Lunar New Year (Tết)

Plum Village Tet Dragon Dance

You are welcome to join the Plum Village community for our celebrations of the Lunar New Year, or “Tết” – the most important festival in Vietnamese culture.

This is one of the more unusual and joyous weeks in the Plum Village calendar, centred around informal teachings based on traditional Vietnamese poetic “oracle reading”.

Please note that our formal practices of sitting meditation, walking meditation and silent meals are suspended, and replaced with informal practice. Therefore this week is appropriate only for those already familiar with Plum Village practice.

plum village tet - oracle reading

Plum Village Tet preparing earth cakes

Please note: The arrival day is 14 February and the Departure Day for this week is 21 February (except for Upper Hamlet, where the departure day is the 20th). Please arrange your travel for that day. Plum Village will then be closed to guests for at least two weeks, starting on February 21st. Please note that the departure day was originally announced as the 21st for Upper Hamlet, but this was an error. Thank you for your understanding. 

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