Dharma Talks / Spiritual Nourishment: Joy In Meditation & Togetherness

Br Pháp Dung

We eat three times a day, and sometimes snack in between. Yet, do we know how to nourish ourselves with food for the spirit? Or are we ceaselessly running; searching for something to fill our emptiness? How long have we, and our ancestors done this? What are we lacking?

In Zen, we train to rediscover the joy of meditation as food (禅悦为食 in Chinese). We don’t have to do anything, because we are already what we’re searching for. Simply stop, be still, and come in touch again with everything that is inside of us and around us. Walking among trees, sitting on a rock, lying near a stream, breathing in the clouds…… we touch our non-human elements.

When we eat, it’s not just about filling the stomach with vitamins, proteins, etc. We bring into us the sun, the rain, the earth, the entire cosmos. We receive nourishment for the body and for the spirit. Every day, we need to be nourished in this way.

We are moving into the age of togetherness. Togetherness too, is a daily food. Being together as families, communities, as planet earth, we restore harmony with mother earth.

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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