An Update on Thay’s Health: 13 December


Official Announcement

Plum Village
December 13, 2014

To all Plum Village Practice Centers,
To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide,
To our Dear Beloved Friends,


Thay continues to surprise the doctors with his strong vital signs and steady, peaceful breathing. They are still amazed that Thay has been able to survive and even to show small signs of progress.


A few days ago, one of the doctors shared that “Thay is an enigma”, and another said they were “witnessing a miracle.” When a top neurosurgeon from the US visited last week, he was deeply impressed by the medical team’s commitment to giving Thay every possible chance of recovery.


In recent days Thay has been showing some indications of wakefulness, but he continues to remain in a coma. There have been times when Thay had his eyes open for more than two hours, and is responsive, but he is not yet showing clear signs of communication. The doctors remind us that it may be weeks or months before we can understand the damage caused by the hemorrhage and discover the extent of healing that may be possible.


The medical team has started to stimulate Thay to have more wakefulness. Every day the nurses help Thay sit in a chair, and in addition to acupuncture and massage from the attendants, physiotherapists come to activate Thay’s body. We sing to Thay, and we also let Thay listen to Sangha chants and beautiful sounds of nature.


We are very grateful to the EIAB and Maison de L’Inspir’ sanghas and all the Venerables from Vietnam and elsewhere, who came to offer their support and presence in Plum Village, as well to all the many lay practitioners who have offered your presence, or sent energy, letters and drawings of love and support. We can feel the Sangha body, as an extension of Thay’s body, finding nourishment and healing. Here in Plum Village the Sangha continues with our Winter Retreat, offering Days of Mindfulness, monastic days, dharma talks, dharma circle sharings and classes, deepening and strengthening Thay’s sangha body.


On December 18th there will be a Monastic Ordination Ceremony for new novices, as Thay would have wished. The monastic community will ordain 31 new monks and nuns in Thailand, nine in Plum Village, and one new novice monk in Deer Park Monastery, California. This group of new monastics will belong to the “Red Oak Family”. This event is momentous for our Plum Village community as we continue the work and love of our Teacher. There truly is only continuation.


During the holiday season, please take some time off to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and friends. Find time to be with nature, to enjoy the stars, and the white clouds and to truly come home and be at home within ourselves, as Thay always encourages us to do. You may like to write love letters instead of spending money and consuming more. The New Year is a wonderful opportunity to begin anew with ourselves and let go of resentments and regret.


We will release another update about Thay’s health in the New Year.


Until then, may you and your family touch true peace and happiness.

May you be able to enjoy your true home.


“Eternity can be touched in the present moment,

and the cosmos in the palm of your hand.”


TNH, 18 March 2012


With trust and love,

The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village


Future reports on Thay’s condition will be posted officially at, and

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Thich Nhat Hanh Hong Kong Compassion Chant 2


Just a simple monk!

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75 comments on “An Update on Thay’s Health: 13 December
  1. jae anh says:

    My great teacher, My dear thay!

    Thank you so much! thank you very much!

    I want to meet you! I want to visit in the plum village.

    Your’s student send my mind to my dear thay in Seoul, Korea

  2. Clara Villanueva says:

    Our dear Thay,
    Thank you for your teachings, and thank you to all those who help spread mindfulness across the universe. It was five years ago that I discovered your loving teachings by reading one your books, and have since read several more. Your gentle patient heart spills out with each word. The wisdom you so generously share, enriches our lives. Thank you for guiding us toward mindfulness, and an increased understanding of being present in the moment. I am confident that each of us, practicing mindful lives, will help this universe become a better place, one moment at a time.

    I send you my love, profound gratitude, and healing thoughts.

  3. marie dochnahl says:

    My great loving teacher,

    Wishing you healing wishes and thoughts of peace. I do so hope you heal from your present medical situation. But if it is your time to leave this world, leave in peace. I want to thank you for sharing your beautiful caring message. I know I am a better person for meeting you, my first Buddist teacher, through your books. In love and peace. Marie Dochnahl

  4. daniel robertson says:

    I have learned a great deal of knowledge about how to practice through Thay.
    I am blessed to find out about him and try to spread his basic teachings to whomever is ready for holistic health and fitness.

