Volunteer Opportunities at New Hamlet Summer 2018

Plum Village, New Hamlet is looking for volunteers to support us during our 2018 Summer Service Retreat, our largest and most festive retreat of the year.

We are looking for people with prior experience of Plum Village practice centers and retreats, who have an enthusiastic heart of service, and a good command of spoken English. There will be many opportunities to practice together, cultivate brotherhood and sisterhood and, through our service work, to help others experience a deep and fruitful retreat.

Currently the sisters of New Hamlet still need some volunteers for the last two weeks of the Summer retreat, which is from July 20th – 3rd August, and preference will be given to volunteers who can be present for the whole two weeks, and staying for a brief clean-up at the end (leaving on 5th August).

What will it involve?
Volunteers are needed in different areas, including facilitating the tasks assigned to “Dharma sharing families” (eg. chopping vegetables, washing up, meditation hall, etc.), helping with translation (especially simultaneous translation), welcoming guests, helping drive shuttle vans to the station and back. There are also some possibilities for experienced practitioners to help with the children’s and teen’s programs. We ask you to please bring your tent with you, as volunteers camp during the summer retreat.
Due to the nature of the role of volunteers, we can only accept applicants who are in robust physical and mental health.

Contributionhiking teens

In France, volunteers are required to make a contribution to cover such things as food, and boarding costs.

Get in touch for more information

If you are interested please email Sr Thể Nghiêm nh-volunteers@plumvillage.org and fill out the application form


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2 comments on “Volunteer Opportunities at New Hamlet Summer 2018
  1. Mucho agradeceré me den la información de los cursos, retiros y momentos que tienen para ver si me es posible, ser parte de alguno de ellos. Estaré en Madrid a partir de hoy, durante dos meses y desde siempre he deseado acercarme a ustedes, por lo que les solicito su número telefónico, pues he intentado llamar a un número y nadie responde.

    Luz, Gratitud y Amor para ustedes.

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