International Youth Retreat

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Date(s): Aug. 12, 2015 - Aug. 16, 2015
Language: English / Thai

Thai Plum Village

2015-08 Asia Wake Up Retreat - Living in the Moment

International Wake Up Retreat: “Living in the Moment”

10am, 12 August – 2pm, 16 August, 2015

at Thai Plum Village International Practice Center, Pak Chong, Thailand

open to all young people aged 18-35

Every year Thai Plum Village organises an International Wake Up Retreat for young people. It’s a great chance for young people from many different backgrounds and countries to come together as meditation practitioners at Thai Plum Village, to generate peace, happiness, joy and freedom.

We would like to invite you to enjoy “the kingdom of present moment” that we create together as spiritual brothers and sisters, young practitioners and monastics.

When we can come back to our mindful breathing, and to each step, or when we sing and relax mindfully together, our smiles become true smiles. When we can see the whole cosmos in our plate of food, or when we can share deeply from our heart, we will be able to call our happiness and suffering by their true names.

On this retreat we will have a chance to touch happiness and peace right in the here and the now. We will discover ways to enjoy life, and learn how to stop running and really live our life deeply.


  • This retreat will be offered in English & Thai (translation provided for Thai and Vietnamese).
  • Typically around 400 young people will be attending this retreat.
  • You can travel from Bangkok by bus together (leave @ 6am on 12 August) and back (arrive @ Bangkok at 6.30pm on 16 August).
  • For more details, and to book, please visit the Thai Plum Village website info on the Living in the Moment International Wake Up Retreat.

“When you go home to the present moment, you touch the wonders of life that are inside you and around you. Just enjoy this moment, you don’t have to wait for tomorrow to have peace and joy. When you feel you have arrived in the here and the now, you will be very happy.”

– Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh