Mindful Health & Wellness Retreat

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Date(s): Aug. 10, 2019 - Aug. 17, 2019
Language: English & French

New Hamlet - Plum Village

You are warmly invited to join us for an exploration of mindfulness and its relationship to health, wellness and body centered practices in the “Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat” from August 10 to August 17, 2019 hosted by New Hamlet.

Bamboo stick exercise during the Mindful Health & Wellness Retreat in 2017.

This Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat offers a full program that allows you to cultivate awareness through movement, stillness, relaxation, mindful consumption and meditation in the Plum Village tradition. There will be daily sessions of sitting meditation, total relaxation, walking meditation, a variety of workshops and substantial hikes. We will develop our spiritual energy by nourishing ourselves through community life, meditation and dharma talks from Plum Village monastic dharma teachers. Younger monastics will contribute through their presence and their sharing on basic practices. The beautiful environment of Plum Village, hikes through the countryside fields, brotherhood and sisterhood and the loving, understanding atmosphere of the community are refreshing and healing for body and spirit.

All photos are for illustrative purposes only.

For retreat meals, we provide simple and easily digested food eg.:

  • brown rice, boiled or raw vegetables for lunch.
  • Fresh fruits or dry fruits and nuts for hiking.
  • Breakfast and dinner are extremely light (clear broth/consommé)

Thanks to this mindful way of eating, which also means eating just the needed quantity of healthy food, our body is strengthened because it doesn’t have to spend much energy digesting. Please consult your doctor for advice before you consider attending this retreat. Read this article for more information about health retreats in the Plum Village tradition: plumvillage.org/news/health-retreats.

Some Practical Information

  • This Mindful Health and Wellness Retreat is open to all men, women and couples. However, as New Hamlet is a nunnery, only the “camping, campervan or commuter” option are available for single men.
  • This retreat is open only to those aged 18 years and older. We are not able to offer a children’s or teens’ program during this retreat. Programs for children and teens are offered at Plum Village in July only, during our special annual Summer Opening Retreat. If you wish to take your children on a retreat in August, Plum Village monastics will offer children’s and teens’ programs in English, German and Dutch at the EIAB in Germany. You are welcome to join us there.


If you have participated in at least one retreat in Plum Village and would like to return as a volunteer, please apply here: Volunteering in New Hamlet

The practice of fasting (during the retreat)

Fasting is now known as a preventive treatment for many age-related diseases including diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease… ( according to juventology or the study of rejuvenation) Science has rediscovered the millenary practice of fasting, advocated by the Buddha by eating only one meal a day. Fasting is known to allow for better toxin elimination, cell rejuvenation and increased longevity. It triggers autophagy, the disorders of which are responsible for chronic inflammation, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and cancer… (work of Dr. Y. Ohsumi, Nobel Prize in Physiology 2016) Fasting with water is simple but difficult to implement. We propose here a simple method of Intermittent Fasting, or minimum caloric intake for three daily meals as a transition and then the fasting with water in a short duration (optional) whose benefits are identical to the traditional fasting. Optional practice without inconvenience and without extra charge. If you are interested in fasting, please register in a fasting group (maximum 15 people). For details, registration, preparation for fasting please write to retraitesante@free.fr or sms to Brother Phap Lu 0688438509. Important: If you would like to join into the fasting group, please contact Brother Phap Lu to check for avaiability before making a reservation online. You also can register in fasting groups for the health retreat in our center in Verdelot, from 26/7 to 2/8 with the main theme of fasting.