Accommodation & Pricing

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All housing is Plum Village is communal. Most living areas and all rooms are shared, to encourage community living and mutual support in our practice.

If a room with two beds for a couple is too expensive, you may consider staying separately in the single-sex dormitories (for men at Upper Hamlet and for women in Lower Hamlet or New Hamlet). See housing preferences below.

We will provide a mattress and a pillow. We encourage you to bring your own warm sleeping bag and sheets to ensure comfort at night. This will also to help us to reduce our carbon footprint by using less energy to wash linen.

PRV-2: Sharing room with private bathroom, and 2 indicates number of bed in the room
PUB-2 Sharing room with public bathroom, and 2 indicates number of bed in the room
TENT/RV: Tent/camping (own equipments) or RV (Camping Van) no utility hooks up
DAY: Day commuter

The costs for lodging and food, outside of big retreats, are from about 280€ for camping (bring your own tent or caravan) to 500€ (room for 2 persons with private sanitary) per person per week, depending on choice of housing. On the registration page you will find all options.

Housing Code 17 yrs & above 13 – 16 yrs 6 – 12 yrs
PRV-2 € 500 € 350 € 252
PRV-3 / PRV-4 € 430 € 294 € 210
PRV-5 to PRV-10 € 360 € 252 € 182
PUB-2 € 415 € 294 € 210
PUB-3 / PUB-4 € 385 € 266 € 196
PUB-5 to PUB-10 € 330 € 231 € 168
TENT / RV € 280 € 196 € 140
DAY € 280 € 196 € 140

The amounts listed are per person per week, including tuition, room and meals.

We have rustic camping sites with some unlevelled ground. Please bring your own tent, a camping foam pad, sleeping bag, pillow and case and any other items that will make your camping comfortable. Camping vans are welcome, but utility hook-ups are not available. Tenting is not available during from November 1st through March 15th as the weather is too wet and cold.