21-Day Retreat: What Happens When We Die?

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Date(s): Jun. 01, 2014 - Jun. 22, 2014
Language: English

Plum Village - all hamlets


Dharma Talk at the Lower Hamlet Meditation Hall

Thich Nhat Hanh will lead this special 21-day Retreat in English, with the theme “What Happens when we die?”

Over 200 Plum Village monks and nuns, and hundreds of experienced practitioners, will live mindfully together for the full 21 days of the retreat. The collective energy of mindfulness, concentration and insight will be very powerful.

In this 21-day retreat, as we practice mindful sitting, walking, eating, and working, we will look deeply into ourselves – into our bodies, our feelings, our perceptions – in such a way that we can touch the reality of our nature of no birth and no death.

What Happens When We Are Alive

What Happens When We Die

The question “What happens when we die?” Can only be answered only when we answer another question: “What is happening now, while we are alive?”

We are constantly generating thoughts, speech, and bodily actions which will continue in the world for a very long time. Every thought we produce, everything we say, every deed we do bears our signature. Even when the body disintegrates, we continue on through countless ripple effects of our actions.

Meditation on death can be very productive. It can help us to be more alive. When we know how to handle death, we naturally live life more deeply, joyfully, and compassionately.

This warm and lovely June in southwestern France, as the lotuses open their pink petals wide to offer the most exquisite fragrance, let us come together as one big family to open our hearts in freedom, understanding and love.
Please note:  In order to keep the strong collective energy of the full 21 days of retreat, you can only participate in this retreat if you attend the full 3 weeks. It is not possible to arrive late or leave early.

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