Rains Retreat 2018: shorter visits

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Date(s): Sep. 21, 2018 - Dec. 07, 2018
Language: Vietnamese / English (with French Translation)

Plum Village - all hamlets

For those who wish to attend the entire 90 days of the Rains Retreat, please click here.

Plum Village is delighted to announce that our fourfold community will be observing our annual 90-day Retreat from 14th September to 12th December 2018. Those who cannot attend the full 90 days are welcome to join for a shorter period, preferably for at least 2 weeks.

Practicing deeply

The Rains Retreat is primarily a time for the monks and nuns to come together to study and deepen their practice, and during these 90 days the monastics do not leave the monastery to teach outside.

It is a time for everyone to deepen and strengthen our spiritual roots. The emphasis is on generating a powerful collective energy of mindfulness, as we live, practice and work together with a full schedule of Plum Village mindfulness practices six days a week.

Generating a Strong Collective Energy

In the Rains Retreat all the different hamlets will get together on Thursdays and Sundays, for a Dharma Talk and full day of practice together. Some teachings might be in Vietnamese, for which there will be simultaneous English and French translation.

There will be a full day of collective practice for the lay community from all hamlets every Thursday. These “Lay Days” are organised by the lay practitioners that attend the full 90 days of the rains retreat. A Dharma talk will be given by a monastic Dharma teacher.

Who is the Rains Retreat for?

We welcome everybody in autumn, both new comers and experienced practitioners alike. After every arrival day an orientation to the practice will be offered.

Practical information

Arrival and departure days for short-term guests for the 2018 Rains Retreat will be on Fridays, starting Friday September 21st The last arrival day will be Friday November 30th. To maintain the stability of the retreat, we encourage you to join the retreat for at least 2 weeks.

We look forward to welcoming you to join the river of practice during this wonderful retreat.


Single women and couples

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Single men and couples