. Here’s for a speedy recovery!! ❤️❤️❤️

  596. lorraine says:

    Dear Thay I’m wishing you a speedy recovery back to full health & peace again . Sending unlimited love to you always <3 _()_

  597. Eduardo says:

    Dear. We all are energy. Simple and powerful energy. I desire health for all. Peace and Love.

  598. Paula says:

    I am so happy to hear Thay is doing better. I am so grateful for his writing and all he has taught. May he continue to recover and bring peace and happiness to many people.

  599. Donna Martin says:

    Dearest Thay,
    I am so sorry to hear of the suffering you have been enduring. I wish I had known earlier so I could have prayed more for you but please, know that you are now in my prayers and will be always. You have been my mentor and teacher for many years. Meeting you and walking with you and your monks at the retreat held at Ascutney Mt. in Vermont years ago was a life-changing experience for me! I pray for your full recovery and that many more years of teaching are ahead for you. The world so needs the loving kindness,compassion and true understanding that you manifest!Thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking awhile along my path with me.
    Love and Peace!
    Donna Martin, Chittenden, VT

  600. mina says:

    How he continues? Is he better? Greetings from argntine

  601. Ian. Palmer (Nanshin) says:

    To the Sangha all around the world. May we all continue to walk together with Thay. May we all breathe in mindfulness with him and to cultivate love and compassion with every step we take in our daily lives. Love, peace and joy to you all…Namaste!

  602. Jaana Marin says:

    I am sending love and best wishes for Thay´s recovery.
    Jaana Marin

  603. Melanie Vesser says:

    Dear Thay and loving Sanga. Nowhere on earth have I experienced the kindness of Plum Village. I learned support for taking good care of myself. I have taken my students on walking meditations that I learned at Plum Village.

    When I read that Thay smiled and chuckled, I will redouble my Metta Meditation. There is nothing as sweet as the thought of Thay chuckling. May you all be well May you all be happy. May you all live in peace with ease of heart. May you be free from suffering.

  604. Rosa kawahira says:

    Dear Thay, I am very happy to know that you are smiling. You have taught me how to find the joy of life in the present moment, this wonderful moment. The complexities of life, all melt and disappear magically when I live in mindfulness. Thank you my wonderful teacher. May you find peace, renewal and joy with each breath. Sending you loving kindness, healing chi and peace.

  605. swapna says:

    Beloved Thay,
    You have been a guiding light and inspiration for so many!!
    Cannot repay all your kindness except by putting all your words into practice…everything you tirelessly taught!!!!wishing you a speedy recovery.. _/\_

  606. Liat Shovl (Pele) says:

    Dear friend.
    I had just sent a request for your village. To arrive. For a retreat. And so to also meet Thay in this life time. I was very sorry to hear. He went under health difficulties. I hope by March he is allright. I send him Much Love and healing blessings.
    For his highest atmost best.

    Much Love. Peace. And Health.

  607. Patricia L. Williams says:

    I was so relieved to hear Thich Nhat Hanh is out of a coma. When I read that he smiled, I cried happy tears. May he make good progress while in rehabilitation. Thank you!

  608. goinghome says:

    News of relief and joy. May Thay stay with us for as long as possible, all of us together peaceful, happy and light in body and mind.

  609. Ronald Seim says:

    Thank you Thich Nhat Hanh ! You have been a beacon and guiding light.

  610. maddy says:

    This beautiful man lights up the world with his smile, he has taught me so much. Sending love and best wishes for his recovery.

  611. Koo Moon says:

    I am a practioner, looking and listening video tapes of Thay.
    Thanks to the teaching of Thay,I was able to see the shadow of Buddhism, after more than 50years of studies by Buddhist scriptures.

    I think Thay is staying with us forever.

  612. silvia says:

    Che le mie preghiere e mantra possano attraversare il tuo cuore, come i tuoi discorsi hanno fatto in me!!! Grazie maestro

  613. priya nirit chen (nur) says:

    Very very happy to hear the good news.

    He will speak too:
    You please advise when I can visit him.

    Q. Nur

  614. Rebecca says:

    15 of us formed part of the larger Fall Retreat group at Deer Park Monastery beginning November 7. Since then we’ve maintained some communication through emails as we watch for a sangha to join, as advised. Part of our email group practice was to hold 3 days of meditation on January 3, 4, and 5 focusing our attention on the energy field around Thich Naht Hanh. Thank you for the wonderful news of recovery and awakening.

    “Present moment, wonderful moment”
    Coyote Sangha Email Group

  615. Chris cashiola says:

    My best wishes go out to one of the greatest teachers among us. Interbeing, mindfulness, and impermanence. Be well Thay.

  616. Abdullah Muhammad says:

    Thank you for your updates and please keep the good news. I pray to God that our beloved teacher Thay completely heals and someday he will be able to read the wonderful comments people are leaving for him. It is amazing to see someone like Thay loved by millions who brings joy to us when he is healthy and also when he is healing. Dear Thay, I have nothing but love, appreciation and gratitude toward you; you are an amazing person. May you heal soon.

  617. Suzanne says:

    PLEASE read and be advised by Diane Ackerman’s non-fiction memoir, One Hundred Names for Love. Several years ago, her husband suffered a stroke, and was subsequently aphasic. In her book Ackerman describes the methods she employed above and beyond those administered by her husband’s caretakers that lead him back recovery. I cannot recommend this book enough as a resource where you might find potential remedies for Thay’s aphasia. I am praying for Thay and for his caretakers. –Sincerely, Suzanne

  618. Nguyen Chanh Niem says:

    The teachings clouds will penetrate deeply in the Cosmo and transform into the watering seeds. One compassionated drop re-awakens the mountains and rivers to nourish the healing blossomed refreshing Spring Lotus from non-lotus elements in Thay’s beautiful garden of heart. The mindfulness chanting bell rings each breath with the heart of Tu Niem Xu that Thay paved in the safe island of mindfulness, the heart of Vo Nga, and will shine through the sufferings from the sorrows by contemplating of impermanence of the eyes and ears to generate the Dharma smiles of reality with liberation.

  619. claudine says:

    Thank you Karen.

  620. William Hartman says:

    Wishing and Praying for the calm peace and awareness for our dearest brother, Thay’ With Devotion to a beloved. WH

  621. randy osborn says:

    Thay’s teachings and presence have helped millions of people around the world awaken from the ‘coma’ of illusion and misunderstanding. As he recovers, may we send him our loving care and attention through our prayers and by our compassionate actions to others as he has taught and shown us.

  622. Koula says:

    My best wishes and love for Thay;s quick and complete recovery. Happy New Year!

  623. Monika says:

    Love and more love to Thay, and to the community. So very happy to hear he is healing. <3 <3 <3

  624. Debra says:

    What wonderful news, Dear Thay! We are so happy to be able to learn from you and your peaceful strength and determination, each and every day. Just this week, my 10 year old daughter has finally begun to sit and practice with me, after many years of witnessing and being gently encouraged by you, the brothers and sisters and our sangha community. We both share a deep love and respect for you, and are grateful to have such a warrior of peace as our spiritual guide. Just seeing your smile reminds us to smile, and to enjoy our breath more. May you feel more strength and joy every day!

  625. Sherry Baker says:

    It is with gratitude that I write to you dear Thay. Your and the sangas’ teachings and examples of mindfulness have meant so much to me. Your generosity of sharing so much on You Tube is a blessing to me and to the world. When I go to the woods or walk across the Delaware River I bring you with me. I play the 33 minute bell meditation and am thankful. I pray for your every breath.
    Yes, yes. Thank you, thank you.

  626. Janet Hadson says:

    Listening to Sister sing I felt as a child at rest on a mothers breast. Her voice is soothing and gentle. Thankyou Sister for lending your voice to the air of my heart

  627. Swami Joy says:

    May GOD Bless Thay–He is still sharing His Grace upon others. I adore this soul, He is precious.

  628. Grace says:

    Good Morning, I am interested in attending your spring retreat beginning in June with a friend we are from Argentina´s Sangha del Buen Ayre. Can you pls send information? Peace with each breath Thanks

  629. Jeannette Adair says:

    I arrived back from a wonderful sangha evening where we shared from the heart our thoughts of Thay, to find the post on Thay’s continued improvement and smiles. How wonderful!

  630. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s posts
    every day along with a cup of coffee.

  631. María de Lourdes Flores Alonso says:

    Toda mi energía y amor para Thay.

  632. Matrika Mary Saraswati says:

    My prayers and love are with all of you during this time of challenge for Thay and this time of growth for the extended Plum Village Sangha.
    May we continue to grow in trust and the knowing that Thay’s journey is unfolding in perfection.
    May all beings be happy and free!

