Winter Retreat – Lower Hamlet

Dear friends,

Welcome to the registration for the Winter Retreat in Lower Hamlet.

This year, for short visits, in order to create a strong collective energy of practice, the Lower Hamlet has divided the Winter Retreat into 2-week segments. We would like to encourage you to stay for at least two weeks. During this winter arrival days will be on 17th Nov, 1st/21st/28th Dec, 5th /19th Jan, 2nd Feb 2018.

If you cannot stay for two weeks and would like to stay for one week only, then we invite you to come during the first week of a two-week segment . (On the dates above).
Please select the segment you wish to stay for in the drop-down box, and then click “Search for availability”. 

If you would like to stay for more than 2 weeks please read about Extended Stays on our website first. Then register for 2 weeks and make a note in the “Notes” section of how long you would like to stay. If you would like to stay for the entire Winter Retreat, however, please register in New Hamlet as we don’t have more capacity for long term guests staying the entire 90 day period.

During the winter retreat, the shuttle bus service between Sainte Foy la Grande train station and Lower Hamlet is taken care of by a taxi service. Please book your shuttle at least 1 week in advance to your arrival on their