  5. Rosa kawahira says:

    Dear Thay, I am very happy to know that you are smiling. You have taught me how to find the joy of life in the present moment, this wonderful moment. The complexities of life, all melt and disappear magically when I live in mindfulness. Thank you my wonderful teacher. May you find peace, renewal and joy with each breath. Sending you loving kindness, healing chi and peace.

  6. silvia says:

    Che le mie preghiere e mantra possano attraversare il tuo cuore, come i tuoi discorsi hanno fatto in me!!! Grazie maestro

  7. elgin gossalter says:

    Dear Master,
    even now in this moment of physical challenges you continue to be an example of dignity and fighter in the noblest sense of the word. my deep admiration and strongest and humble wishes for your prompt restablishment

  8. Martha Sanchez says:

    Dear Master Thay, I’ll be forever thankful for your loving words and Spirit. May your health be restored as mine is everytime I listen to your voice and the voice of one of the nuns at Plum Village who teaches us to be aware of our body and smile to every part of our body. May the Universe grant us with your presence and your guidance. Respectfully. Martha Sanchez – Mexico City

  9. Joan House says:

    I am a Christian with a Buddhist heart and that heart was helped to expand by Thay. I am keeping him in thought and prayer while hoping for whatever his body and spirit most need. May you all find peace and may Thay continue as is best for him.

  10. Fred Cockpit says:

    Dear Thay,

    I have in my heart nothing but love for you. Your tender tone of voice, your simple teaching, your uplifting word, and your delightful smile have changed my life. You were there for me when my father was not, you were near me when my mother was so far a way, you were comforting me when my brothers and sisters abandoned me. Although most of my encounter with you was in books, CD’s, and YouTube Videos, nevertheless, you were there. I am forever a changed man because of you; and I am forever grateful that you are part of life.

    May you heal, may peace surround you, and if its your time to leave this world, may you depart in peace!

  11. Sending love and light and gratitude for your teachings.

  12. chafu says:

    Mindfulness is all the rage now which is a good thing but it was from Thay that I first learned about it many years ago and for that I will be eternally grateful as well as for Peace is Every Step and Present Moment Wonderful Moment. Thank you. Btw any update on his condition?

  13. Ann Ehlers says:

    Dear Thay,
    I feel you are teaching that you will always be with us in the body of the Sangha.
    I love you, “Father”.

  14. Jeannette Adair says:

    Dear Thay, your compassionate, open heart and the wisdom of your dharma talks continue to support me in each moment of my day – thank you. May you continue peacefully. With deep affection and gratitude…Jeannette (Walking in Peace Sangha)

  15. Terra says:

    Many years ago Thay’s book Peace is Every Step opened the door for me to a much better view on life and a deeper understanding. Thay gave me the tools to transform difficult emotions by shining the light of mindness on them. He taught me trees are cathedrals. That the earth and the sky are always my home no matter where I go. He showed me how to find peace with my father. And most recently his sangha on no birth no death that is recorded on the Life without Stress or Fear CD enabled me to be a source of light, love and peace as my beloved mother transitioned from her earthly manifestation to her heavenly one.

    Dear Thay, I cannot begin to tell you how much your teachings have helped me and how much you mean to me. Though we never met in person I hold you very dear and cherished. Your wisdom and compassion has shown me and many others a better way. Your light and love are treasured by many. My peace, love and healing energy flow to you my dear friend as your travel this unchartered journey. We all are with you in spirit. Please know that. I am so grateful that you are in good hands. Peace be with you. And many blessings to all who care and attend for you during this time. Love, in spirit, Tree.

  16. Dear Thich Nhat Hanh, hope so much and wish so much:
    And wonna say: THANK YOU.
    Benno Hennrich, Sylt, Germany

  17. charlie thomas says:

    I am a Vietnam Veteran and became a Quaker after returning fm Vietnam. I have read many of Thay’s books.

