Continuing Joyfully

We have just arrived in Belfast and reached the middle of our tour. There are many reasons to celebrate. So many have been the hosts, friends and retreatants that we’ve met.  So much joy, togetherness and transformation.We feel blessed and part of something larger. Our teacher’s body manifests in...

UK & Ireland Tour

On the 5th of May we have started our tour , “Nourishing Roots and Blossoming Branches“. We have just started and, at the same time, we have received so much from friends we find on our path. We are nourished by their kindness and generosity. We are also energised...

Germany Tour (20.4.—23.5.)

Freiburg (Weekend retreat with all-ages sangha, hiking, Earth-Holder event, and an evening with the Wake Uppers) Freiburg, our first stop, has received us with open arms, blooming hillside meadows, and much anticipation to hold our first-weekend retreat. From many nearby cities, the Sangha of all ages gathered, and it...

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What is Mindfulness

Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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