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Nov 2015

Date Event
Nov 20, 2015 until
Feb 19, 2016

Vietnamese / English / French

Winter Retreat
Our annual 90-day Winter Retreat will take place from 20 November 2015 to 19 February 2016. The Winter Retreat will include two special weeks around the holiday season: Christmas Week and New Year Week, when you are welcome to join us to celebrate peacefully in community.

Jan 2016

Date Event
Jan 01, 2016 until
Dec 31, 2016

English / French / Vietnamese

2016 Retreat Program
We are very happy to present to you our confirmed schedule of mindful living retreats to be hosted by the Plum Village monastic community, and led by Senior Dharma Teachers in 2016. Click through to see details...

Mar 2016

Date Event
Mar 21, 2016 until
Mar 28, 2016

Vietnamese with English and French

great ordination 2013
Great Ordination Ceremonies
A special week of formal ceremonies to transmit precepts to monks, nuns, lay men and lay women. The usual Plum Village daily schedule is replaced with a special program where the whole community comes together every day from morning until late afternoon for various ceremonies.

Apr 2016

Date Event
Apr 08, 2016 until
May 27, 2016

English / French / Vietnamese

pink cosmos flower
Spring Retreat
The Spring Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to practice renewal and transformation with our residential community of over 200 monks, nuns and lay practitioners. We invite you to join us for a deep experience of mindful living for a one-week or two-week retreat, as Mother Earth stirs from slumber and new blossoms begin to appear.
Apr 16, 2016 until
Apr 23, 2016


French magnolias
Francophone Retreat
We are happy to announce that the annual Plum Village seven day retreat for French-speakers will take place from Saturday 16th - Saturday 23rd April 2016. We look forward to welcoming our thriving Francophone community to come together to nourish ourselves with peace, joy and brotherhood and sisterhood as we practice mindfulness together with Plum Village monastics. The Dharma Talks will be offered by Senior Plum Village Dharma Teachers in French.

Jun 2016

Date Event
Jun 01, 2016 until
Jun 22, 2016


LH formal lunch
21-Day Retreat: Vulture Peak Gathering
Continuing the tradition established by our Teacher, of a 21-day Retreat in Plum Village every two years, we invite our international sangha members to join the Plum Village monastic community for 21-days of deep practice together this coming June. We know that coming together in this way, the collective energy of mindfulness, concentration and insight will be very powerful.
Jun 24, 2016 until
Jul 01, 2016


working meditation summer
Community Working Week
To prepare for our four-week Summer Opening Retreat we will have one week of working joyfully and wholeheartedly together as a residential community. The usually daily program of meditation will be replaced with mindful work periods outdoors from morning until evening.