  633. Alexsondra Tomasulo says:

    I am sorry that he is unable to speak, make no mistake. Having said that, his radiant love is beyond words.
    Though I have not had the pleasure to meet him, I need only look into his eyes and am filled with love and am inspired to continue on my spiritual path. There is no greater gift one can give another.
    I pray him a full recovery.

  634. david shyu says:

    Stimulation of SPLEEN 21 AND STRONG FASCIA STIMULATION OF BELOVED TEACHER’S Ren and Du Meridians, I declare to be my blessing on to him.

  635. Hanh says:

    Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! I am soo happy to hear this news, it’s the greatest gift to me at the start of the New Year! He’s again truly amazing!

  636. Hanh says:

    This talk of Thay is so wonderful and very meaningful guidelines for the New Year! Nevertheless, the sound quality is badly effected by noise (coughing, blowing nose etc.) in the background. If there is a way to filter/reduce the noise, it’s great!

  637. Hanh says:

    Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! I am so so happy to hear this news!

  638. Kathy Watson says:

    A blossom is not totally bloomed until ones eyes are closed then re-open. My heartfelt love and blessing I send to you and to all always all ways.

  639. Rio Morse says:

    May Teacher Thay continue in his recovery

  640. Nozaki Takeshi says:

    Please his soul for world peace and happiness.

    • wolf says:

      dear thay, dear community
      your teaching – mindfullness, concentration and insight, understanding is love- continues forever. strongest power in the universe. with or without words

  641. Ruby says:

    Sending love and strength <3

  642. ioma says:

    If the world community that Loves,respects and knows the goodness Thich Nhat Hanh brings to Everyone,and if it is true that only love heals Thay will be Healed through our Love,Love Hugs and Healing Wishes X ioma

  643. Rosa churampi guzman says:

    Como hago pra participar de los retiros soy del Peru.

  644. Maureen Trees says:

    Thank you Thay,I have recently begun to read your your teachings and already I have noticed myself changing. Let it continue into all areas of my life.

  645. Dominik says:

    May the colletive energy of the whole Sangha help venerable Thay to recover and to continue sharing His Great Wisdom with whole world.
    I bow with gratitude to venerable Thay, everlasting in His Teachings and Sangha.

  646. TNH has been a significant contributor and cornerstone in my Spiritual Growth and Journey! Continuing to pray for his health and continued Positive Effects in this sorely troubled world.

    Love, Iadora U!!!

  647. maura says:

    We are so happy to hear that Thay is doing better. We had such a wonderful family retreat in Plum Village in Summer 2014. My husband and I and our 4 children very much look forward to returning again this summer. Sending Thay and the entire Plum Village Community warm and loving wishes.

  648. jill nerkowski says:

    dear Plum Village, thankyou for sending health updates, I’m happy to hear you’re better. keep up the good work.!!!!:):):):):)

  649. Evelyn Strand says:

    A New Year. A New Me … I promise

  650. Stan Cham says:

    Happy new year to the sangha and best wishes for Thay’s recovering ! He’s been doing so much for peace on earth through zen practice !

  651. barbara yen says:

    Dear Venerable Thay, Words cannot express how joyful we are to hear that you are now aware of your friends and surroundings. We will continue to radiate metta and compassion for your speedy recovery. I want to express my gratitude to you for showing us how to love one another, irrespective of race, religion and gender. I was very fortunate to be able to attend your retreats in Chiangmai, Thailand and in Malaysia where I am from. With me were 4 Catholic friends. They have great respect for you and benefitted a great deal from your teachings. Your Dhamma talks were very inspiring and wonderful.

    One morning, during Thay’s retreat in Chiangmai (forgot the year), we took a walking meditation to a large field nearby. We then sat on the grass while Thay sat on a simple seat slightly higher than us. I was in the front row and we kept a respectful distance. Thay gave me a kindly smile. Seeing the great divide, he gently beckoned us to come closer, and we moved 2 inches nearer. When the distance was still formidable, he beckoned again and we moved another 2 inches. It was so funny. I think Thay just gave up!
    We settled to enjoy the silence although there were a few hundred of us. His presence was electrifying. We could feel great, positive energy all around us. We were so connected, with each other and with the universe and very peaceful.
    Joyfully together,
    barbara yen

  652. Barbara Arndt says:

    All my good wishes go to Thay.
    Plum Village is an amazing place filled with wonderful loving people. I stayed over Christmas into the New Year at Lower Hamlet. My daughter Kristine was ordained at Upper Hamlet on the 18th/12/2014 and received the beautiful name of Trăng Chánh Niệm. I am so happy that I could witness this event.

  653. jovie chui says:

    Thay’s progress sure brings joy to us!

  654. Karen Balmer says:

    I am so pleased to hear that Thay is continuing to make a recovery. Testament to his strength and resilience. My thoughts and prayers are with him and all of the monks and nuns at Plum Village and related monasteries.

  655. Hang Le says:

    Such a great news! I keep praying for Thay!

  656. Dianna says:

    My deepest prayers are for your full recovery….
    Namaste ~

  657. Casey Wolf says:

    I am so happy to read this news.

  658. Linda and Chris Hanson says:

    Dear Thay,

    Much love to you and continued healing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

  659. Gaye :) says:

    such heartwarming news thank you so much for the updates :)

  660. David Gair says:

    This is a moment of great relief.

  661. antonio di stasi says:

    Na mo Gwan Shr Yin Pu Sa

  662. Thanh Hoàng Nguyễn says:

    Con thương thầy nhiều lắm,nguyện mãi mãi là một học trò biết vâng lời Thầy dạy.Mô Phật !

  663. NNEJAD says:

    So happy to hear this news. Praying for his further recovery. What a great man.

  664. Maggie Robertson says:

    I am so pleased to receive the news of Thays progres, his comfort and loving support of his community. I am forever grateful for having crossed his path. With love and peace in my heart I pray for namo avalokiteshvara.

  665. Sonnische says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha, what wonderful news! Such love, effort and energy directed towards Thay and to his caregivers is nurturing the amazing spark of life within him. I am so grateful for these updates and learning of his progress. Bows, Sunny

  666. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for the updates. Thay’s ease of wellbeing is included in the intentions I offer each day at meditation. Positive energies for continued improvement by him.

  667. Dave Lavis says:

    My dear mother went through a series of strokes which left her in a similar condition. It took my sister 18 months to get her walking and talking again. I pray the same recovery from our dearest That. Worldwide energy and strength is with you.

  668. Sonya Gressel says:

    All blessings and love to you, Dear Teacher!

  669. Johan says:

    Love and peace to you dear friend .

  670. Claire says:

    Dearest Thây, I am praying for you. It touches my heart to know that you are smiling. Sending you peace and so much love, dear one. x

  671. Shelia McBrayer says:

    I am so thankful that Thay is on the road to recovery. Prayers daily for a full recovery. So thankful for your teachings.

  672. Margaret says:

    Beloved Thay and Sanga,
    We are all with you, we are all healing together in joy and love and compassion! We make this journey together and give each other hope and healing. We are learning and growing together.

    With gratitude, love and joy,

  673. kay maughan says:


  674. Annie Stratton says:

    Thank you for sharing Thai’s updates. I am glad to hear he is doing well. At the same time, it is a reminder that Thai, as we all are, is mortal, and at some point, will leave us in his present form. I am grateful for what his teachings have given me in this life. I have made a commitment to carry his teachings forward by living them in my life, and by sharing them with other people as I can. Thai, thank you for being. May your being continue to be joyful and meaningful, not only to you, but to those around you, including all of us whose lives have been transformed by your example.

  675. Ottaviano says:

    All my love to Thay

  676. Josh says:

    I, too, would greatly appreciate the lyrics to this beautiful song.

  677. Charly says:

    Dear Thay,
    Dear Sangha,

    It is wonderful to Reed some good news about Thay’s recovery. May he geht well step by step and hopefully recover completely. May my wishes and all your wishes become true.
    I’m also very glad to read about plumvillage’s New Year retreat. It Shows that the Sangha is active and Alive, although Thay’s not physically there. I’m sure, Thay would be glad about that too.
    Best wishes to all of you

  678. Elaine Hickey says:

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace and joy you have given me over the years through the best and the most challenging times of my life. I pray for your continued recovery. This troubled world needs your wisdom and peace.

  679. Brenda says:

    I wish for Thay a full recovery. He is a dear soul and I love him. All the best to the Plum Village community also.

  680. WendyMitchell says:

    What joyful & inspirational news. Thay is a shining light, one which will not dim. Peace & strength to him and all his friends.

