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Healing Spring Monastery

La Source Guérissante (LSG) or the Healing Spring, is a Monastery and a Mindfulness Practice Center in the tradition of Plum Village founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. It is located in Verdelot, Seine et Marne, Ile de France. The monastery is permanently inhabited by a group of monastic brothers, who practice and serve as a community.

Short History

This convent — which was established by Augustinian sisters of Meaux, who left the place around 2000 — has been transformed into a Plum Village Monastery or, as we prefer to call it, Mindfulness Practice Center. The center has a beautiful living space, surrounded by 1.8 hectares of green hills. It has a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to cultivation of the mind in the process of Transformation and Healing. Nearby there is a Sacred Spring, which is the focus of many legends. This spring offers the name to our center — La Source Guérissante (The Healing Spring)


At Healing Spring we host mostly on Sundays (Mindfulness Day) and also organize Residential Mindfulness Retreats. We offer a refuge that is close to nature while, at the same time, being quite accessible through public transportation coming from the capital city, Paris (85 minutes from Gare de l’Est).

In a 40-minute walk, there is also a Center for the monastic sisters — La Maison de L’inspir. Sisters and brothers have separate activities and come together a few times per month, such as for our days of mindfulness and co-organizing retreats.Our beloved teacher Thich Nhat Hanh said: “everyone knows that peace must begin with oneself, but few people know how to do it.” At La Source Guérissante, we will have the opportunity to learn this, supported by the monastic community and all those around us.


Retreats & Events

La Source guérissante regularly offers retreats and Day of Mindfulness throughout the year. At this moment our Day of Mindfulness is conducted in French only (without English translation). Please check the schedule in French.

The monastic brothers are happy to welcome and practice with you at our humble and simple accommodation in our monastery.

There is some important information about the retreat.

Upcoming Retreats

Aug 19 – Oct 3 – The monastery will be closed for public.

Nothing to display.

There are more activities in French here

Finding your way to La Source Guérissante

La Source Guérissante (LSG)  is located 80-90 km east of Paris.


La Source Guérissante (LSG)
2 rue Pascal Jardin, 77510 Verdelot

By car

It takes 1h – 1h30 to come to the monastery by car from Center of Paris City, when there is no traffic jam. Calculate your itinerary

By car-sharing

For dear mother earth, please share the seats of your vehicle.

Shuttle Service
Due to our limited capacity, the monastery doesn’t provide shuttle from/to La Ferté-sous-Jouarre

By public transport

It may take about 2 hours traveling from Paris with public transport to Verdelot.
We invite you to use ViaNavigo to make your itinerary

Train & Bus
From Paris you have several options:

From Ferté sous Jouarre train station you may take a bus ligne 34 and stop at „Brice/Pont“, 2-3 minutes walking to monastery or a taxi to arrive at La Source Guérissante, Verdelot.

⚠️ Attention ! The Train and Bus Schedule can be different in week day and in weekend.

The taxi costs between 35 and 50 euros for one trip. Taxi Numbers based in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre


Let’s keep in touch.

Before you write your question, please read carefully the information on our website :

Retreat :

  • Please note we do not offer stays outside of the dates on the website. Consult the calendar here
  • Activities in French can be found here
  • Women will mostly practice with the sisters in Maison de l’inspir, see their program here
  • We do not have volunteers program at the moment, but if you are interested you may leave us a message to express your generosity, we will contact you if we are in need.

Spiritual guidance

We do not have one-one service for spiritual advice or guidance, we suggest everyone to join our retreat in one of our center worldwide.

Please take your time to ask your question by filling up the form below:


    If you would like to participate in sustaining the service of the monastic, you can donate financially or with the products of our daily need. We deeply grateful for your generosity.

    Food Donation

    It is also possible to offer food and cleaning products to the monastery. In order to protect environment and also the health of monastic community, we suggest you to only give:

    • Organic and Vegan food in bulk in order to reduce plastic waste such as rice, lentils, kidney beans or others, oats, vegetables milk, vegetable oil, etc.
    • Environment friendly cleaning products in bulk such as hand soap, laundry detergent, hand dishwashing gel and other cleaning products.

    Delivery : La Source Guérissante (LSG) : 2 rue Pascal Jardin, 77510 Verdelot

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