    I am ‘holding Thay’ in the Light. Daily meditation/prayer for his presence.

    What will the world do without such a light ? I for one will never forget him.

    Met him only once in CO retreat … spoke a few words of Vietnamese with him.


  18. John Tinyweiner says:

    Dear Thay,

    You do not know me personally, but your tinder and compassionate words have touch me during my sad and down days. I’ve spent 100’s of hours listening to your dharma talk; your wisdom is unique and your smile is a source of joy.
    May you feel our love, appreciation and gratitude. May you heal and be the Lotus that you were!

  19. Graziella says:

    I had the great opportunity to see the great teacher Thay last Summer in plum village and it has been an important deep experience that has touched my heart; his lessons and teachings were so simple and so profound that mooved me deeply. I understood to take more care of myself amd my loved ones. I thank heaven for this incredible chance amd now pray for Thay and would like to be of support for his healing.
    Thank you Thay for all you continue to do for people.

  20. Maya Karni says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangh, dear brothers & sisters,
    Every day I touch the seeds of Thay in me, his teachings are alive, aqnd are the best present I ever got. Thank you dear Thay, you are my teacher.
    Thay’s continuation in each and every one of us.
    May Thay recover & continue to contribute to each and everyone of us all over the world.
    With Respectת honor & love

  21. May one and all be at ease..

  22. Ros Liakeas says:

    We have never met Thay, but we feel he has touched our hearts, our souls. His teachings of staying in the present moment, of mindfulness have given us comfort and strength as we face the challenge of choosing to holistically heal my husbands cancer.
    We both feel blessed as we listen to the soft, soothing voice of Thay as he guides us through meditation practices. His practice of minfulness helps to keep fear at bay, encourages us to stay emotionally strong and remain connected to spirit.
    Sending much love, light and healing prayers on your recovery back to health.
    Thank you for everything Thay.
    Nik & Ros

    • mandy says:

      Nik and Ros, i join with all the community and send my prayers of healing strength and peace for you.

  23. Robin says:

    Thank you

  24. Continuing to send, many times each day, lots and lots of love and peaceful positive energy to dear Thay, and to your attendants, all who are caring for you at the hospital, your sangha and Sister Chan Khong, still hoping you may be able to come back to us, may you be peaceful and free from suffering, much gratitude to you all, love always, Trish

  25. Linda Fatbutt says:

    There are people that one knows all his/her life but are not missed for years; and there are people who you met for a few moments and you do not want those moments to last eternities; Thay is the later. Teacher, I send you my love and smiles. I drove almost 1000 miles to see you and I am holding to my heart those few moments that I met you. You are a great teacher and a beautiful soul. May the Creator God have mercy with you as you lay down on your hospital bed and in God we trust!

  26. Sanjay Muzumdar says:

    Thay, has taught us the principals of interdependent. As “You” are “I” am.Your
    teaching teaches us, observe your feelings, even it is sad,dull or nervous.Observe Your feeling and smile, be in present moment.It will be wonderful moment. When there is wonderful moments, there will be healing.When there will be plentiful wonderful moments of plentiful people there can be miracle.

  27. Steve Bennett says:

    Amazing teacher Thay I have never met, but now through your great teachings I am learning to look deeply enough to be with you even now. Greatest blessings that you and your Sangha bring to the World may they be returned to you a thousand times richer. May you be well.

  28. Jerry Rossman says:

    May Thay know eternal peace and happiness in the Heaven within.

  29. Helen Ponder says:

    Your teachings and stories provided the foundation for the meditations I have been offering as a new meditation teacher. They soothe everyone in the group and bring healing. Thank you.

  30. Marie Downer says:

    Dear Thay , Isend my love to you. You have guided me through these years of fear and considerable pain. You have brought me to my Sangha for healing. May you continue in your recovery. I love you very much! Marie Downer Organic Garden Sangha Culver City, California

  31. Margaret STJOHN says:

    Returning to Thay the energy of his warm, strong, clear and honest teachings and intentions, and ongoingly grateful for those teachings he continues to give through his current process.

