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Thich Nhat Hanh at Upper Hamlet

Thây gives approximately 100 dharma talks per year. Your generous support will pay for the hardware, software, internet services, and the time to annotate each talk throughout the year. The talks will continue to be freely available on the Thich Nhat Hanh Dharma Talks, Lang Mai, and YouTube.

Thây has offered us a vision of building an online monastery, or online temple, where practitioners may come not just to receive information, but to practice online: to follow their breathing, experience guided meditation, interact with monastics and lay practitioners, etc.

By making a donation you are helping to manifest the conditions for such a resource to greater meet the needs of people throughout the world. In this way you support all of us in our practice, whether we are just temporarily away from a practice center or whether this online monastery is our only connection to a living, practicing Sangha.

We are using a new service (Patreon) that allows for you to become an ongoing patron for this archive. Each patron can make a donation, as little as $1 per talk, to be donated automatically on a monthly basis. Payments are made by credit card or PayPal and patrons can be anywhere in the world. When you visit the site, you identify the amount you want to give for each talk, identify a maximum amount per month, and provide your mailing address. 

Thank you for your practice and for your generosity



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