Dharma Talks / Being At Home, Enriching Our Practice

Br Pháp Hữu

Brother Phap Huu sets the stage for the Winter Retreat 2017-18 by sharing his amazement the first time he met a Plum Village monastic (15:36). Winter retreat is an opportunity to rekindle this beginner’s mind. A homecoming, a time for resting and taking refuge.

When we know how to take refuge in the Sangha’s practice energy, we can ride it like a wave. To overcome our difficulties and fuel our aspiration.

Brother Phap Huu explains how we can realize our aspiration practically in our day to day life. We can make good use of the precious opportunity the Winter Retreat offers us to practise concertedly for the 90 days.

For those who cannot physically attend the Winter Retreat in Plum Village, you can still benefit from the collective practice energy by following the Dharma talks here on YouTube and by adopting some elements of the Plum Village winter schedule into your life.

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