  681. Joanne Thomas says:

    Sending healing energy and thankfulness your way. I pray for continued healing and positive thoughts.

  682. rebecca kerschen says:

    I will continue to pray for the peaceful care and comfort of our beloved teacher. Thank you for this encouraging message.peace and joy for the coming year.

  683. Roseli says:

    I am thrilled with the good news on Thay’s health. Lots of love healing energy to Thay and the wonderful sangha he created.

  684. Herran Angela says:

    Je garde Thay dans mon coeur avec amour et respet. Je prie pour sa récupération et lui envoi énergie et douceur.

  685. khema Jenny says:

    Wow! Never been so happy to hear this…

  686. Susan hickey says:

    so good to hear that Thay is recovering well. Like many others, I know that he has brought so much love, joy, peace and kindness to so many. I believe, the most amazing and wonderfull gift from Thay is that he gives people a tool which they can take with them any where ever they go. This tool is used to bring awareness of the power of the mind and then to learn how to slow it down completely and then see behond it and what we really are. What a gift to bring to the world! Thay is loved by so many of us all over the world. I too pray for his recovery and thank those who are caring for him so lovingly. Much love and blessings to all, Susan. Xx

  687. Tara Killen says:

    What wonderful news!!! Many thanks to all at Plum Village for the updates:

    A humble suggestion: could it be considered to give Thay back his voice through the medium of computer assisted eye-movement technology (eg. http://www.eyegaze.com/eye-tracking-assistive-technology-device/)?

    Gratefully yours,

  688. Thank you for the update and your attending care…To
    our loving teacher and to you all I humbly offer healing prayers… and dedicated meditations.

  689. sternenfrau says:

    Yesterdays I´ve been sitting an my spinning-wheel while listening to Thays teachings on CD. It was wonderful and nourishing. I feel very greateful to met Thay a few times and to hear that his health is gettin better. May it improve step by step by step…

  690. sternenfrau says:

    Yesterday I´ve been sitting at my spinning-wheel while listening to Thays Dharma teachings. It was so great and nourishing an I feel so greateful for that. May your health be improve and get better.

  691. Beverly Kinsella says:

    Thank you for this update. Continued prayers and healing energy is being sent for Thay’s complete recovery. Namaste

  692. Sophie chisholm says:

    Thank you very much for the updates, I’m happy thay is improving and he is always with me and making me smile. Happy new year lovely people xx

  693. ruby says:

    <3 <3 <3

  694. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for giving us these precious updates. May our beloved teacher, Thay continue to heal.

  695. Anki Grip says:

    I’m so happy to hear about Thays remarkable recovery.

  696. Br Graham-Michoel SH says:

    Prayers and blessings for the Master.

  697. Millicent Marquart says:

    Thank you They for changing my life and helping me connect to peace in every step and every thought, in the here and the now. Every day, I can stop and be in the here and now when I want to be at peace

  698. Diane Stevens says:

    Thank you for keeping me in touch, much strength in healing to our teacher, Thay

  699. nguyễn tâm hà says:

    Namo avalokitisvara
    Namo avalokitisvara
    Namo avalokitisvara

  700. Abdullah Muhammad says:

    Dear Beloved Teacher Thay,

    I pray that your health improves soon, and your amazing smile shines again. I’ve walked with you in the US, I’ve read your books, I’ve listened to your CD’s, and I’ve watched your YouTube videos. You bring joy and comfort to so many unhappy and wounded souls. You are the most peaceful and non-judgmental person that I have ever came across in my life. Your words have touched me in so many ways. May you heal soon, may the world continue to benefit because of your existence. I am, like so many followers, are forever grateful to you for helping us look deep within ourselves and in transforming the present moment into a “wonderful moment.” You are a blessing and an inspiration for this world. With all my love, and sincere gratitude I say, Thank You!

    • Janice Kendrick says:

      I’ve wanted to post something since Thay became sick and did not know what to say. Now it has been said for me. My thoughts have been expressed by Abdullah Muhammad very effectively. The great teacher is in my thoughts.

  701. Claudia Schumann says:

    I continue to pray for Thay’s recovery and it’s working. I carry him in my heart.

  702. elgin gossalter says:

    Dear Master,
    even now in this moment of physical challenges you continue to be an example of dignity and fighter in the noblest sense of the word. my deep admiration and strongest and humble wishes for your prompt restablishment

  703. Marc Berner says:

    Wonderful to know that Thay is doing much better! May he continue to heal day by day…

    • sternenfrau says:

      As Thay said: every step is healing, every breath is healing.
      Yesterday I´ve been sitting with my spinning-wheel while listening to Thays teachings and I felt very greateful to have met him a few times and that I´ve learned so much from him. May his health get better step by step by step…

    • Atula Shah says:

      I am so very happy to receive the wonderful news in the begining of the new year of Thay’s steady recovery & now that he is out of coma. I continue sharing my merits for Thay’s recovery.
      With Metta

  704. Claire says:

    Dearest Thay, I hold you in my heart and am sending you all my love.
    Claire x

  705. Martha Sanchez says:

    Dear Master Thay, I’ll be forever thankful for your loving words and Spirit. May your health be restored as mine is everytime I listen to your voice and the voice of one of the nuns at Plum Village who teaches us to be aware of our body and smile to every part of our body. May the Universe grant us with your presence and your guidance. Respectfully. Martha Sanchez – Mexico City

  706. Joan House says:

    I am a Christian with a Buddhist heart and that heart was helped to expand by Thay. I am keeping him in thought and prayer while hoping for whatever his body and spirit most need. May you all find peace and may Thay continue as is best for him.

  707. Barb says:

    I along with all those who Love him, pray for Thich Nhat Hanh’s full recovery and that he may continue God’s work. In His Love, Barb

  708. Fred Cockpit says:

    Dear Thay,

    I have in my heart nothing but love for you. Your tender tone of voice, your simple teaching, your uplifting word, and your delightful smile have changed my life. You were there for me when my father was not, you were near me when my mother was so far a way, you were comforting me when my brothers and sisters abandoned me. Although most of my encounter with you was in books, CD’s, and YouTube Videos, nevertheless, you were there. I am forever a changed man because of you; and I am forever grateful that you are part of life.

    May you heal, may peace surround you, and if its your time to leave this world, may you depart in peace!

  709. Sending love and light and gratitude for your teachings.

  710. Phan Dieumy says:

    Get well soon Thay.

  711. chafu says:

    Mindfulness is all the rage now which is a good thing but it was from Thay that I first learned about it many years ago and for that I will be eternally grateful as well as for Peace is Every Step and Present Moment Wonderful Moment. Thank you. Btw any update on his condition?

  712. Ann Ehlers says:

    Dear Thay,
    I feel you are teaching that you will always be with us in the body of the Sangha.
    I love you, “Father”.

  713. Jeannette Adair says:

    Dear Thay, your compassionate, open heart and the wisdom of your dharma talks continue to support me in each moment of my day – thank you. May you continue peacefully. With deep affection and gratitude…Jeannette (Walking in Peace Sangha)

  714. hosahalli and ganga padmesh says:

    our prayers are with our teacher, god be with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery,.

  715. albert says:

    I am interested in attending your spring retreat beginning in March. I see that on the retreat webpage you are inviting people for 1-2 week stays. Is it possible to be granted a stay for the entire spring? Thanks, -Albert

    • Plum Village says:

      Dear Albert,

      Yes you can stay longer than 2 week, please read about extended stay here

      For more details, please write to Upper Hamlet by using a form via contact us.

      I hope this helps.

      A lotus for you,
      Web Team of Plum Village

  716. WendyMitchell says:

    Wonderfully and powerfully inspirational words from Thay. My thoughts and prayers are with him and all his friends…a candle will burn for him until some news of his health. Joy, peace and light to all for 2015.

  717. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    Please tell me about Thay’s health today 1-1 2015 ! I’m so worried.I pray for his full recovery every day.
    My best regards

  718. Roger Iles says:

    Dear Thay, you have been in my thoughts and heart recently. You bring me strength and piece of mind in times of change. I wish to give you strength and comfort and hope you find what it takes to continue to walk this miraculous life with us.

  719. Wonkang says:

    Thank you, Karen, for your sincere and beautiful words of poem that helps me being ‘true self’.
    Thank you with all my heart. :-)

  720. Terra says:

    Many years ago Thay’s book Peace is Every Step opened the door for me to a much better view on life and a deeper understanding. Thay gave me the tools to transform difficult emotions by shining the light of mindness on them. He taught me trees are cathedrals. That the earth and the sky are always my home no matter where I go. He showed me how to find peace with my father. And most recently his sangha on no birth no death that is recorded on the Life without Stress or Fear CD enabled me to be a source of light, love and peace as my beloved mother transitioned from her earthly manifestation to her heavenly one.

