News: We are offering online retreats while Plum Village France remains temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Wake Up Schools in Vietnam

Wake Up Schools has begun a series of initiatives to create opportunities for front-line people to come together to share and to experience the mindfulness practice. There was an urgency to support healthcare workers, and so with the Centre for Healthcare Improvement Research (CHIR), we co-hosted a workshop for...

Isolated yet together: moving your sangha online

With much of the world in lockdown or practicing social distancing, sanghas are having to be adaptable and creative as they move meetings online. The technology might seem daunting but it’s worth the effort to continue to provide a precious space of practice and connection. Here are a few...

“When a seed is ready to grow, it will happen.”

About the Sangha Maresme The Sangha Maresme was born 14 years ago. Two of its founders, Andreu Majó and Jesus Pruna, first connected with Plum Village in the early 1990s and regularly attended its summer retreats. In 2005 Josep Rafols (known to his friends and fellow sangha members as...

Vegan chocolate dessert

Ingredients for 4 servings: 150 grams dark chocolate (at least 70%) 120 grams aqua faba (liquid of chickpeas, either cooking liquid or liquid from a tin) A few drops of lemon juice 80 grams icing sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla powder (optional) Optional: red fruit Recipe Melt the chocolate in...

Our life is our message

One of the great gifts of Thich Nhat Hanh is his insistence that the true purpose of Buddhism is not to sit on a cushion in some remote monastery but to use the deep insights of mindfulness to change the world for the better. The term “Engaged Buddhism” was...

Live Events & Streams

Follow live-streamed meditations and talks, or sign up to join the monastics for one of our interactive online mindfulness retreats.

Plum Village Online – Podcast

Plum Village is very pleased to announce that we have a new online audio platform for dharma talks. You can now listen to all the recent dharma talks within the Plum Village tradition on your favourite podcast platform.


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Cierre temporal en respuesta al coronavirus (COVID-19)

Querida comunidad amada: Conscientes del reciente brote de coronavirus (COVID-19) en Europa y del creciente número de casos en Francia, hemos tomado la difícil decisión de cerrar al público desde hoy hasta el 1 de mayo nuestro centro de práctica de plena conciencia en Plum Village. Las personas que...