Thai Plum Village

Thai Plum Village was founded in 2008, and in 2013 the monastic community moved to a stunning new campus on the edge of Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site about 240km northeast of Bangkok.

Up to 200 monks and nuns live in the monastery, and the community welcomes guests for retreat stays of a week or more throughout the year. The daily program is very similar to those in Plum Village monasteries around the world, except that the tropical environment favours sitting meditation outdoors and a fresh early morning walking meditation at 5.30am.

The monastery has been newly built along ecological lines by award-winning architects from Bangkok. Visitors will discover beautiful courtyards and buildings adapted to the natural environment, and Bodhi trees planted by Thay himself. In 2023 a ground breaking ceremony was held for a new meditation hall.

Plum Village Thailand is the community’s largest hub in Asia and, together with the Asian Institute for Applied Buddhism in Hong Kong, organises and leads retreats in the Plum Village tradition in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan, as well as retreats for Vietnamese citizens in Thailand.

The community also leads regular large Days of Mindfulness, open to all, in downtown Bangkok. Please contact the monastery for more information.

Visit the Thai Plum Village website.

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