    Dear Thay, I cannot begin to tell you how much your teachings have helped me and how much you mean to me. Though we never met in person I hold you very dear and cherished. Your wisdom and compassion has shown me and many others a better way. Your light and love are treasured by many. My peace, love and healing energy flow to you my dear friend as your travel this unchartered journey. We all are with you in spirit. Please know that. I am so grateful that you are in good hands. Peace be with you. And many blessings to all who care and attend for you during this time. Love, in spirit, Tree.

  721. Margaret Walsh says:

    I have truly appreciated Thay’s thoughts and words of his talk 29/ 12/13 as we enter the year 2015.. Thankyou.

    • Sabine Maria says:

      Thank you very much for sharing to those who posted this video.
      And thank you for the comment. I feel in a comparable way: This is a very precious video, and I very much recommend to listen to this talk of Thich Nhat Hanh at any 31.12. to come (or may be better any 29.12,… this gives a little more time before the next 1.1., …to be prepared a little better for the truely new in every moment, every here and now…so, may be the best would be:… listen to it again at any time you like ((-:,….)

  722. Dear Thich Nhat Hanh, hope so much and wish so much:
    And wonna say: THANK YOU.
    Benno Hennrich, Sylt, Germany

  723. Robert says:

    It would be a gift to view the written words of Sister Chan Khong’s beautiful song while listening. I find viewing the written words while listening enables deeper understanding. Would it be possible to post them below the interactive link on the website?
    Breathing with Thay as one. With deep blessings, Robert

  724. Michele Moore says:

    Thank you

    • Sandra Lobe says:

      This poem touches me as I continue to search for identity of myself and also a faith community. Thank you! Sandy

  725. Larry Edwards says:

    Thought you might enjoy this – keeping up with my friend Thich Nhat Hanh
    Peace out Dude!

  726. Jimmy Marshall says:

    Thought you might enjoy this prospective.

  727. Barbara Sher says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting Thay’s monastery in Hue and bring them books, at his request. They are such joyous and hard working people.
    I think of Master Thay often and want to hear news.

  728. Maria de Goeij says:

    Dear Thich Nhat Hanh lives forever in our hearts, so do not worry. There is no going or coming. Thi gs are just the way they are.

  729. charlie thomas says:

    I am a Vietnam Veteran and became a Quaker after returning fm Vietnam. I have read many of Thay’s books.

    I am ‘holding Thay’ in the Light. Daily meditation/prayer for his presence.

    What will the world do without such a light ? I for one will never forget him.

    Met him only once in CO retreat … spoke a few words of Vietnamese with him.


  730. Robert healion says:

    Sorry I think Thay has got this one wrong..

  731. Pedro Samayoa Arenales says:

    Incluyan a Guatemala en el calendario de 2015! Gracias! Respira y sonríe…

  732. John Tinyweiner says:

    Dear Thay,

    You do not know me personally, but your tinder and compassionate words have touch me during my sad and down days. I’ve spent 100’s of hours listening to your dharma talk; your wisdom is unique and your smile is a source of joy.
    May you feel our love, appreciation and gratitude. May you heal and be the Lotus that you were!

  733. Jeremy Wilson says:

    Here in Norway and generally in Scandinavia the climate is colder and the terrain is wild and rugged. As yet we have no resident monastics. However, when monastics do establish themselves here they will definately need to review their clothing. It is very reassuring to see that Thay sees the practical need for appropriate clothing. I have faith that traditions and identity will enjoy a refreshing continuation in this context :-)

  734. Graziella says:

    I had the great opportunity to see the great teacher Thay last Summer in plum village and it has been an important deep experience that has touched my heart; his lessons and teachings were so simple and so profound that mooved me deeply. I understood to take more care of myself amd my loved ones. I thank heaven for this incredible chance amd now pray for Thay and would like to be of support for his healing.
    Thank you Thay for all you continue to do for people.

  735. Maya Karni says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangh, dear brothers & sisters,
    Every day I touch the seeds of Thay in me, his teachings are alive, aqnd are the best present I ever got. Thank you dear Thay, you are my teacher.
    Thay’s continuation in each and every one of us.
    May Thay recover & continue to contribute to each and everyone of us all over the world.
    With Respectת honor & love

  736. May one and all be at ease..

  737. Michele White says:

    I was so saddened to learn of Thay’s illness. A peaceful walk in the snow tonight, Christmas Eve, will be dedicated to the healing and full reoovery of Thay. Sending love, strength and support to all in the community as well. Merry Christmas.

  738. Ros Liakeas says:

    We have never met Thay, but we feel he has touched our hearts, our souls. His teachings of staying in the present moment, of mindfulness have given us comfort and strength as we face the challenge of choosing to holistically heal my husbands cancer.
    We both feel blessed as we listen to the soft, soothing voice of Thay as he guides us through meditation practices. His practice of minfulness helps to keep fear at bay, encourages us to stay emotionally strong and remain connected to spirit.
    Sending much love, light and healing prayers on your recovery back to health.
    Thank you for everything Thay.
    Nik & Ros

    • mandy says:

      Nik and Ros, i join with all the community and send my prayers of healing strength and peace for you.

  739. Jennifer L Wood says:

    I pray for wellness, Thay. I am sorry for your illness and know with your mastery of all things, strength and healing will be yours!
    I have always wanted just to see you in person, as I believe my eyes would forever change for such good and show my body and soul such peacefulness….. My prays will continue to be with you! Jennifer……Mandeville, Louisiana.

  740. Richard and James Reuter says:

    James and I are traveling thru San Diego area and would like to visit Plum Village and stay for 2 nights,if possible,in early January.Please respond and let us know !
    Namaste,Rich and James

    • Plum Village says:

      Dear Rich and James,

      Greetings from Plum Village.
      If you travelling through San Diego, then probably you would like to visit our center there, Deer Park Monastery, 2499 Melru Lane, Escondido, CA 92026, United States.
      I hope this helps.

      A lotus for you,
      Web Team

  741. Martha Mochocunt says:

    Yee we are almost in the year 2015, but, we need to stay as authentic as the original Buddha. When McDonald’s starts to sell Pizza, it is not be the same McDonald’s that everyone loves. When you change your outside, eventually, your inside as a beloved Sangha will change. The idea of Westernizing your cloths is making me worried that in a few years, the Sangha, the Sutras, and the traditions will be Westernized.

    C. G. Jung once said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” and if I may add to it, “and to stay truly who you are.”

  742. Samanth Loveanal says:

    Please forget about Monastic Fashion. You do not need to westernize your robes, unisex your shoes, and look into swimwear for the monks and nuns. Just stay the same; simple and compassionate beautiful souls.

    Let us (laymen and laywomen) imitate you and not you imitate the west. Thank you!

  743. Robin says:

    Thank you

  744. Trish Palmer says:

    Continuing to send, many times each day, lots and lots of love and peaceful positive energy to dear Thay, and to your attendants, all who are caring for you at the hospital, your sangha and Sister Chan Khong, still hoping you may be able to come back to us, may you be peaceful and free from suffering, much gratitude to you all, love always, Trish

  745. Linda Fatbutt says:

    There are people that one knows all his/her life but are not missed for years; and there are people who you met for a few moments and you do not want those moments to last eternities; Thay is the later. Teacher, I send you my love and smiles. I drove almost 1000 miles to see you and I am holding to my heart those few moments that I met you. You are a great teacher and a beautiful soul. May the Creator God have mercy with you as you lay down on your hospital bed and in God we trust!

  746. Sanjay Muzumdar says:

    Thay, has taught us the principals of interdependent. As “You” are “I” am.Your
    teaching teaches us, observe your feelings, even it is sad,dull or nervous.Observe Your feeling and smile, be in present moment.It will be wonderful moment. When there is wonderful moments, there will be healing.When there will be plentiful wonderful moments of plentiful people there can be miracle.

  747. Steve Bennett says:

    Amazing teacher Thay I have never met, but now through your great teachings I am learning to look deeply enough to be with you even now. Greatest blessings that you and your Sangha bring to the World may they be returned to you a thousand times richer. May you be well.

  748. Jerry Rossman says:

    May Thay know eternal peace and happiness in the Heaven within.

  749. Helen Ponder says:

    Your teachings and stories provided the foundation for the meditations I have been offering as a new meditation teacher. They soothe everyone in the group and bring healing. Thank you.

