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Germany Tour (20.4.—23.5.)

Freiburg (Weekend retreat with all-ages sangha, hiking, Earth-Holder event, and an evening with the Wake Uppers) Freiburg, our first stop, has received us with open arms, blooming hillside meadows, and much anticipation to hold our first-weekend retreat. From many nearby cities, the Sangha of all ages gathered, and it...

Day 2:

Ceremony for laying Thay’s body in the casket – Live from Vietnam –US Time Zones: Saturday January 22 at 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern –Central European Time (France): Sunday January 23 at 2:00 AM –Vietnam time: Sunday January 23 at 8:00 AM Follow our ceremonies broadcast from Huế,...

„Love is Freedom“ – Earth Retreat

The international Earth Holders communities is delighted to invite you all to a 7 days “Earth Retreat” in Plum Village France on-site and online.

Summer Opening 2023

From July 9th - 29th 2023, Plum Village will be a kingdom of smiles for families with children and teens.

Apertura Estiva 2023

Se un bambino sorride, se un adulto sorride, questo è molto importante. Thich Nhat Hanh Dal 9 al 29 luglio 2023, Plum Village sarà il regno del sorriso per le famiglie con bambini e ragazzi. Gli insegnamenti e le pratiche saranno rivolti a persone di tutte le età, con...

The Five Remembrances

Sr Thuận Nghiêm talked about the Upajjhatthana Sutta (Subjects for Contemplation) otherwise known as the Five Remembrances during the Spring Retreat. 1. I am of the nature to grow old, I cannot escape old age. Plum trees need to be trimmed so that their sap energy does not get...

Retraite d’été 2023

Rejoignez-nous pour 1 semaine -
Du 9 au 29 juillet 2023, le Village des Pruniers sera un véritable royaume de sourires pour les familles avec enfants et/ou adolescents.

Wake Up Earth „Engaged Action & Aspiration“

Sister True Dedication teaches on how to combine spirituality and action. When we have found a spiritual path, we realize that we are not alone, we walk the path with others. The Four Noble Truths enable us to see the heart of the situation and the way to better...

Learning to let go

Dear friends of the four fold Sangha, A deep bow to you all from Lower Hamlet, Plum Village. Here we have just started the first week of our Autumn retreat, the golden poplar leaves are floating down in the gusts of wind, rain is finally falling on our summer...

Nourishing your Mother & Father in You (Magnolia Grove)

The Sangha is gathered together at Magnolia Grove Monastery in Batesville, Mississippi during the 2011 US Teaching Tour with the theme Cultivating the Mind of Love. This 88-minute dharma talk is from September 30, 2011. We begin with a 23-minute teaching for the children present at the retreat. Of...

The Three Doors of Liberation or the Three Dharma Seals

During the Italian Retreat Sr Chân Đức begins the talk by answering some written questions from the Q & A session: 1. How do we manage our relationship so that we are not too needy nor too self-sufficient? 2. How do I deal with aggression in a relationship? 3....

At the Forefront of Environmental Activism

During “Action from the Heart” online retreat in February, Br Phap Linh had the unique opportunity to interview two special women in the environmental activism field – Christiana Figueres and Dr. Gail Bradbrook.

„Love is Freedom“ – Earth Retreat

The international Earth Holders communities is delighted to invite you all to a 7 days “Earth Retreat” in Plum Village France on-site and online.

„Action from the Heart“: A Diary

Action From The Heart was a Plum Village online retreat for activists which took place in February this year. Andrew Rock, who attended the retreat, keeps a diary of events and shares his highlights with us.

In memory of Thay Phap Y

Dear Spiritual Family, With great regret we announce that our dear Italian brother Thay Phap Y passed away last Friday morning, February 7th, 2014. He was a teacher to all of us, our big brother, our „Venerable Thich Chan Phap Y“, and „Papi“ to many. He was a colorful...

Reflections on the Paris Climate Conference

Thay Phap Dung, January 2016 Once again a generation is called to stop, reflect and take action for the collective, for our common home. The 2015 Paris Climate Conference was an opportunity for our human family to pause and look at the reality of the situation, and to discover...

I Don’t Run Away Anymore

Thay recently received this beautiful and moving letter from one of his students (a lay man) in Ireland. With permission from the author, Thay asked us to type it up and post it online for the whole community to read. We have transcribed it from the original handwritten letter,...

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