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  1. vivi bowden says:

    A dear healer you have been to me for many decades. I am now 11 years post major paralyzing stroke and surprised & grateful for each new day as I still improve. Please keep on keeping on, dear Thay. I learned to sing again, walk again, read & write again. So much help, even tho’ my husband of 40 years filed for divorce, doubting I would recover.

  2. Emma Hannan says:

    Kayla clearly practiced compassion in action and was very brave putting those enduring terrible suffering concerns for her own wellbeing. Have a joyous rebirth.

  3. Veronica Anne deMarie says:

    Namaste Dear teacher. Your current journey is a teaching example of wonder, joy and patience. You continue to lead by example. With Love Honor and respect. Thankfully, Veronica

  4. art says:

    Let your light be ever brighter for many years to come.

  5. Ann says:

    Reading Your last update About Thay drinking his first cup of tea, and watching the moon rise, I felt connected and Present in the room with him and his beloved attendants. I just finished reading his joUrnal from 1962-1966 “Fragrant Palm Leaves “. I understand more deeply now what made him who he is. I understand more deeply what it means to be a mother, and what Buddhism and compassion mean. What a gift Thay Is to humanity. Thank you so for the updateS. Any news to share ?

  6. kay Maughan says:

    When I awake Every Day I Pray For Thays recovery,He has given so much love to the world and taught us so much.Love and Many Blessings kay

  7. Tam Dat says:

    Dear Thay, Con cau mong Phat Bao Gia ho cho suc khoe cua Thay som binh phuc de tiep tuc giao hoa do chung. God Bless You My Dear Master. Tam Dat.

  8. AmyCloud Chambers says:

    We are all grateful for Thay’s continued healing. He has taught us so much about love, and it is a joy to pray for his recovery.

  9. Shantum says:

    Thank you Kayla,
    Your light continues to shine in the midst of darkness. It is an impo thread of our sangha.
    You live in our hearts and our aspirations for a peaceful and just world.

  10. Valentine says:

    I wish a soon recovery keep us updated please! he is a wonderful teacher and human being :) I will come to visit soon the Plum village in France I’m so interested in the monastic life

  11. louisehawes says:

    I keep Thay’s comments on the heart sutra with me always. I am so deeply happy that he is still with us, in body. His joy has always been an inspiration. It still is. Sending love and gratitude for each minute he shares, and for your updates.

  12. Louise Hawes says:

    I keep Thay’s comments on the heart sutra with me always. I am so deeply happy that he is still with us, in body. His joy has always been an inspiration. It still is. Sending love and gratitude for each minute he shares.

  13. Shirley says:

    Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Peace is Every Breath” is my constant companion. I’ve read it numerous times and each time I am touched anew and learn something that I missed previously. His teachings have changed my life and helped me find peace and joy. I wish him much love and a speedy recovery.

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