Summer Opening Retreat – Upper Hamlet

Dear friends,

Upper Hamlet is restructuring its registration process and policy to reduce the difficulties and challenges in the registration office. Please be patient with us as it might be unfamiliar to some of you.
One major change that will help us is our encouragement for online payment before arrival.
Second is that our policy – that all single women should register in New Hamlet or Lower Hamlet – needs more of your support and compliance. However if you are a single mother with a child that takes part in the children’s program in French, Spanish or Italian then you can register in Upper Hamlet.

We thank you for your understanding and compassion.
The brothers of Upper Hamlet & Son Ha

Please select your arrival date below and then click on “Search for Availability”. Please be aware that the minimum rental time is 1 week and the maximum rental time is 4 weeks.

Update: The last three weeks of the Summer Opening are completely booked in Upper Hamlet. We will receive no more bookings for the 8th-29th of July.