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Accommodation & Pricing

All accommodation is Plum Village is communal. Most living areas and all rooms are shared, to encourage community living and mutual support in our practice. We cannot provide single rooms.

Most beds are single beds, and some beds in dormitories are bunk beds. In rented “gites” (guesthouses), there may be the option of a double bed for couples.

We have a certain number of rooms available with wheelchair access.

If a room with two beds for a couple is too expensive, you may consider staying separately in the single-sex dormitories (for men at Upper Hamlet and for women in Lower Hamlet or New Hamlet). See housing preferences below.


Most times of the year, outside large retreats, all bedding is provided: mattresses, pillows, sheets, duvets and covers. In the cooler months, you may want to bring your own sleeping bag or light blanket for extra warmth and comfort.

During large retreats such as the July Summer Retreat, each hamlet may have a different policy. Some hamlets will provide a mattress and a pillow only, others will provide undersheet and pillow covers. Please check with the hamlet you have registered in to know what you need to bring.


We have rustic camping areas in each hamlet, sometimes on unlevelled ground. Camping is only available in the warmer months of the year from late spring to autumn (mid-March to 1st November). Please bring your own tent, a foam pad/mat, sleeping bag, pillow and any other items that will make your camping comfortable. A limited number of tents may be available for rent on a first come first served basis. On site bathrooms and toilets are available to campers.

Camper Van

You may come with your own camping vans but please note there are no utility hooks up (to water or electricity). You can park your camper van in the tree-lined parking lot of the hamlet you are staying in.


If you choose to come as a „commuter“ you need to find lodgings yourself outside Plum Village and pay for them separately, in addition to the commuter fee you contribute to Plum Village towards retreat expenses (which include the food, the Teachings and all the facilities at Plum Village). The hamlet you register with can provide a list of local “gites” (guest houses) on request.


The prices listed below vary according to the type of lodging you choose and are per person per week, all included. They cover lodging, food and Teachings.

If you request a shuttle to and from the station, 20€ will be added to your fee.
Teenagers (13-17) receive a 30% reduction and children pay only 50%.
There is no charge for children under the age of 6, but we request you to make a booking for each member of the family, even young children.

(18 yrs +)
13 – 17 yrs6 – 12 yrs
Bed in double-bedroom, private bathroom€ 600€ 420€ 300
Bed in double-bedroom, shared bathroom€ 550€ 385€ 275
Bed in 3/4-bedroom, private bathroom€ 550€ 385€ 275
Bed in 3/4-bedroom, shared bathroom€ 500€ 350€ 250
Bed in the dormitory, private bathroom€ 450€ 315€ 225
Bed in the dormitory with 5-10 beds€ 385€ 270€ 192
Tent / Campervan€ 330€ 230€ 165
Commuter€ 280€ 196€ 140
Prices per person per week, as of spring 2020.

UPDATE: For the in-person retreats starting from 28th December 2021, each reservation will be charged an additional 25 Euros per person to cover the costs of Covid tests required to be taken, as part of our new health protocols to keep our community safe during this pandemic. Please read this page for more information.

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