Lower Hamlet

The purchase of the Lower Hamlet farm buildings in 1982 was the first step in the founding of Plum Village

Lower Hamlet is the oldest and most rustic of the Plum Village hamlets, and is in urgent need of renovation to meet current building regulations.

Thanks to the generous support of our long-time Lower Hamlet friends and the wider Plum Village community, work started in November 2013, and we were able to avoid closure.

We are now undertaking the most ecological and comprehensive renovation project so far in Plum Village, having raised 500,000 Euros over the last two years.

LH renovation - new dining hall 2

Work began on the main building in Nov. 2013

It is a great joy for everyone to see the ancient buildings restored and modernized, enhancing their beauty and charm. You can see some recent photos on Plum Village’s Facebook page. 

We have now begun installing a huge bio-mass heating system, insulation and double glazing, and are renewing our ecological waste water system.

The extended verandah on the bookshop was completed in Summer 2014

The new bookshop verandah was completed in Summer 2014

We invite you to participate in helping Lower Hamlet and Plum Village grow, by making a donation towards this exciting project.

In Fall 2014 we began the work on Persimmon Building to upgrade our existing guest accommodation and provide wheelchair accessible bedrooms and bathrooms.

2015 LH Dining Hall 2

The New Dining Hall was completed in January 2015

LH sisters

Familiar smiles from the Lower Hamlet: Sister Su Nghiem (True Mission), Sister Tinh Do (Sister Pure Land), Sister Tri Nghiem (True Holding) and Sister Tam Muoi (Sister Samadhi)

Please join us in building a beautiful ecological Lower Hamlet, creating a nourishing environment for the practice, for everyone to enjoy long into the future.

No donation is too small.

Every gift carries your love and support, and sustains this wonderful project.

2015 LH Dining Hall 1

Sister Chan Khong welcomes guests to celebrate the opening of the new Dining Hall in January 2015

LH belltower

Returning from walking meditation under the poplar grove on a Summer’s Day

Cedar BuildingPersimmonCherry House