Volunteer Opportunities this Summer

summer two promisesPlum Village is looking for volunteers to support us during our 2015 Summer Retreat, our largest and most festive retreat of the year.

We are looking for people with prior experience of Plum Village practice centres and retreats, who have an enthusiastic heart of service, and a good command of spoken English. There will be many opportunities to practice together, cultivate brotherhood and sisterhood and, through our service work, to help others experience a deep and fruitful retreat.

The retreat is from July 3rd – 31st, and preference will be given to volunteers who can be present for the whole retreat, including set-up (arriving on June 26) and a brief clean-up at the end (leaving on 2nd August). However, as we are still short of volunteers, we are happy to consider people joining us for a minimum of two weeks, if you have previous experience in volunteering at Plum Village.

working-meditationWhat will it involve?
Volunteers are needed in different areas, including co-ordinating the work divisions assigned to “dharma discussion families” (eg. chopping vegetables, washing up, meditation hall, etc.), helping with translation (especially simultaneous translation), welcoming guests, helping drive shuttle vans to the station and back. There are also some possibilities for experienced practitioners to help with the children’s and teen’s programs. We ask you to please bring your tent with you, as volunteers camp during the summer retreat.

Due to the nature of the role of volunteers, we can only accept applicants who are in robust physical and mental heath.

As a Thank You…
A significant discount off accommodation fees, up to 75%, depending on your role and length of stay.

Get in touch
For single women and couples interested in volunteering, please contact the Lower Hamlet registration team.
For single men and couples, please complete this online form. If you have any questions, please email Brother Dai Luong in the Upper Hamlet.


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15 comments on “Volunteer Opportunities this Summer
  1. Rozalin Kovacs says:

    I would love to volunteer at Plum Village for the whole duration.
    Please you you contact me I would be happy to postpone my trip to Bali till later.
    Roz kovacs

  2. chris says:

    Please correct set-up ( arriving on July, 26th ) to “arriving on June, 26th”.

  3. Janet says:

    Hi, are those dates correct? It says from 3rd to the 31st but then says set up is to arrive on 26th. I am confused, sorry.

  4. Lourdes says:

    Will we able to be close of Thay?

    • Dear Lourdes,
      Thay is still recovering at his hermitage and there are not yet any plans for him to appear during the Summer Retreat. The teachings will be given by senior dharma teachers.

  5. Valeria Labró says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in volunteering, but my computer can’t open/ doesn´t find the way to get in touch with the lower hamlet registration team.