Plum Village is a mindfulness practice centre in the South of France founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. 

It is home to an international community with practice centers in Europe, Asia, US and Australia, and hundreds of sanghas around the world.

The essential practice of Plum Village is ‘I have arrived, I am home.’ It means happiness is possible. Freedom is possible. Right now. Right here.

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Art of Mindful Living

What do we practice?

Our practice is to dwell happily in the present moment during our daily activities. We do this to embrace our suffering, find joy in life and enable ourselves to respond to the collective challenges of our time.

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Founder of Plum Village

Who is Thich Nhat Hanh?

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is a global spiritual leader, poet and peace activist, revered around the world for his pioneering teachings on mindfulness, Engaged Buddhism, global ethics and peace. 

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Upcoming Retreats

Throughout the year we organise retreats and welcome guests to come and stop, rest, heal themselves through the art of mindful living. You can also experience a retreat at our other monastic centers around the world.

Rains Retreat

You’re warmly invited to join us this autumn for our annual Three-Months Rains Retreat. The Rains Retreat at Plum Village is a time for us to come to come back to ourselves, to practice looking deeply, and to strengthen our spiritual roots. It’s an opportunity for lay practitioners to…

Christmas & New Year Celebrations

You are warmly invited to join us for one or two weeks during the Christmas and New Year period. It is a very special time of year in Plum Village, with music, singing, mindfulness practices and moving celebrations on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It is a…

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Articles, talks and news

Thich Nhat Hanh turns 93

Dear Beloved Community, We are very happy to share that today Thay has been celebrating his 93rd birthday at Từ Hiếu Temple in Huế, Vietnam, his “Root Temple” where he first entered the monkhood aged sixteen.  Over the last few days, Thay’s monastic students from across Vietnam have been…

Vows of Love and Action this Rains’ Retreat

Dear Thầy, Dear Noble Sangha Abroad on this precious planet, The monks, nuns, and lay practitioners of Plum Village gathered together, once again, in the Upper Hamlet for the Opening Ceremony of the annual Three Month Rains’ Retreat. It was a powerful and invigorating ritual reminding us how precious…

Touching Peace in Palestine

Every year monastics from the Plum Village tradition are invited go to Israel and Palestine to hold days of mindfulness and retreats. In March this year Brother Phap Lai, Sister Luc Nghiem, Sister Mai Lam and Brother Duc Pho spent time in Palestine, this article by Sister Mai Lam…

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