Events & Tours with Plum Village Monastics

In the Spring and Autumn, Plum Village monastics go out in small groups to lead public events, retreats and days of mindfulness, either in Europe or further afield. These events are usually organised by local sanghas practising in the Plum Village tradition. They are an opportunity to experience the collective energy of a monastic-led mindfulness retreat, especially for those who cannot make it all the way to Plum Village.

Below is a list of upcoming events and tours, with information about how you can find out more. (Dates for 2017 will be announced shortly)

Aug 2017

Aug 07, 2017 until
Aug 12, 2017

German / English

Awake to Life - German Retreat (with kids program)
Plum Village monks and nuns will be in Germany at our European Institute of Applied Buddhism to lead this retreat for Dutch speakers (and English speakers) of all ages. There will be a full program for children (6+), teenagers, and young adults. In addition to the practice of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, working, singing and hiking, this retreat will offer us an opportunity to make friends with ourselves and develop a positive relationship with ourself and others.
Aug 13, 2017 until
Aug 13, 2017

English with German Translation

 Staying Calm in Difficult Times- A Day of Mindfulness   A Dharma Talk and other meditation practices led by the monks and nuns of Plum Village. The Dharma talk at 10.00 will be in English with consecutive German Translation. Time: 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Doors open at 09.00 Language of Dharma talk: English with translation into German Registration only on our website: More information in vietnamese
Aug 14, 2017 until
Aug 19, 2017

English or Dutch with consecutive translation.

Patience is a Mark of Love - Dutch Retreat (with kids program)
Almost 100 monastics from Plum Village and the EIAB will support the big EIAB summer retreats this August; Spaces still available; Reductions possible Registration until 07 August 2017 It is a great joy for us to share with you how many brothers and sisters will go to support the EIAB summer retreat this August: about 60  monks and nuns will travel from France to Germany, so that this year almost 100 monastics from Plum Village and [...]
Aug 21, 2017 until
Sep 05, 2017


UK Family Retreat
Experience the miracle of mindfulness on this retreat guided by Plum Village monastics. August 24th-29th, near Birmingham, England. Open to all ages and experience levels.
Aug 23, 2017 until
Oct 15, 2017


Awakening Together USA Tour 2017
Join us for retreats, public talks, and days of mindfulness this fall in New York, California, New Mexico and Mississippi.