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Berlin connect

To connect with others based in Berlin and see if people are interested to join together to discuss and practice.

Talk 2: A Zen Master’s Lion’s Roar

According to Buddha Shakyamuni, free will is possible. It begins with mindfulness, and we are all capable of walking in mindfulness and breathing in mindfulness. These are concrete practices that help us establish our freedom and make it greater, so we can stop being lost.

Recognising and Embracing our Emotions in the Present Moment

By becoming mindful of our emotions we can respond appropriately instead of reacting to a challenging situation. This is the art of mindfulness that we can cultivate in our daily life, to be the change we want to see in the world.

Those over 70

For those over 70 who have probably been involved with climate issues for a long time and have also been inspired by Thay.

 Tea Hangout with Monastic Teachers

An opportunity to share hangout over a cup of tea, and also have some informal Q&A time with some of our monastic teachers: Brother Phap Kha, Brother Bao Tich and Brother Duc Niem invite you to join them.

Racial Equity & Climate Justice

A space to connect with fellow BIPOC sangha, climate justice activists and folk interested in decolonisation, social justice and trans local solidarity

Libre à l’école

Dans cet article, l’ancien enseignant Richard Brady explique à Kaira Jewel Lingo comment il est devenu un enseignant conscient, ainsi que sa manière d’aider d’autres professeurs à découvrir la pleine conscience Richard (Véritable Pont du Dharma) est un professeur de mathématiques à la retraite et enseignant du Dharma laïc...

Ethics, Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths

What are the roots of our personal sufferings and the pains of the world? We bring our mind home to re-examine our sufferings, to find a path. How to act. What we ought to do. What we ought to be. Join us in reflecting and applying Thay’s 2008-09 teachings...

To Become a Dharma Teacher

This Panel Sharing was recorded on the 19th of March 2023 in Lower Hamlet, Plum Village France. We are sorry that some sharings in Vietnamese haven’t been translated yet.

Courage on the Path

This Dharma Talk was offered in New Hamlet, Plum Village, France on the 24th September 2023 during our Autumn retreat.

Talk 1: At Home in the Here and Now

The first teaching of the Buddha set the foundation for an ethic - the real sufferings in our hearts and in society, seeing their roots, and finding a path to transform suffering. Join us in reflecting and applying Thay's teachings on a Buddhist contribution toward a Global Ethic, made...

Breathe as a Free Person, Walk as a Free Person

Freedom is possible with our mindful breathing and mindful walking. Breathe in and focus your attention on your in-breath. Your in-breath becomes the only object of your mind, you are concentrated on your in-breath, you are mindful of your in-breath. You release the past, the future and your worries...

Make Black Friday Brown: Online Event to Resist Consumerism (Deer Park Monastery)

November 24 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am PST Monastics Offer Mindful Alternative to Holiday Shopping Spree A Culture of Resistance – join the monks and nuns for a moment of togetherness, joy and resistance. Let’s come together and support one another to resist the temptation to get more things, to re-establish our sense of sovereignty and...

Seasonal Retreats at Deer Park Monastery

We welcome you to join our monastery's daily schedule and the foundational practices such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, and mindful eating.

Mon visage avant la naissance de ma mère

Frère Ruộng Pháp nous parle de l’expérience qu’il a vécue lorsqu’il est reparti au Portugal prendre soin de sa grand-mère mourante, mettant en lumière les enseignements spirituels que lui ont apporté cette situation difficile. 30 juillet 2022, c’est le jour où ma grand-mère a choisi de se défaire de...

The Joy of Letting Go

This Dharma Talk was offered by sister Tu Nghiem (Sr. Elleni) on the 18th of May 2023 in the New Hamlet, Plum Village France.

Our Actions are Our True Legacy

This Dharma Talk was recorded on the 10th August 2023 in Plum Village Upper Hamlet. It is the fourth and last talk of the Annual Wake Up retreat (mainly for young people 18 to 35 years old).

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