“Mindful & Compassionate Leadership”: An International Business Retreat

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Date(s): May. 31, 2017 - Jun. 07, 2017
Language: anglais, français

Upper Hamlet & Lower Hamlet

Building on a series of talks given to business leaders given by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, in which he outlined his vision of applied ethics for the business world, Plum Village will host a gathering of executives and managers from May 31 to June 7, 2017.



During this retreat, we will be able to rest, to heal and to experience the deep peace and joy of mindfulness practice in the beautiful rural setting of Plum Village.
The retreat will focus on three themes:
1) Personal mindfulness practice in the workplace and at home.
2) Mindfulness practices for groups and teams: mindful communication, deep listening & cooperation.
3) Creating a mindful business: ethics, resilience, change management, and training.

Professionals from around the world, engaged in both the realms of business and meditation, will share their experiences.
Together we will explore pathways towards creating more compassionate and conscious businesses, starting with ourselves.

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This retreat is reserved primarily for managers and entrepreneurs.

When you register you will receive a questionnaire that must be returned completed. You will then receive confirmation of your reservation.


Single women and couples


Single men and couples