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Songs / Gatha for Eating meditation

Eating can be very joyful and a deep practice. It nourishes us not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. We can spend a moment to be grateful for all the conditions that support our life – our parents, Mother Earth and Father Sun, etc… By living happily and with awareness, we also transmit this way of life to our descendants.
You may like to sing this song before your meal to nourish gratitude and happiness while eating.

Gatha for Eating Meditation
Lyrics by Thich Nhat Hanh
Music by Sr. Chan Duc

In the dimension of space and time
We chew in rhythm with our breath 
Maintaining the life of all our ancestors
Opening an upward path for descendants.

In the dimension of space and time
How dreadful that we eat each other
Eating I maintain compassion alive
To take all beings to the other shore.

Listen & download audio here.

Gatha for Eating meditation 1:05

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