Summer Opening Retreat – New Hamlet

Dear friends,

Welcome to the registration for our Summer Opening Retreat in New Hamlet. Please select your arrival date below and then click on “Search for Availability”. You can book for one, two, three or four weeks. Please be aware that the minimum rental time is 1 week and the maximum rental time is 4 weeks.

We advise families with children to camp. That way, you are the closest to the main building and the children’s program. It is the easiest way to move around.
Please be aware that if you book a 2 person room with private bathroom, you need to walk 10 minutes to the main building every day. If you do book such a room for your family, it is possible to add a mattress for your child. In that case, please register your child as ‘commuter’.
We can only accept Dutch or German speaking children under 13 years old.
In dormitories, we can not accept children under 6 years old and boys over 8 years old.
We do not accept children to stay in gites.