  750. Marie Downer says:

    Dear Thay , Isend my love to you. You have guided me through these years of fear and considerable pain. You have brought me to my Sangha for healing. May you continue in your recovery. I love you very much! Marie Downer Organic Garden Sangha Culver City, California

  751. Margaret STJOHN says:

    Returning to Thay the energy of his warm, strong, clear and honest teachings and intentions, and ongoingly grateful for those teachings he continues to give through his current process.

  752. Linda Kelly says:

    Beautiful Thay and the sacred sanga throughout the cosmos, I am truly humbled to be writing in this very moment. I wish to present my sincerest thanks for the past 30 years of my exposure to reading and practicing, the compassionate and present moment simple philosophy of living, which has been the vital source of my life. My prayers are with you all. May love, light and brightness permieat all at Plum Village and throughout the universe. X

  753. Robert Smith says:

    As I don’t have a sangha near me, Thay’s writings and talks have been the major guiding force in my practice of mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist teachings. I am glad to hear that he is stable and appears to be improving. My energy goes out to help him heal. Thay’s energy has improved my life, and now I hope that I can do the same in turn. Namaste! _/|\_
    Rob Smith

  754. Mark fartman says:

    Dear Thay,

    Thank you for every word that came out of your mouth. Breath In, I know I am breathing in, Breath Out, I am grateful to my beloved teacher Thay.

  755. Steve Osten says:

    Few years ago, I did a walk meditation with Thay. I cherish those moment of noble silence. May God heal you and may your loving, tender, passionate, and compassionate words touch the world. Knowing that everyone has an expiration date; if this is your time, may you go in peace and rest in peace! You’ve have touched me in so many ways and helped me be a better person, and for that I am grateful.

  756. Warren McIvor says:

    Thank you for the wonderful smile Thay!

  757. Dearest Teacher,

    As I begin to step out into the world,

    I ask others to Please Call Me By My True Name.

    I begin with your teaching that connects me to all of Life.

    As you dwell in the world of InterBeing, your own life focused into its healing,

    your power to inspire me to live deeply in each present moment continues.

    You cannot leave me, for your words are etched into my body
    as a living teaching.

    I cannot leave you, for your work has brought me to this moment, awake.

    I send you my love and appreciation.

    I cannot return your gifts, except to pass them on.

    I bow to you, my Teacher. I am grateful.

  758. Helga Folbert says:

    Thank you for the updates on the health of Thay. Wishing love and peace to him and all of you taking care of him, we will keep on breathing in and out, walking the mindful way.

  759. Martin Knanishu says:

    Dear Teacher
    Through your writings and the kindness you have shown the world, I have learned so much. Please be well.
    Your’s In Mindfulness.
    Martin Knanishu
    Champaign, Illinois

  760. Barb says:

    I hold him in my prayers.

    • Timbo says:

      Rise thich nhat Hahn. Sending a core of Orange glow engery to meld the molecules and heal the pathways.x

  761. Amy Cooke says:

    Holding That in the Light of all being…

  762. Jere Quinlan Jr. says:

    Smile, breathe, go slowly. Thay years ago I received horrible news and the next day you were on the front page of the newspaper. I remembered just the relaxation and peaceful picture of your face and it immediately gave me hope. I bought Peace is Evers top that day and have many books and think of you often when I get tense, angry, etc. You have taught me much about myself and life. Thank you for being an inspiration for me. I am truly grateful and praying for you. I am #ThichNhatHanhSTRONG! I also am wearing a bracelet that says LIFESTRENTGH! A Reminder that life is precious. Thank you again THAY!

  763. Grace says:

    I wish for constant light and love surrounding Thay may he recover. with all my heart and blessings

  764. Kristin Bendixen says:

    Thankyou Honourable Thay for all the truth and beauty you have offered us by opening our eyes and mind. The Sanghas here the country of Mexico send you our love and gratitude and peace for your recovery.

    • Katherine says:

      I’ve gained some understanding in mindful living, compassion, and suffering. Since then I continue to return to this site in hope of hearing more on the teacher’s progress. I continue to send my love and peace.

  765. Signe Alexander says:

    Blessed Thay and Sangha, Deep love and gratitude for those who are giving Thay their heart of loving care. My prayers are for those that support Thay: the nurses, doctors, aides, Nuns, and Monks. May the world wide Sangha’s loving kindness buoy you and Thay through Thay’s healing. The best gift that I know of to give is to continue Thay’s work by being present in each and every moment, with each gentle step on this earth, paying Thay’s work forward.

    A blossom for you,

  766. Jeff Ong says:

    May Thay be recovered soon, that will be my only wish for the Christmas and New Year.

  767. May Thay be peaceful,
    May Thay be restful,
    May Thay be in balance,
    Mentally and physically,
    May Thay be at Home.

  768. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Mong thay mau hoi phuc
    Con xin goi positive healing den thay.

  769. Love, in action, love in presence; sometimes a person exemplifies what our hearts want and our spirits aspire too. Our hearts go out to meet the gentle strength of his example.

  770. Bruce MacFarlane says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and vision.

  771. Terry says:

    Dear Beloved Thay, may you know that wherever you are, you are surrounded with the same love you have sent out to all those who are familiar with you. May you feel our love surrounding you while you are in the place that welcomes you home. I will continue to send my love and energy to comfort and support you. Bless you Beloved Thay…your student, Terry, _/\_ Namaste’

  772. Karen Balmer says:

    Thank you for posting this letter. My heart is smiing after reading it. May Thay continue to recover.
    I believe that many people all over the world are sending him healing energy.

  773. Charles LeRoy says:

    I just learned of Thay’s medical condition. I am extremely concerned and hope for his speedy recovery. May I please offer prayers, heartfelt concern and love to Thay and our Sangha as we (all) pray for his recovery and ease of any physical pain. Always in our prayers and thought.

  774. Sheila Dugan says:

    May you be safe, dear Thay, may you be happy.

  775. María Teresa says:

    Gracias por informar acerca de la salud de Thay.
    Gracias por vuestros buenos deseos.
    Desde el sur del mundo les envío mis saludos y gratitud.

  776. Lynda Lien says:

    What a blessing to care for Thay and also a blessing to be cared for by those who love & respect him. I continue to send prayers & loving positive energy to Thay.

  777. Nikoo says:


    Blessings to you all. Thank you for the updates as to how Thay is doing.

    With love and respect, I highly recommend to have Thay touched by as many people as their energy will transfer to him. Also, if an option, a shaman healer can assist with bringing him back into his body 100% as comas are due to this.

    I hope you are open to the suggestions as many people have been brought out of comas due to being touched and guided back by a shaman.


  778. margot quinn says:

    I would like to have an update on Thich Nhat Hanhs health thank you Margot Quinn

  779. Zelia Nogueira says:

    May Thay recover and continue his mission

  780. Melanie says:

    My heart brims as I read this post. Thank you for the news and these sentiments, continuing Thay’s good work. I am honoring him by practicing. Bless!

  781. kay maughan says:

    Dear Thay my prayers pujas and meditation I dedicate to you may you come back to us soon the world needs you Many Many Blessings Kay maughan ( Kagyu Practitsioner )

  782. MAI PHAM says:

    Dear Thay. Con khong biet lam cach nao de goi Thay Essential Natural Oil
    de guip Thay khoe lai. Nguoi minh thuong noi con nuoc con tat.
    Con biet la Essential Dau Thien Nhien lam Tai My nay da guip rat nhieu nguoi benh Nan Y song them vai nam kheo manh.
    Xin ai do neu co doc email nay. Xin lien lac voi De Tu de goi Dau nay cho Thay dum
    website http://www.mydoterra.com/maiscafe xin vao trang web nay de tim hieu them

  783. Maxine says:

    Thank you for giving us news. Thank you for supporting Thay.

  784. aurora williams says:

    dear thay

    your teachings will always remain with us, peace and love to you, we are eternally grateful, you have given us everthing

  785. Harleymom in ADKs says:

    Thay & helpers, please accept my most heartfelt loving wishes for a brilliant transformation, be it back to health or to your return to stardust. The mountains & trees are attentive & grateful.

  786. Shiela B says:

    Blessings be, dear Thay. I know you are healing yourself. Prayers for a lovely recovery. To the care givers of Thay, Please read the book by Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor. She suffered a massive stroke back in the late 1990s. She recovered to become the PhD she was. She is a lovely person and has even answered my emails. From personal experience, speaking is a difficult task to do when you have anything on a neurological level. It takes great energy, however it doesn’t mean the neurons are firing the thoughts with complete and rapid ability. We can understand everything completely and want to express ourselves but to get it out on the lips is difficult. Sometimes I find it easier to sing than to speak. Here is a link for you to explore. I think Dr. Jill’s book will speak volumes to you now. http://mystrokeofinsight.com/
    Love and Kindness,

  787. Rev. Karen Harrison says:

    Dear Thay ,

    We breathe joyfully each moment of a great miracle and continue on with you dear friend and wonder teacher. Always Inter being.

