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272 comments on “PV DOM
  1. Jerry Rossman says:

    May Thay know eternal peace and happiness in the Heaven within.

  2. Helen Ponder says:

    Your teachings and stories provided the foundation for the meditations I have been offering as a new meditation teacher. They soothe everyone in the group and bring healing. Thank you.

  3. Marie Downer says:

    Dear Thay , Isend my love to you. You have guided me through these years of fear and considerable pain. You have brought me to my Sangha for healing. May you continue in your recovery. I love you very much! Marie Downer Organic Garden Sangha Culver City, California

  4. Margaret STJOHN says:

    Returning to Thay the energy of his warm, strong, clear and honest teachings and intentions, and ongoingly grateful for those teachings he continues to give through his current process.

  5. Linda Kelly says:

    Beautiful Thay and the sacred sanga throughout the cosmos, I am truly humbled to be writing in this very moment. I wish to present my sincerest thanks for the past 30 years of my exposure to reading and practicing, the compassionate and present moment simple philosophy of living, which has been the vital source of my life. My prayers are with you all. May love, light and brightness permieat all at Plum Village and throughout the universe. X

  6. Robert Smith says:

    As I don’t have a sangha near me, Thay’s writings and talks have been the major guiding force in my practice of mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist teachings. I am glad to hear that he is stable and appears to be improving. My energy goes out to help him heal. Thay’s energy has improved my life, and now I hope that I can do the same in turn. Namaste! _/|\_
    Rob Smith

  7. Mark fartman says:

    Dear Thay,

    Thank you for every word that came out of your mouth. Breath In, I know I am breathing in, Breath Out, I am grateful to my beloved teacher Thay.

  8. Steve Osten says:

    Few years ago, I did a walk meditation with Thay. I cherish those moment of noble silence. May God heal you and may your loving, tender, passionate, and compassionate words touch the world. Knowing that everyone has an expiration date; if this is your time, may you go in peace and rest in peace! You’ve have touched me in so many ways and helped me be a better person, and for that I am grateful.

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