Thich Nhat Hanh’s health

On 11th November 2014, a month after his 89th birthday, our dear Teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, suffered a severe brain hemorrhage (stroke).

We are grateful to our global spiritual family for sending so much loving energy and support. Thay’s journey of recovery will be long, and we thank you for continuing to send him your prayers and energy of compassion and healing.

Here are the official updates from the Plum Village community reporting Thay’s progress.


May 16th 2019: An article from The New York Times. Thay is visited by US senators at Tu Hieu Temple, Vietnam.


2nd November 2018: Thay returned to Vietnam and expressed a clear wish to live out his days at the Root Temple in Hue, Vietnam. Thay invited all the monks and nuns of the Tu Hieu lineage, to a joyful family gathering and homecoming celebration at Tu Hieu Temple.

10th Oct 2018: An update on how Thay is doing as he celebrates his 92nd birthday at our monastery in Thailand


29th August 2017: Announcing that Thay made his first visit to Vietnam since 2008


17th December 2016: Announcing that Thay was was strong enough to travel to Thailand, to rest and restore his health near the beautiful mountains of the Khao Yai National Park, and surrounded by the practice energy of his students

8th January 2016: Announcing that Thay has decided to return to Plum Village to be with his spiritual community after six months of steady progress in San Francisco


24th December 2015: Announcing that Thay is making slow and steady progress in terms of recovering physical strength and movement, but is still unable to speak

8th September 2015: Announcing that Thay is receiving a full rehabilitation program in San Francisco. Although recovery remains very challenging, he has been able to say a few words

14th July 2015: Announcing that Thay has requested to intensify his rehabilitation program, and has been transferred to the USA, to receive treatment at UCSF Medical Center, California

28th June 2015: Announcing that Thay is able to eat, to vocalise and sing, and has begun to take his first steps walking

6th April 2015: Announcing that Thay has returned to his Hermitage at Plum Village, where he continues his recovery in the peaceful, natural environment of his spiritual home

19th February 2015: Announcing that Thay has moved to a specialist stroke clinic, to begin his program of rehabilitation, focussing on physical therapy and speech therapy

3rd January 2015: Announcing that Thay is no longer in a coma and is responsive to those around him


13th December 2014: Announcing that Thay is still in a coma, steadily emerging to more wakefulness

30th November 2014: Announcing that Thay’s condition stabilizes and the doctors begin planning medium-term care

22nd November 2014: Announcing that Thay remains in intensive care

15th November 2014: Announcing that Thay is moved to a specialist unit in Bordeaux

12th November 2014: Announcing that our Beloved Teacher has suffered a severe brain hemorrhage (stroke)