Neuroscience Retreat

Bridging the Gap Between Buddhist Practice and Neuroscience

Br. Phap Xa, Br. Phap Luu, and Dr. Liam Kavanagh

How can neuroscience help us transform our own minds, becoming happy and free? Buddhist psychology, using first-person empirical research, teaches that two obstacles prevent us from seeing things as they truly are: the obstacle of our knowledge and the obstacle of our afflictions.

The way out is in

In this retreat, applying the latest neuroscientific research with mindful inquiry through talks, walking in nature, sitting and eating meditation, we explore how science and Buddhist psychology can help us understand how our mind operates. In this way we reduce suffering, cultivate more happiness in our daily life, and remove the imagined boundaries between body and mind, subject and object and brain and consciousness. The insight of non-duality provides a firm base from which to explore and interpret our experience, so we may learn how to take better care of our relationships, leading to more happy, healthy and fulfilled lives.

Register for the retreat on the European Institute of Applied Buddhism here. A tentative schedule for the retreat can be found here.

Course Language: English, with translation into German

Dates: 20 – 24 May, 2020