  788. Laura McPherson says:

    I don’t have the eloquent words to express the love, light and healing I send to Thay, but knowing they can be felt and sent from my heart is my prayer to Thay.

  789. Donna Deal says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message. It is an act of kindness to share the updates and also the guiding words. You have made me feel a welcome part of an extended Sangha of all who hold Thay in our hearts.

  790. vanda Perestrelo says:

    I am a portuguese teacher of Mindfulness and I love so much Plum Vilage and your work. Kindness Vanda.

  791. Liz Faller says:

    Thank you for these updates on Thay’s health and breath. Here in Prescott, Arizona, USA, meditations and prayers of gratitude and love- joining the river of Love flowing to the ocean of Thay- are frequent in many circles. Warm blessings to Plum Village and all of Thay’s sanghas across the world. May the miracle of mindfulness increase and expand. Eternal Love – Liz Faller

  792. Dian Gish says:

    May the power of love, witnessed by all those who are aware, thinking and praying for this wonderful person, provide a peaceful and comfortable respite for Thay and those caring for him and concerned about him. Life is a mystery,which we are not able to completely understand but can feel to the depth of our being. He has suffered a great injury to his physical body, but his mental and emotion life remain present but not easily accessible. Thay is at the boundary between life and death. This is were the deepest mystery exists for those of us bound to the present.

  793. Louise Gilbert says:

    Every day I send Thay healing thoughts–breathing and smiling–from the Redwoods in California ..with love and hope, Louise

  794. Jody Witt says:

    Thank you so much for the all the updates dear Monks and Nuns of Plum Village. Thay is such an inspiration, the world is a better place for him.

  795. Lisa Gades says:

    Dear Thay and Plum Village Community–Our Sangha in Geneva, Illinois, USA continues to remember you in our meditations, especially when we gather in community on Wednesday evenings. Our best wishes for strength and patience.

  796. Karen Hite says:

    Prayers for Zen Master Thay

    • Vivian Taube says:

      Thay has said we are his continuation. I looked deeply at this today, and that is a “tall order” to fill, since I have nowhere near the inner peace he does. But, I appreciate the sentiment, and I will do my best. Love, Vivian Taube :)

  797. Thupten Rabgsal says:


    The moment I die,
    I will try to come back to you
    as quickly as possible.
    I promise it will not take long.
    Isn’t it true
    I am already with you
    in every moment?
    I come back to you
    in every moment.
    Just look,
    feel my presence.
    If you want to cry,
    please cry.
    And know
    that I will cry with you.
    The tears you shed
    will heal us both.
    Your tears are mine.
    The earth I tread this morning
    transcends history.
    Spring and Winter are both present in the moment.
    The young leaf and the dead leaf are really one.
    My feet touch deathlessness,
    and my feet are yours.
    Walk with me now.
    Let us enter the dimension of oneness
    and see the cherry tree blossom in Winter.
    Why should we talk about death?
    I don’t need to die
    to be back with you.

    ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

  798. Amy Issenberg says:

    We Love Thay!

  799. Carolyn Perla says:

    I treasure thay and all his teachings

  800. Debora Burch says:

    Dear Thay, Please remain to help relieve the suffering in this world and in your loving friend, Debbie.
    With great love and kindness, Debbie

    • Dear Thay,
      From far away in Africa we send love and blessings that you are comfortable and as we can see well looked after. Our great teachers teach us ever day how to be in the present and to care for those around us.Nothing else matters.We pray for you and your community.
      Maureen xxxx

  801. Pri-Ya says:

    Luckily, Thay is still with us. Understanding his teaching, also means understanding that the human body is the cloud and enjoying that which
    Is. Thay is at the beginning, in the muddle and at the end, always here
    and now within one’s inner most. His beauty, is each ones beauty waiting
    to blossom upon understanding that love is everything and wisdom is nothingness
    and between the two, truth is ever lasting.

  802. Dear Thay, dear brothers, dear sisters, thank you, cám ơn, for such an apt, monumental silhouette. Here’s my much smaller (but unwavering) candl for an altar of light & love, in life.

  803. Kevin | USA says:

    As Thay says…”The greatest gift you can give anyone is your
    attention”. Thay you have my attention. “I am here for you.” I offer
    you my love, peace, compassion, and prayers. Be well.

  804. S Anna knapp says:

    It is so difficult at this time to practice detachment .The greatest teaching on breathing ,the reality of birth and death is happening as I write .My thoughts and prayers are with all the devotees at Plum Village and around the World .

    • Dear Anna-To suffer from an attachment to Thay, if he continues on in another form at this time, would be something he might shake his head at, and smile indulgently. He would know we’ve not been paying attention to his teachings. It’s not wrong to grieve when someone we love dies…and it’s an illusion that we can only love a few people, and that something real is lost when they die. Practicing detachment is the key to happiness – ours and everyone’s.

  805. Sebastien says:

    “I first thought to post something for Thay to water his seed of
    happiness. After reflecting and meditating I thought such a great
    master would probably want me to focus my energy of compassion to all
    his followers, students, and friends who might be suffering during
    this time. We have never met before but I felt part of your Sangha
    with your online presence. Thank you for teaching me one more time to
    let go, and if the condition are still sufficient for your
    manifestation to remain with us I’m looking forward to a great
    teaching on going back to the unmanifested. A Lotus for you Buddha to

  806. Kevin says:

    As Thay says…”The greatest gift you can give anyone is your
    attention”. Thay you have my attention. “I am here for you.” I offer
    you my love, peace, compassion, and prayers.

  807. kay maughan says:

    Dear friends at plum village I am very happy that Thay is stable and making progress I pray and breath love and many blessings for Him i also do Tonglen and Green Tara.

    Many blessings to all Kay

  808. Barbara Bassenberg says:

    thank you so much for this information. I am so happy to hear, that Thay is on a good way. I was in Waldbröl and I could hear an watch all his words and
    giving us so good information for breathing and walking meditation.I hope
    and for him and send him every day my energie and good wishes. I send also
    to all of you my best wishes.
    that is a very good news, that munks and nons from plumvillage are now in Rom in the vatikan and the can pry together for thay, our dear friend and teacher. all the best wishes to all of you

  809. Elsa says:

    Dear Thay,

    May you be peaceful
    May you be happy
    May you be free from pain
    May you be free from fear

  810. Susan Patrick says:

    Peace and healing to you my teacher. As you continue to teach us and urges to love and support all, living a lifetime in every breath and every moment.

    Peace, Peace, Peace, Namaste

  811. aimee ballou says:

    I am thinking a lot of thays healing. i try to draw on and share the notions which he has brought to us. I am grateful in my heart for his presence among us. Thay has brought me closer to bhuddism and my practice of peace. my heart is warm. –

  812. Marilee Pittman says:

    Thay has changed my life. Because of his teaching I savour every moment of this previous life. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  813. I will keep Thay’s healing process in my prayers

  814. Beba says:

    Praying for Thays’ full recovery. Please keep me posted

  815. Soledad_Di_Pede_Di_Pede says:

    Desde Chile, mis plegarias y profunda respiración consciente para mi maestro. Tengo sólo gratitud en mi corazón por sus enseñanzas y profundo amor entregado a la humanidad completa.

    Sanación y recuperación completa para Thay.
    Mis pensamientos y oraciones están contigo.

  816. #Thichnhathanh in #hospital
    Greatly respect this amazing being!
    Strokes (and heart attacks) happen so often to our highly evolved teachers.
    My spirit guides have told me it is because of the high energy that is ‘run’ through their bodies.
    The analogy they gave me is that our bodies are ”wired” for 110, but working with the spirit world is like plugging into a 220 outlet and running that 220 energy through our human bodies.
    That is why they have told me that for every hour I spend working in the spirit realm (especially the channeling work) that I need to spend about 3-4 hours ”resting” in the physical world. By resting they don’t mean necessarily sleeping, but being peaceful, quiet, being quiet in nature and other peaceful, nurturing things. Washing dishes, mopping floors (working with water) are also some of those restful, restorative activities.

  817. James_Brown says:

    Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh,

    My Metta is beaming from my heart directly to yours. Thank you for lighting up this world through every thought, word, and action on your behalf. I bow my head three times to you.

