Happy Farm Experience Week

The Lower and Upper Hamlet and it’s Happy Farms are delighted to announce the next of our twice annual ‘Happy Farm experience week’. These special weeks will offer you a unique experience combining a weeks retreat in Lower and Upper Hamlet with our community and a special hands-on experience in helping us on our organic farm. The Happy Farm is a project of organic agriculture within our mindfulness practice community. Volunteers and retreatants in the Plum Village Meditation Practice Centre experience first-hand the interconnection between earth, rain, sun and seed with the hand and food of the farmer. The farms use a variety of organic methods. The Happy Farms’ volunteer teams practise mindfulness in our work as part of our vision of promoting wellbeing for individual, society and the earth (read more on thehappyfarm.org).

We hope you will be happy to join us for service meditation on four days during the week when we will enjoy bringing mindfulness to our organic farming work for three hours each session. During the week we will share and experience together what it means to bring mindfulness to our work. We will enjoy Plum Village mindfulness practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation and Dharma or Farmer sharing during the week. At the end of the week, we will celebrate together to say thank you for your presence and practice with us.

You will enjoy the full normal weekly schedule of Lower or Upper Hamlet and also enjoy your meals in the hamlet where you stay.

As the Lower Hamlet is the home to our Monastic Sisters they will receive single woman and couples whereas single man and couples are welcome in Upper Hamlet.


Lower Hamlet

Single woman & couples.

Please write down in the note in your reservation that you’re coming for the happy farm experience week.

Upper Hamlet

Single man & couples.