Dharma Talks / Because we inter-are | “Spirituality, Science & Action” Retreat, Talk #2

Br Phap Linh

“What do I want to do with my life?”

Brother Phap Linh shows us how in our times, we cannot ask this question as an individual anymore. We have the responsibility to look at it under the light of the present situation and in a way that includes the whole of humanity, future generations, all species, and our dear planet.

Are we able to break through the collective dream of individualism and touch the insight of inter-being? Indeed, we cannot change the world without changing our consciousness. The only way is to strengthen our insight to produce a change in our way of living.

The daily practice of Right Mindfulness, one aspect of the Eightfold Noble Path, and a deep understanding of the Four Noble Truths, help us to challenge our intellect and realize this insight of inter-being. The livability of Earth depends on this collective realization. Through concrete examples, Br. Phap Linh takes us on thought experiments that challenge the views of a self, a human being, a living being, and a lifespan.

0:00 Chanting – May the Day be Well, De La Vision Profonde

8:35 Start of Dharma Talk

29:00 Four Noble Truths

42:00 Mechanics of compassion

49:00 Noble Eightfold Path – Right View

59:00 Diamond Sutra – challenging views of self, human being, living being, and lifespan

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