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  • I have been medtitating with Magnolia Grove on Thursdays, but cannot today. I would like to join the Deer Park session today at a time I can attend. When I click on a session, I get a message that I am warmly invited to join. But how do I register and get a link? Many bows and thanks for this opportunity.

    • Dear Elaine,

      This is probably too late, but for future reference, each center is running its online sessions slightly differently, Deer Park are using Facebook, so the link in the description, should take you directly the live session without needing to register and get a link.

      I hope that helps!

  • I just happened to listen to the musical concert celebrating the end of the online retreat.
    Could I please know the title of the concert and how to access it again

  • Just discovered this wonderful opportunity to participate on zoom. This is a very difficult time in America and the stress and the unwholesome emotions that result are getting overwhelming for me. I can’t continue feeling this way about people and want to reconnect with my Buddhist training. I hope this gift you are sharing continues even after covid has ended. Thank you.

  • Hi! I find your newsletters soothing, uplifting and enlightening. I’m training to be a mental health counselor and welcome all techniques and perspectives, both for my own growth as well as for the potential benefit of future clients. I’d love to attend some of these live sessions. Is it OK / recommended, despite the fact that so much of this may be new to me? In other words, does it matter where I begin?

    Thank you so much for sharing such loving content!

    • Hi Amy,

      Please do join, some of the sessions mention they are suitable for beginners, but you are welcome to give any a go. The recitations might make more sense after joining a few other sessions.

      You might also enjoy the content on your youtube channel or app.

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    What is Mindfulness

    Thich Nhat Hanh January 15, 2020

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