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Dharma Talks / Heal the Wounds and Transform Our Habits

Br Pháp Dung

Wake Up Earth Retreat

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Bell is invited Dear respected teacher, dear noble community, dear family Today is august 14th year 2017 and we are in Upper Hamlet in our retreat Wake up Eart retreat, wonderful retreat So inspiring to see so many young people gathering practising to wake up even though we are a little sleepy sometimes, its okay sometimes its nice to lay in the lawn and for some of my brothers and sisters its very new for us to have people doing yoga everywhere its not just in here, but everywhere people are on the path discovering ways to take care of their body and their mind and its a wonderful way to be in the world we feel lucky to be part of this movement this Wake Up movement I know many of us came and we didn't expect so many people This is my first Wake Up retreat I just feel so energised to see young people stepping on to the path I think that somehow it nourishes something I don't know if its hope it gives us real conviction- there are other people doing this so it gives me a lot of energy my brothers and sister we stop talking about it 'God! Did you see that?!' The other day, yesterday when the bell chimed at dinner or lunch or something everyone in the tea area went PHEUP! We've never experienced that before like that Usually there are a few still talking But it was like PHEUP and we were like looks around

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