2017 Summer Opening Retreat – Upper Hamlet

Please select your arrival date below and then click on “Search for Availability”. Please be aware that the minimum rental time is 1 week and the maximum rental time is 4 weeks.

If you can not find the accommodation you are looking for, it means it is fully booked.










Dear friends,
Welcome to Summer Retreat in Plum village, please take few mindful breaths to read the information below carefully before you make a reservation.


What is Summer Retreat?

Summer Retreat is a retreat which allows adults, teenagers and children to practice together for 1 week (minimum), or 2 weeks, or 3 weeks, or 4 weeks (maximum).

Who can stay in Upper Hamlet?

SINGLE MEN (at least 18 years old) – All languages
– If you are a woman who does not come with your partner or children, please CLICK HERE and make reservation in LOWER HAMLET or NEW HAMLET instead.

COUPLES – All languages

FAMILY AND CHILDREN (6-12 years old) – French, Spanish, Italian speakers
– If your child does not speak these 3 languages, please CLICK HERE and make reservation in LOWER HAMLET or NEW HAMLET instead.
– We do not provide a program for children below 6 years old, it means that you have to accompany your child below 6 years old at all times during the retreat.
For the detail explanation of Children Program

TEENAGE BOYS (13 – 17 years old) with parent(s) – All languages
– Please do not register if you do not come with an ADULT guardian who is at least 21 years old, you will be asked to go home upon your arrival.
– If you have teenage girl(s), please CLICK HERE and make reservation in NEW HAMLET instead.
– If you have both teenage boy(s) and girl(s), then one of the parents need to stay together with the teenage boy(s)in UPPER HAMLET and another one with the teenage girl(s) in NEW HAMLET (stay separately in 2 different hamlets), or you may find an adult guardian who is at least 21 years old to take care of your boy(s) or girl(s).
The detail explanation of Teens Program.

How to make reservation for Family?

– Please make reservation for each member of the family (including teenagers and children)
– We have limited number of rooms for family, hence family with children are recommended to book CAMPING or CAMPERVAN/CARAVAN accommodation type.
– Teenage boys have to stay together with the parent(s).
– Choose the dates and you will find the availability of the accommodation. If you cannot find the accommodation type your prefer, it means that accommodation type is fully booked.
– Please visit our website again from time to time to check for the availability, because we do not provide waiting list.

We wish you a nice trip in the Summer.

A lotus for you,
The Upper Hamlet Registration Office Team