Mindful Health & Wellness Retreat

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Date(s): Aug. 07, 2015 - Aug. 21, 2015
Language: English / French

Upper Hamlet - Plum Village

Upper Hamlet will be hosting a special “Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat”, August 7-21, 2015.

You are warmly invited to join one or two weeks of this two-week retreat:
Week 1: August 7-14
Week 2: August 14-21

health retreat nuns running through vineyards

The retreat will include long walks through country lanes

This Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat offers a chance to learn how take care of our body and mind, with a full program of exercise, relaxation and meditation in the Plum Village tradition.

There will be daily sessions of sitting meditation, total relaxation, walking meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Kong and Yoga and workshops on health.

We will develop our spiritual energy by nourishing ourselves with community meditation and teachings from Plum Village monastic dharma teachers with experience in the health field.

The beautiful environment of Plum Village, fast hikes through the fields and forests, and the loving and understanding atmosphere of the community, are refreshing and healing for body and spirit.

This retreat will explore a variety of themes, including: regaining and restoring inner peace, watering seeds of joy and happiness, and cultivating compassion on a daily basis.



  • You may like to view or download the Program for the Mindful Health & Wellness Retreat:
  • This retreat is taking place exclusively in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village, at a time when the larger monastic community will be away leading retreats at our European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Germany.
  • The Lower Hamlet and New Hamlet of Plum Village will be closed during the Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat (they are closed from August 1 – September 18).
  • This Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat is open to all men, women and couples. Everyone will stay in the Upper Hamlet.
  • This retreat is open only to those aged 18 years and older. We are not able to offer a children’s or teens’ program during this retreat. Programs for children and teens are offered at Plum Village in July only, during our special annual Summer Opening Retreat. If you wish to take your children on a retreat in August, Plum Village monastics will offer children’s and teens’ programs in English, German and Dutch at the EIAB in Germany (August 10-15, and August 17-22). You are welcome to join us there.


For those who have already attended a Plum Village retreat, are you interested in volunteering? If yes, please click here.

Upper Hamlet is Fully Booked!

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