Ashes Ceremony

The formal Ashes Ceremony to bring back Thay’s ashes from the Cremation Park to Từ Hiếu Temple took place early this morning on Sunday, January 30th. This broadcast has English commentary.

Video of Thay’s funeral and cremation

Thay’s funeral on Saturday, 29th January 2022, was one of the biggest Huế, Vietnam has seen for decades. Thousands came out to join the procession, in a deep expression of love and respect for a cherished spiritual leader, a humble monk, and an extraordinary human being. We feel grateful...

VOA Afrique on Instagram

??Samedi à Hue, au #Vietnam: des milliers de personnes ont assisté aux funérailles du moine bouddhiste zen, poète et militant pour la paix #ThichNhatHanh, une semaine après son décès à l’âge de 95 ans. Click here to see the video

On Being with Krista Tippett

Dear friends, When I sat across from Thich Nhat Hanh in 2003 – the earliest years of this show – I had a very precise sense, never repeated in quite the same way, that this is what it would feel like to sit in the presence of God. On one level,...

Photos of Day 8 Ceremonies in Plum Village

Today, we watched the funeral procession from Tu Hieu Temple to the Cremation Grounds and sat with the sangha in Vietnam while the fire was still burning, chanting sutras and singing Thay’s favourite songs and poems. This was followed by closing words from Plum Village, France to end the...

VN Express

The coffin of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh left Tu Hieu Pagoda Saturday for the cremation ceremony, with thousands joining the procession, praying in silence. Full article

Photos of Day 7 Ceremonies in Plum Village

Today, the multifold sangha in Plum Village gathered together to share their gratitude to Thay through music, poetry, and sharing in an intimate setting. You can view this photo album for more images of the ceremony. This photo album will be updated daily, as the community gathers and practices...

A Eulogy from Thay’s Disciples in Plum Village

28th January 2022 Dear Beloved Thay, It is the greatest fortune of our life to have been able to become your students, to receive your guidance, and to belong to your Beloved Community.  You are our Teacher, and you have taught and nurtured us with boundless love, patience, and...

Day 7 & 8 Memorial Ceremonies

28 and 29 January Ceremony to Pay Respect and Invite Thay’s Energy to be Present  01:00 – Friday 28 (US ET / New York, USA)07:00 – Friday 28 (CET / Paris, France)13:00 – Friday 28 (GMT+7 / Vietnam) Remembering Thay 04:00 – Friday 28 (US ET / New York, USA)10:00 – Friday 28...

Photos of Day 6 Ceremonies

Today we had a Day of Mindfulness offering our collective energy of peace, love, and gratitude to our beloved teacher. This day included a Question and Answers session by Thich Nhat Hanh, a walking meditation and a mindful meal. In the afternoon, Plum Village also welcomed our neighbours, who...

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