    With Unlimited Metta,

  818. Eva_Thurfjell says:

    May Thay be free from suffering <3

  819. Much love and positive energy directed to you, my teacher. Namasté

  820. susan says:

    Sending love and prayers for comfort and healing. May you be free from suffering, and know the joy, peace, and wholeness that your spirit and your wisdom have brought to our world. With deepest gratitude.

  821. Teala_Spitzbarth says:

    My father had a brain aneurysm 16 years ago, and made a very good recovery. I offer the merit and light of our family’s healing path to beloved Thich Nhat Hanh’s complete recovery. May our footsteps through that path ease his journey through it. May all who attend to him rest aware within their own infinite wealth, extending support for his healing from these depths. May all the world Sanghas be a calm field of merit and sustenance for Thay’s recovery and continued sharing of this great inner wealth!

  822. Tanya Burnham says:

    Please accept my deepest wishes for healing and peace. Strength is difficult when there is great suffering, so it is a strengthening energy that I am sending to you all. With gratitude and love may my energy pass through your pain.

  823. ….sending love and gratitude….

  824. Debra Ehrlich says:

    I will send loving healing to our teacher who started me on my spiritual path many years ago.

  825. Sonnische says:

    Dear Thay, dear Sangha, our thoughts, our hearts and our entire beings are with you now. If it be possible, we hope for our beloved teacher’s recovery. Every moment may you be at ease, may you be safe and may you be free from suffering. May you be happy.

  826. Penelope Conlan says:

    Sad news…healing thoughts and prayers are sent with hopes of a full recovery.

  827. Sally says:

    Such sad news.

  828. polash barua says:

    I need to practice dharma.I like plumvillage to practice dharma

  829. polash barua says:

    I need to practice dharma. I like plum village

  830. Jennifer Morley says:

    Thank you

  831. Heike Kerber says:

    I am interested attending the autumn retreat….have been introduced to Thich Nhat Hahn mindfullness training only a few month ago in Australia and find it very inspiring…

    I will be in Europe during Septmber until beginning of October and wonder if I could attend your autmn retreat for 4-5 days ? If yes please let me know how to book and make arrangements to attend and how much it would cost wnd how best to get to plum village. I look forward hearing from you

    Warm regards Heike

  832. Narayan says:

    Very Quality techniques are used here for meoitatidn. I like these techniques even I tried these techniques and found lot of benefits. During my meoitatidn experience, I felt myself in a totally different world.Really very effective techniques..

  833. I am interested in attending the Italian Retreat called “The mind of love transforms all difficulties” on Aug. 26-31. Is this open for Americans?
    I would be so very grateful for information.
    With kind blessings,

  834. Rosa says:

    I am free, I am free, I am free!

  835. Rosa says:

    Too many people believe that interbeing means we are all one, and we must be together even in opression and injustice. This is nonsense. Please read Thay’s books properly and read the Buddhist scriptures of any tradition and you will understand this is not so. There is a lot of misunderstanding about Buddhism here in the West, and it’s not Thay’s fault, it is common ignorance (avidyā). When are you going to learn to think by yourselves and see things and they are? Or do you prefer to just do prostrations and repeat words that you do not understand?

  836. Kathryn Breault says:

    Hi there-

    I am a teacher interested in attending the October mindfulness retreat for educators. Where do I go to register? Thank you!

  837. Andrell Rodriguez says:

    I’m in France for 6 weeks and would like to visit your retreat center. Please let me know you SIMM ear schedule.

    • Dake Yiyang Muzi says:

      Every step I take
      With mindfulness I rake
      Wondrous positive progress
      I thought,
      Soon I regress
      Till I yearn no more
      The real progress in store

  838. Mary Pearson says:

    Being able to watch and listen to Thay’s talks this way is a great help. Thank you.

  839. Mitahyang says:

    The world we live in is impermanent

  840. Jean Cha says:

    I am leaving this message in hopes of finding a nun. I don’t know her Dharma name but her name was Stephanie before she became a Buddhist nun. She is a Korean by birth but she was adapted by American Parents. I met her when she was visiting Sambosa, a Korean Buddhist temple in Carmel, CA, about 3 years ago. I am desperately looking to reconnect with her. I have some information that she has been seeking. Please help.

  841. Must be the moment…mesmerized by this: “I have almost no self-confidence, but I have total confidence in my non-self elements; clearly I do because I haven’t been the least bit anxious, and so I think I am experiencing non-self confidence.” Where can I find more about the non-self (besides in myself) 😉

    Namasté Mo

  842. Woody Cash says:

    Peace is the only credible lasting option and with every passing day we get just a little closer. Our biggest obstacle to peace is a lack of understanding. Once we both sides of a disagreement understand each other, peace is obtainable.

  843. Suranganie Dayaratne says:

    What a peaceful looking Master! His appearance proves that he has developed compassion to the maximum level. Yes, we have to reduce, delete anger for us to gain more compassion. Thank you.

  844. There are no words of justice and injustice if we can give unconditional love to all. Because judgement and criticism are not necessary in order to separate oneself and others. If oneself is accepted unconditionally, oneself can accept oneself and others unconditionally at the same time.

    Source of stress is human ego. If friction occurs between your ego and someone’s ego, stress occurs. Therefore, if either of you release your own ego, stress does not occur. In other words, if you release your own ego, stress will never occur between you and any counterparts. That’s because we can accept any counterparts in spite of their attitudes if we can accept just the way we are.

    If you release your ego, stress will never occur between any counterparts. However, problems won’t be solved if your counterparts don’t release their ego. Problems will be solved only if both sides release own ego.

    What we need is unconditional acceptance of all. We must not separate ourselves with others because we are interdependent.

  845. Hi Joanne,

    I want to add one more thing to my previous comment.
    I want to recommend all parents on this planet to accept their children just the way they are, especially in babyhood. Because that is the way to enable children to love themselves. If parents manipulate their children consciously or unconsciously, they will suffer their whole life and may commit suicide in the worst case. That is a tragedy for both children and parents. Instead, if children are accepted just the way they are, self-love overflows themselves and enables them to love others. As a result, they will be loved by others and be happy to love themselves. This is the good circulation of unconditional love. This is the best way how to make everyone happy because “Loving oneself is the foundation of loving the other person” as Thay says.


  846. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you very much for sharing your detailed experience of healing your inner child. I had a similar experience as yours and have just overcome the suffering of my inner child. I believe that the degree may be different but most of the people who were not given unconditional love by parents in babyhood must have inner child in subconscious. And I am convinced that this inner child creates one’s ego (distorted view that is I am special, separate) for self-protection. And ego (distorted view or separate self) is the source of sufferings because it causes self-centered attachment, greed, arrogance and destructive emotions such as fear, insecurity, anger, hatred, despair. Therefore, Healing the Inner Child is the common theme for all human beings.

    I recognized the lack of self-love when my very painful ego appeared all of a sudden unconsciously and repeatedly. Even though I am aware that ego is the source of sufferings and that unconditional love and compassion is the source of happiness, ego appeared. I looked deeply into myself and found out that self-love was lacking in me. I was very afraid of my ego. I was trying to give unconditional love and compassion to others without self-love. But I failed because I had nothing to offer. I asked myself, “How can I stop rejecting myself? How can I love myself?” I had two versions of myself, so I had to collapse duality.

    First of all, I tried to attain self-love by loving-kindness meditation but it didn’t work. Then I looked deeply into myself again to find out why self-love was lacking in me. I finally met my inner child who was frightened at parents who didn’t accept just the way I was. So, I had to be nothing but their puppet for self-protection. My parents are very old and I know I can’t expect their unconditional love now. Therefore, I decided to heal my inner child by giving unconditional love by myself. Within a week, I succeeded in healing my inner child and could release my ego with pleasure. Then my true self was back finally. My method is not Mindfulness but is very effective to save time and energy.


  847. Barbara says:

    I would be nourished by a high quality recording of this song for download/purchase. Thank you for this. It brings peace instantly.

  848. barbara says:

    Is a high quality recording of this song available for purchase?

  849. Iva Frafa says:

    I’d like to receive all notices about gratitude and happiness

  850. Janet W.K. Chang says:

    Thank you very much for posting so many valuable audio/video’s and transcripts on your website. I benefit a lot from these and pass them on to others regularly.

  851. I can easily guess that Thay is very happy to have heard from you to let him know your actual story. The most beautiful fruit you got was self-love, or self-acceptance through mindfulness. It is very hard for people who have self-hatred to love themselves. But your story is a proof that mindfulness was effective for transforming yourself from self-hatred to self-love. I am sure that you will make a great contribution in the future because “Loving oneself is the foundation of loving the other person” as Thay says.

