Events & Tours with Plum Village Monastics

In the Spring and Autumn, Plum Village monastics go out in small groups (or with Thich Nhat Hanh in larger delegations) to lead public events, retreats and days of mindfulness, either in Europe or further afield. These events are usually organised by local sanghas practising in the Plum Village tradition. They are an opportunity to experience the collective energy of a monastic-led mindfulness retreat, especially for those who cannot make it all the way to Plum Village.

Below is a list of upcoming events and tours, with information about how you can find out more.

Apr 2015

Date Event
Apr 28, 2015 until
May 13, 2015

English / Japanese

mt fuji
Japan Tour: Spring 2015
Members of our worldwide sangha are warmly invited to join the Plum Village international delegation for a landmark Teaching Tour of Japan in 2015. The fourfold sangha body will go to Japan as Thay's representatives and continuation. We will walk in Japan with Thay, sit with Thay and embody his mindfulness teachings in our way of being together. You are invited to be Thay's continuation and offer your practice and presence on this trip. The Japanese Tourist Bureau has kindly prepared the itinerary. As well as a 5-day Retreat in the spectacular Mt. Fuji National Park, the all-inclusive 15-day tour includes participation in the public talks and days of mindfulness, as well as sight-seeing excursions.

May 2015

Date Event
May 14, 2015 until
May 24, 2015

English / Indonesian

Indonesia Tour
An International Delegation of Plum Village Dharma Teachers will be leading days of mindfulness and retreats in Indonesia this coming May. This is an joyful development for our community, as we prepare to open a new Plum Village monastic practice center near Jakarta.
May 28, 2015 until
Jun 21, 2015

Thai / English

Thailand International Tour
From May 26 to June 24 an international delegation of Plum Village Dharma Teachers will join our community of over 100 monastics at Thai Plum Village International Practice Center, to lead retreats and public events across Thailand as part of the Plum Village Spring 2015 Asia Tour.   Thailand Events Program: May 28 - 30: The delegation will be supporting the international Vesak celebrations (Buddha's Birthday) at Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU), in Ayutthaya Province June 1: Day of Mindfulness at MCU June 03 – [...]

Aug 2015

Date Event
Aug 10, 2015 until
Aug 23, 2015

German / Dutch / English

eiab buddha
Plum Village in Germany
A large delegation of Plum Village monastics will travel to Germany this August to lead retreats and events at the community's European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Waldbröl, near Köln. Plum Village monastics will join our EIAB brothers and sisters in leading two large retreats, one for Dutch Speakers (HEALING OURSELVES – HEALING THE WORLD, August 10-15) and one for German Speakers (TOUCHING THE WONDERS OF LIFE, August 17-22). Both retreats will have full programs for children, teens and young adults.
Aug 24, 2015 until
Aug 29, 2015


UK Retreat led by Plum Village
Join the powerful collective energy of over a dozen Plum Village monastics and hundreds of UK mindfulness practitioners for a nourishing 6-day total-immersion retreat in the heart of England.
Aug 31, 2015 until
Nov 08, 2015


flashmob USA
Miracle of Mindfulness Tour 2015
Join the monastic community founded, ordained and trained by Thich Nhat Hanh as they tour the United States to continue the legacy of the beloved Zen master. Join us in New York, Mississippi and California for retreats, public talks, and days of mindfulness, and learn how you can bring the miracle of mindfulness into your daily life.