Maison de l’Inspir

La Maison de l’Inspir’ (a French name that can be translated as “The House of Inspiration”) is a small monastery in the Plum Village tradition in Paris, France.

Since its founding in February 2008, Maison de l’Inspir has been home to a small community of nuns. The house has been a place of refuge, healing and rest; a place for anyone to deepen their meditation practice through the daily practice of mindfulness.

Over the last 10 years, Maison de l’Inspir’ has quickly outgrown its small site in the suburbs of Paris. After the monks established Healing Spring Monastery in the countryside to the east of Paris in 2018, the sisters of Maison de l’Inspir moved (in October 2019) to a new site of their own in Villeneuve-sur-Bellot (a short walk from the brothers at Verdelot). This is an exciting time in the development of this new four-fold Plum Village practice community in the north of France.

For more information about the sisters’ new location, to organise a visit, or to offer your time or energy to help the new center (please note that the center is currently French speaking only):

Visit the Maison de l’Inspir website.

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