“We Are Already What We Want To Become” – Mindfulness Retreat in Sweden

Led by monks in the Plum Village tradition

Course leader: Brother Phap Ho, Brother Phap Ly, Brother Dao Bi
Organizer:  Anna Rasmussen, Mia Nilsson, Peter Elmberg
For information in English: mia@healingochhalsa.se

For information in Swedish: https://www.mundekulla.se/se/retreat/mindfulnessretreat-43736771

Discover and experience mindfulness as a living energy, not as a tool, but as a way of life, together as a community close to the earth. During this 4-day retreat, we have the opportunity to share the wisdom, joy, tranquility and community of Plum Village Zen Buddhist spirit. Three monks come to Mundekulla and share their warmth and wisdom, to guide and teach us how mindfulness and conscious presence lead to nourishment and healing in our lives. 

During the retreat, we will practice slowing down and stopping to look at what we encounter in life in depth. We practice how we can weave together mindfulness with our daily chores / activities. We practice mindfulness meditation through the day, while eating, sitting, walking, working or enjoying a cup of tea in nature. We will delve into and illustrate different ways of handling our emotions, thought patterns and desires. It gives time for “sharing”, sharing in groups where we get an opportunity to share with us and practice deep listening to ourselves and each other.

This retreat gives time for rest, relaxation, meditation, simplicity, playfulness, home time, time in community and moments in nature. This is not a completely quiet retreat but parts of it will be in silence. 

Teaching takes place in Swedish and English 

Retreat Leader

Brother Phap Ho
Brother Phap Ho (Brother Jerker) was born and lived in Stockholm. He has been a monk since 2003, has lived in Plum Village and moved to Deer Park Monastery in California in 2006. He received the Dharma Lamp from Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh) in early 2010 and has been (acting) Abbot in Deer Park since the fall 2010, where he is still living and practicing. He is happiest in nature and on retreat. His life and practice has taken a new direction over the past 1.5 years, with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and healing.

Brother Phap Ly
Brother Phap Ly comes from Normandy. He has lived in Plum Village and Blue Cliff Monastery in New York, during his 10 years as a monk. The best he knows is meditation, barefoot walking and tea drinking in nature. His joy and care have been nurtured by many retreats in the children’s program.

Brother Dao Bi
Brother Dao Bi comes from Indonesia, has lived in Plum Village since 2015. He is interested in exploring the 4 aspects of life in the Plum Village tradition: study, practice, work and play. He enjoys going deeper into teaching by practicing and discussing with friends on the path. He is happy to serve in the community, for example by cooking, making tempeh, and working in the office and with the website. He enjoys writing, walking in nature and singing.

Practical details

cost Course cost: SEK 2500
Cost of “food and accommodation” is added, see below.

We want to make this retreat as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to come, so the economy would be a major obstacle to contact Anna 0709-58 55 58.

Cost of “food and lodging”, Thursday-Sunday (payable at reception upon arrival)
Single room with own shower / WC: SEK 3200
Single room with shared shower / WC: SEK 2900
Part in double room with own shower / WC: SEK 2750
Part in double room with shared shower / WC: SEK 2450
Part in triple room with shared shower / WC: SEK
2200 behind drapery (incl. mattress, comforter and pillow): 2000 SEK

Registration and payment
You book by registering tomia@healingochhalsa.se and then pay the course cost to bank giro 173-0001 or swish 1231594977.
For questions call Anna: 0709-58 55 58 or Mia: 0737-60 59 32.

Diet and accommodation are also booked in connection with your application by emailing the desired alternative to mia@healingochhalsa.se and then be paid on site at the course start / check-in at Mundekulla 30 April.

Cancellation policy
Registration is binding. If canceled by March 30, we will retain a fee of SEK 1000. If canceled later than March 30, a medical certificate is required for a refund, however you will still pay a fee of SEK 500. Your course space can be transferred.

To take
– Your own favourite meditation pillow or cozy blanket
– Sheets and towel. Otherwise can be rented at Mundekulla for SEK 100 / set

Information food and accommodation
– Mundekulla serves organic and vegetarian food and offers milk- and gluten-free alternatives for you who wish. However, we cannot cater for temporary diets.
– All participants must register at the reception upon arrival.
– Bring sheets and towel. Can also be rented for SEK 100 / set at reception.
– Everybody cleans their room. Maid service can be purchased for SEK 200 per room. For non-final cleaning done, SEK 400 is charged.
– Candles are not allowed in the rooms and pets are not allowed.
– The group is assisted with dishes after meals (occasional dishes, working meditation).
– Feel free to bring clothes for forest / nature walks.

Find here 

For other questions contact
Anna; anna.avin@outlook.comtele; 0709-58 55 58
billion;  mia@healingochhalsa.se  tele 0737-60 59 32
If you have any questions regarding your booking:Info@mundekulla.se