Autumn Retreat

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Date(s): Sep. 15, 2017 - Nov. 03, 2017
Language: English / French / Vietnamese

Plum Village - all hamlets

You are warmly invited to join us at Plum Village to experience mindful community living for a one-week or two-week retreat this Autumn.

Autumn is a peaceful yet active time in Plum Village, with a full daily program of mindful activities (sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating and so on) as well as joyful community work days.

The schedule is somewhat lighter than the Summer or Winter, with a little more time and space to simply enjoy the monastery atmosphere, some personal quiet time or a forest hike nearby.

Our mindful community working sessions offer many opportunities for relaxed interactions with the residential community of monks, nuns, lay men and lay women.

Plum Village Dharma Teachers will offer twice-weekly teachings on Thursdays and Sundays.



Arrival days are every Friday, starting Friday 15th September 2017.

It is possible to stay for more than two weeks with us during the Autumn Retreat. Please contact the registration office of the hamlet you wish to stay in for more information.

Single women and couples:

Accommodation options for couples in New Hamlet: double bed rooms, camping, commuting or camper van.


Single women and couples

If you come here as a couple, please choose one of these options: camping, camper van , commuter, two bedroom , double bedroom.


Single men and couples