At the Forefront of Environmental Activism

During “Action from the Heart” online retreat in February, Br Phap Linh had the unique opportunity to interview two special women in the environmental activism field – Christiana Figueres and Dr. Gail Bradbrook.

The Moon

If you take a few moments, following your breath while looking at the moon, you become present and the moon will be more beautiful and brighter in your eyes. Mindfulness energy is like the gentle moonlight shining on everything without discrimination, and all beings can be embraced and healed....

Moments of Joy

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we would like to offer you a few poems, ‘Moments of Joy’ read by Sr Dieu Nghiem (also known as Sr Jina), a senior disciple of Thay, and a much loved Dutch-Irish nun of the Plum Village tradition. Those who have encountered her...

Monastic Retreat 2021

Every year all the brothers and sisters from the Plum Village centers in Europe look forward to a monastic retreat together. This is a chance for us to build brotherhood and sisterhood, and deepen our practice after a full year of offering retreats to people all around the world....

“Healing Ourselves – Healing the World”

In Asia and the Pacific? Thai Plum Village will be hosting a much needed online retreat on "Heaing ourselves - Healing the World". Featuring live talks & meditations, Dharma sharings, and a ceremony for the Five Mindfulness Trainings


How in our busy daily life can we have the opportunity to stop running and come back to the present moment? God is always present. It is we who have wandered off somewhere forgetting to be there for God. Sister Annabel Laity, an English-born Buddhist nun in the lineage...

Flowers in the Dark

Learn the accessible and deeply compassionate practices for healing trauma, known as the Five Strengths of applied Zen Buddhism. More than a philosophy, these body-based practices are backed by modern neuroscience research, and they can be applied by anyone suffering from trauma to begin experiencing relief. Mindfulness teacher Sister...

The Art of Inner Healing

Join us live from Plum Village for a powerful and transformative 3-day weekend retreat online. Allow the monastic teachers to guide you through essential practices developed by Thich Nhat Hanh to restore peace, wellbeing and healing in your body and mind.

Waking up to Whiteness

In February 2020, [the White Awareness Sangha] organized a small retreat for ourselves. Our group was welcomed by the Healing Spring Monastery near Paris, allowing us to ground ourselves in the collective energy of mindfulness throughout the training.

The Birds are Still Singing

Talk from 7 March 2021. As we come in touch with the newly blooming flowers and the rising bird-song of Spring, Sr. Từ Nghiêm guides us in inquiring: how may we offer Spring cleaning and renewal to our body, and to our mind? In this warm and image-rich talk,...

Sister Chân Thệ Nghiêm

True Vow Sister The Nghiem, currently the abbess of White Crane Hamlet at Blue Cliff Monastery, is a second-generation Vietnamese-American who grew up in Pennsylvania. She is one of the pioneers of Blue Cliff Monastery, helping to guide its transformation from a family holiday resort into a mindfulness practice...


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“A la Carte” Dharma Talk

A talk from 7 March based on questions that people have sent in. Offered for Mountain Spring Monastery in Australia and the Compassionate Ocean Sangha:, You can support this podcast at

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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