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Surat Terbuka untuk Menyuarakan Perdamaian

02.04.2022 Keluarga terkasih, Menyaksikan tragedi perang yang terus berlanjut di Ukraina, kami membuka hati kami untuk mereka yang menderita baik para lansia maupun belia. Sebagai Komunitas Internasional Agama Buddha Terjun Aktif (Engaged Buddhism) dalam tradisi Plum Village, kami merasakan kepedihan dan kekhawatiran melihat peperangan ini. Dalam komunitas Buddhis kami,…

Thay Nhat Hanh dan Indonesia

Catatan Biksu Dharmavimala Nama Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh pertama kali saya kenal saat Penerbit Karaniya menerbitkan buku “Empat Belas Pedoman” pada tahun 1992, yang berisi empat belas latihan sadar-penuh dari Ordo Interbeing yang beliau dirikan. Buku ini walaupun tipis begitu menginspirasi. Secara tidak langsung kami telah berguru kepada…

Why do you cry, brothers and sisters?

“Why do you cry, sister?” is an excerpt from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, The Sun My Heart): A few years ago, a pro-government group in Ho Chi Minh City spread a rumor that I had passed away from a heart attack. This news caused much confusion inside the country….

Thich Nhat Hanh, 11 Oktober 1926-22 Januari 2022

Dini hari, 22 Januari 2022, Master Zen Thich Nhat Hanh yang akrab disapa Thay, telah meninggal dunia dengan damai di Wihara Từ Hiếu, Vietnam sekitar pukul 00.00 pada usia 95 tahun. Komunitas terkasih,Dengan napas sadar penuh yang mendalam, kami ingin mengumumkan bahwa guru kami, Master Zen Thich Nhat Hanh…

Thay travels to Bangkok for health check-ups

1st December, 2019 Dear Beloved Community, We’re happy to announce that on Thursday 28th November, Thay traveled from Huế, Vietnam to Bangkok, Thailand for a full medical check-up in Bangkok. The trip and hospital visit went smoothly. Yesterday morning, Thay decided to travel on to visit our community at…

Thich Nhat Hanh turns 93

Dear Beloved Community, We are very happy to share that today Thay has been celebrating his 93rd birthday at Từ Hiếu Temple in Huế, Vietnam, his “Root Temple” where he first entered the monkhood aged sixteen.  Over the last few days, Thay’s monastic students from across Vietnam have been…

Thay’s 92nd Birthday

As we celebrate Thay’s 92nd continuation day on 11th October, we’d like to take this opportunity to share with you how our beloved Teacher has been doing in Thailand.

Report on Thay’s progress in San Francisco

We are happy to be able to share that Thay is benefitting from the best of Western, Eastern, conventional, and alternative medical approaches. Thay is receiving acupuncture every day, as well as physical therapy, speech therapy, osteopathy, and neurofeedback, with the support and oversight of a phenomenal team of…

Thay has travelled to San Francisco for treatment

Thay has been able to communicate more clearly a very strong wish to intensify his recovery program. Thay is very determined to do everything possible to recover both his physical movement and speech. After many options were presented to Thay, he made a clear decision to travel to the…

Thay’s recovery continues in Plum Village

We are happy to report that Thay’s health has improved greatly since he returned from hospital to his Plum Village Hermitage in early April. Every day Thay has been out in nature, enjoying the blossoms, listening to the birds and resting at the foot of a tree. Thay enjoys…

Thay returns to Plum Village

This week the medical team have given their approval for Thay to leave the rehabilitation clinic and return to his Hermitage at Plum Village. We are deeply grateful to the entire medical team at the University Hospital in Bordeaux for their professionalism and wholehearted care to support Thay’s healing…

Thay transfers to Bordeaux rehabilitation clinic

The team of monastic attendants work closely with doctors, nurses and professional therapists, and accompany Thay twenty-four hours a day, offering massage, acupuncture and comfort care, and helping Thay with his physical training. Thay is steadily recovering his strength and rebuilding his muscles day by day. We have been…

Thay emerges into wakefulness

In the last three weeks Thay has gradually emerged into wakefulness, and has his eyes open for much of the day, to the point where the doctors can now say that he is no longer in a coma. Thay is able to recognize familiar faces and is very responsive…

Thay’s condition stabilises

Thay continues to rest peacefully with the ticking clock on his pillow, and we sense that he is relying on his deep awareness of breathing, rooted in Store Consciousness, to guide his healing process. Even the doctors have been surprised at the consistent level of oxygen in his blood….

Thay remains in intensive care

Thay’s blood pressure and pulse are stable, he is still breathing on his own, and he is becoming increasingly peaceful. However, in recent days Thay has been sleeping more deeply and communicating less.

Thay remains in a critical condition in hospital

Thay has been transferred to a specialist hospital with a highly reputable neurologist monitoring his progress. He is in the right place with the best possible care and attention. New tests have been done. Doctors report that Thầy is showing good progress in terms of remaining stable and not…

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