  852. Sarah says:

    Dear Thay,
    I accidentally found the practice when I was trying to find an elective for school. I was running in all ways trying to emancipate myself from my suffering. This practice has deeply affected my entire life. I have learned how to make friends. I have stopped being fearful that everyone would hurt me. I learned how to love myself. I learned that love is not what I thought it was. Now as a social worker in the homeless shelters I take the practice there too. It has healed so many on a deep level, staff and clients alike. I didn’t know how to enjoy my life and I had pretty much given up that the world was a good place. I am pretty sure you saved my life.
    Sarah MacDonald
    Toronto, Canada

  853. Kha says:

    I was very moved by your story, probably because I can recognize, in a way, my own suffering. You ware able to stand up and fight with big courage and honor, regardless. You are an inspiration for me. I hope you continue your ‘journey into the depth of kindness’, as someone important said it to me once. May you be happy…

  854. Bob Clarke says:

    I would dearly like to get to know more about Plum Village .

  855. peter jones says:

    Hello, i just read the story abuot anger and how to not react with it, but the story is all abuot not reacting to other people with anger. I often get angry with myself for mistakes, how can i not do that?



    • Aé Li says:

      Hi Peter, :)

      How about treating yourself as they treat others in this story ?

      I assume that if you look deep inside, you will find some parts of yourself that are wonderful and not filled with anger. Considering these parts, you can have forgiveness and compassion for the angry part inside you, because the wonderful part deserve your love.

      And anyway, as a being, you deserve forgiveness and compassion, but that’s my personal point of view. 😉

      A Lotus for you, Buddha-to-be

  856. Josh says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangah. “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar to them.” I have started to approach the unknown and now I have no fear. Each day is a blessing, each breath nourishing. I no longer get it’s as I’ve now learned the way home.
    Love and respect to my great teacher.

  857. Jack Saunsea says:

    Excellent to hear! I hope to visit soon.

  858. alisse says:

    Dearest teacher,
    I am ever thankful for your teachings of surrounding others with love and compassion. As an antiracist activist, I employ this practice and just watch and listen as hate is unraveled. Thank you!

  859. Maria de Fatima S. Cardoso says:

    Gratidão e amor sempre !

  860. Carondelet Dember says:

    Dear Thay,
    I met you right after 9/11 through your quote about learning compassion through your actual experience of suffering. I still have that quote pinned up on my board. As a sexual abuse survivor you spoke my language of what I’ve experienced through my on going healing process. Many times when the young scared child part of my me is reexperiencing the trauma, I see you and the adult me walking her back home from the rapes. You are her safe male she feels calm with. Also that sweet young girl really appreciates your mindfulness training that speaks to protecting children from sexual abuse at all cost. The adult me along with all of my younger parts bows deep gratitude for you.

  861. Michèle Negele says:

    dear Thay, dear Sangha, i feel greatful and honoured to be mentioned in the one million buddhas to be article. till the dutch reatreat i will keep on breathing , drawing your gathas and watching your dharma talks. from my hospitalbed a fragrant rose for all, Michèle Negele “true arising equanimity”

  862. Nathalie says:

    je souhaiterai avoir les textes traduit en français es ce possible ?
    Vous en remerciant à l’avance.
    Bien cordialement

  863. Gayatri says:

    My 31 yr old daughter passed on 3 years ago and my world collapsed. I am grateful to Dharmacharya Shantum Seth for giving me Thay’s book ” No death no grief” ….I live day to day with the support of Thay’s readings and thank the Sangha in New Delhi for their kindness and love.

  864. teresa buchanan says:

    I love this song. Is there some way to download it on to my computer or iphone? I’ll gladly pay for this because i would like to use it in my meditation practice. thank you for such a beautiful song.

  865. Phyllis Habib says:

    Thank you.

  866. Mary Phillips says:

    Thank you for impacting my life in so many ways through your books – some of which I have re-read. I am a 15 year survivor of stage three breast cancer and I have lupus, yet everyday holds blessings for me. You have taught me so much about how to see my blessings and how to enjoy them. Again, thank you.

  867. So happy to be part of this beautiful Sangha.

  868. Rita Autrey says:

    I came onto this post and didnt know Thich NhatHanh, but I want to ESP. After reading how people are finding peace..I believe it will help me with not only my chronic pain, but also all the sad and hurtful things going on right now in my life and the world! Thank you!

  869. Elaine Fleming says:

    I just took the Membership survey and said I did not get enough information from you, but then I was taken directly to your website where I realized there is much you do that I had not noticed. This Audio Morning Chant is wonderful. Please know, you are doing a better job communicating than I indicated in the survey! I would welcome daily emails from you with a link to audio chants, guided meditation, etc. Another Mindfulness Center does that and it prompts me every day to meditate as soon as I wake up–or anytime. Thank you and peace.

  870. Jay says:

    Thay is Great! awesome realizations!!! Thay I honor you!

  871. HUong says:

    I wonder if there is Any room left for THE program?
    Thank you

  872. marie therese house says:

    Thank you so much for that beautiful testimony. What an incredible path! Congratulations on taking the choice of living. You’re right when you say that after meeting Thay, his voice and his words are printed in us and it is such help. Your story will be printed in me too. Thank you for writing it for us. Hope to meet you one day at plum village! I am so lucky I live in france, not far away from that peaceful and regenerating place and people of course.

  873. alessia bortoli says:

    good day, i wish to receive information about italian retreat in August from 26 to 31 August.
    I need to be informed about a location for me and 3 children (6 and 11 years)and also other friends could be interested.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

  874. Address the issue says:

    I hope that while there, Thich Nhat Hanh will address the problem of racism brought to public opinion last week during a Barcelona’s match at Villarreal when a banana was thrown to Brazilian Dani Alves in the field in a clear “monkey” reference because the color of his skin. It’s just the latest in a series of taunts by a people with a long history of prejudice.

  875. Clara Brown says:

    I love what you have done with your life and I hope to follow in your footsteps.

    Kind Regards


  876. Rosa Grau says:

    Dear brothers and sisters: The meditation in Barcelona will take place in Arc de Triomf, Passeig Lluís Companys, written in the Catalan language. Let me ask you to be sensitive to the language of Catalonia, very specially at this time when we are peacefully walking together towards our country’s freedom. The place has been well chosen, considering it bears the name of one of our Presidents, Lluís Companys, who was killed in 1940 by the Spanish Franco-ist regime, and it has the Arch of Triumph as its main monument. Thank you for coming to Catalonia. I will be there too!

    • Thank you for this detail. We have updated it with the Catalan name. We hope you will enjoy the event.

    • Michael says:

      Do nationalism and self-hype have something to do with peace and meditation?
      Let me kindly ask you to think about the place nationalisms have in history. In Spain, it is being disguised with a non-violence framework.
      Remember the concept interbeing: we are all related, and you are trying to place a wall between you and your spanish brothers…
      It doesn’t sound peaceful to me…
      Cheers from Ireland

      • John says:

        Never better said Michael!!
        Me myself I am a Spaniard with Galician roots, but in my opinion someone is Spanish whatever the region in Spain your roots lie. To mix nationalistic ideals with such a beautiful thing as interbeing, and buddhism is like mixing water with oil. It don’t mix!!!


      • Rosa says:

        I am sorry, but you obviously are misinformed about the issue. Catalonia is an opressed nation, just like many others in the world, whose fight for independence you would surely endorse (let me name Tibet, for example). Our “nationalism”, as you call it, is not exclusive, but self-defensive. Come to Catalonia and see the happiness of a nation about to become free. This is ehipassika like the dhamma, man!

  877. Van Nguyen says:

    Con chúc Thầy cùng Tăng thân một chuyến đi bình an vô sự.
    Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật

    • Rosa says:

      Sorry, but some of us do not understand Vietnamese, here. I wish I had time to learn it! Could you please translate your words into a European language (English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Italian…? Thanks.

  878. iago taibo corsanego says:

    Me and my team want to thank you all for this great effort. We feel blessed with the presence of the great master here. We will take good care of him, because we will like to repeat this experiencie several other times in the future. See you soon, dear shanga! Congratulations for your exceptional work in all the world.

  879. rosemary Cornish says:

    Timely reminder for me. Living alone and getting older its helpful to remember to stay present and aware.

  880. Dan Ryan says:

    I come in Peace

  881. Lisa says:

    Such a lovely reminder. Thank you!

  882. eileen wellgate says:

    Many thanks for the timely perspective. It has reminded me.

  883. Heera says:

    Wish to know more about Thich Nath than programmes in India or South East Asia

  884. Susan says:

    Beautiful heart felt story. Makes me feel it is safe to express sadness , and i shouldn’t be ashamed of my depression

  885. Becky Haverkos says: