Upper Hamlet

aspirants laying out cushionsUpper Hamlet, also known as Dharma Cloud Temple, is home to Plum Village’s community of monks, and growing community of resident male lay practitioners.

Upper Hamlet is where Thay wrote Old Path, White Clouds, and where he resides with the Bhikkhu community every Winter.

The majestic Linden Tree, the footpath around the ridge, and the hillside of Buddha statues are all legendary places as dear to the international Plum Village community as they are to Thay.

UH meditation hall

The largest of Plum Village’s hamlets, Upper Hamlet hosts up to 500 people during our Summer Retreat, and offers extensive programs for children, teens and young adults. 

Thanks to the generosity of donors, in recent years Upper Hamlet has been able to welcome everyone by completing a new Meditation Hall and Tea House, undertaking ambitious landscaping projects (including a beautiful new Lotus Pond), and even constructing a new modern public bathroom complex.

Every year the monks embark on new projects to renovate and restore the ancient farm buildings, and provide much-needed dormitory space for young men of all nationalities and backgrounds who are coming in increasing numbers.

Your donation towards the Upper Hamlet will help preserve the ancient buildings and develop our facilities, so we can continue to be a place of refuge and nourishment for the next generation long into the future.

upper hamlet hillside sitting buddhas_DSC8008

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