Health Protocol for In-Person Retreats

Staying Safe While On Retreat in Plum Village, France

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Plum Village, for a retreat together in community. We know how precious it is to live and practice in community, and we would like to ask for your support to observe the following safety policies to ensure we can all enjoy a peaceful week of mindfulness practice together.

  1. All guests are required by French law to present a Health Pass at registration. Please click here to understand how you can get one.
  2. Due to the communal nature of our dining halls, bathrooms, and dormitories, to ensure everyone’s safety, we request all guests to take an additional Day 1 test on arrival and a subsequent Day 3 Test. The costs of these Covid tests will be covered in your reservation fee (25 Euros).
  3. We request that everyone wears masks and observe social distancing in all public indoor spaces, and certain outdoor spaces and activities for the first 3 days until we know that all the Day 3 tests are clear. These areas include the meditation halls, dining halls, serving areas, communal bathrooms, dishwashing areas and other common spaces. There will be separate activities for new arrivals in the first 3 days. After that, once all Day 3 tests are clear, we will be free from masks and social distancing within the Three-Hamlet Plum Village “bubble”.
  4. We ask everyone to commit to stay within the Three-Hamlet Plum Village “bubble” during the course of your retreat. The “bubble” consists of the monastery grounds and accommodation of Upper Hamlet, Son Ha, Lower Hamlet, and New Hamlet, and direct travel between all locations. 
  5. If you present a positive result from the tests on Day 1 or Day 3, we will either ask you to travel back home if you came by car and you are well enough, or we will ask you to isolate yourself in the hamlet and take a confirmatory PCR test. If the PCR test is positive, you will need to isolate yourself for a further 10 days in the hamlet before you can go home. You will also need to list all people you were in contact with so they can take a test. Following the isolation, a further 7 days of social distancing and wearing of a mask is required. Similarly, if you experience symptoms of Covid-19 during your stay, please report it to the registration office and we will follow the same procedures described, and take any other appropriate steps for you to be able to take care of your health and protect the health of the community.
  6. Close contact to a Covid-19 Case: We ask you to keep your mobile devices on during your retreat, in case you may be contacted by or about someone you met before your arrival and who now has Covid-19. Please immediately alert the registration office in your hamlet if this happens, as we will need to isolate you and follow the necessary procedures. If you came by car, we may deem it necessary to ask for you to drive home, if you are well enough. 
  7. We ask everyone to follow the other protective measures issued by the French government, including ventilating bedrooms and indoor spaces regularly, washing hands or applying hand sanitizing gel, coughing and sneezing into the elbow or into a tissue and putting it in the trash bin, and then washing your hands. 

Please note : These health protocols are subject to change according to the current situation.

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