Nourishing the Happiness Within – Dutch Retreat

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Date(s): Aug. 13, 2018 - Aug. 18, 2018
Language: Dutch / English

EIAB, Germany

Big Summer Retreat with almost 100 monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village

We are pleased to announce that Sister Chan Khong, Thay Phap An, Sister Chan Duc, Sister Dieu Nghiem, Thay Phap Ung, Thay Phap Xa, and Sister Bi Nghiem will hold the Dharma lectures and also Dharma exchange groups – among many other experienced monks and nuns from Plum Village and the EIAB.




Dutch Retreat with the monks and nuns from the EIAB and Plum Village

Registration until 06 August 2018

Do you know that Plum Village and the EIAB have the same distance and travel time to Paris? It is just less than 600 km and 6 hrs by car or 4,5 hrs by train. And from London, for example, it takes only 5 hrs and from Amsterdam only 3,5 hrs by train to the EIAB.

What makes the big summer retreats even more special than other retreats and courses? 

  • The Dharma talks will be given by the eldest and most experienced Dharma teachers, who will also lead the walking meditations and facilitate Dharma sharing groups.
  • A few hundred people including almost 100 monastic brothers and sisters will practice together and thus we can generate a powerful collective energy of mindfulness that is very healing and nourishing for everyone.
  • We will have Dharma sharings in small groups. In this way we can connect and share deeply about our joy, our happiness and also the challenges we face at the moment.
  • Monastics and lay friends from many different countries will come together to enjoy the wonders of life, great food for body and mind and experience the joy and magic of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Usually we think that happiness depends on outer circumstances, but then we discover that our mind clings to negativity, criticism, worries and problems even though there are quite enough outer circumstances for us to be happy.

In this retreat instead of looking for happiness in outer circumstances we shall turn inwards in order to see which of our patterns of behavior are harmful for us and which insights offer us happiness and nourish our joy. Then we shall see that our happiness is due above all to our readiness to find it where it is – in the present moment.

The Dharma Talks and other activities will be in English or Dutch with consecutive translation.

There will be a children’s program in Dutch and teens program in Dutch and English.

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