  32. Linda Kelly says:

    Beautiful Thay and the sacred sanga throughout the cosmos, I am truly humbled to be writing in this very moment. I wish to present my sincerest thanks for the past 30 years of my exposure to reading and practicing, the compassionate and present moment simple philosophy of living, which has been the vital source of my life. My prayers are with you all. May love, light and brightness permieat all at Plum Village and throughout the universe. X

  33. Mark fartman says:

    Dear Thay,

    Thank you for every word that came out of your mouth. Breath In, I know I am breathing in, Breath Out, I am grateful to my beloved teacher Thay.

  34. Steve Osten says:

    Few years ago, I did a walk meditation with Thay. I cherish those moment of noble silence. May God heal you and may your loving, tender, passionate, and compassionate words touch the world. Knowing that everyone has an expiration date; if this is your time, may you go in peace and rest in peace! You’ve have touched me in so many ways and helped me be a better person, and for that I am grateful.

  35. Warren McIvor says:

    Thank you for the wonderful smile Thay!

  36. Dearest Teacher,

    As I begin to step out into the world,

    I ask others to Please Call Me By My True Name.

    I begin with your teaching that connects me to all of Life.

    As you dwell in the world of InterBeing, your own life focused into its healing,

    your power to inspire me to live deeply in each present moment continues.

    You cannot leave me, for your words are etched into my body
    as a living teaching.

    I cannot leave you, for your work has brought me to this moment, awake.

    I send you my love and appreciation.

    I cannot return your gifts, except to pass them on.

    I bow to you, my Teacher. I am grateful.

  37. Helga Folbert says:

    Thank you for the updates on the health of Thay. Wishing love and peace to him and all of you taking care of him, we will keep on breathing in and out, walking the mindful way.

  38. Martin Knanishu says:

    Dear Teacher
    Through your writings and the kindness you have shown the world, I have learned so much. Please be well.
    Your’s In Mindfulness.
    Martin Knanishu
    Champaign, Illinois

  39. Amy Cooke says:

    Holding That in the Light of all being…

  40. Jere Quinlan Jr. says:

    Smile, breathe, go slowly. Thay years ago I received horrible news and the next day you were on the front page of the newspaper. I remembered just the relaxation and peaceful picture of your face and it immediately gave me hope. I bought Peace is Evers top that day and have many books and think of you often when I get tense, angry, etc. You have taught me much about myself and life. Thank you for being an inspiration for me. I am truly grateful and praying for you. I am #ThichNhatHanhSTRONG! I also am wearing a bracelet that says LIFESTRENTGH! A Reminder that life is precious. Thank you again THAY!

  41. Grace says:

    I wish for constant light and love surrounding Thay may he recover. with all my heart and blessings

  42. Kristin Bendixen says:

    Thankyou Honourable Thay for all the truth and beauty you have offered us by opening our eyes and mind. The Sanghas here the country of Mexico send you our love and gratitude and peace for your recovery.

    • Katherine says:

      I’ve gained some understanding in mindful living, compassion, and suffering. Since then I continue to return to this site in hope of hearing more on the teacher’s progress. I continue to send my love and peace.

  43. Signe Alexander says:

    Blessed Thay and Sangha, Deep love and gratitude for those who are giving Thay their heart of loving care. My prayers are for those that support Thay: the nurses, doctors, aides, Nuns, and Monks. May the world wide Sangha’s loving kindness buoy you and Thay through Thay’s healing. The best gift that I know of to give is to continue Thay’s work by being present in each and every moment, with each gentle step on this earth, paying Thay’s work forward.

    A blossom for you,

  44. Jeff Ong says:

    May Thay be recovered soon, that will be my only wish for the Christmas and New Year.

  45. May Thay be peaceful,
    May Thay be restful,
    May Thay be in balance,
    Mentally and physically,
    May Thay be at Home.

  46. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Mong thay mau hoi phuc
    Con xin goi positive healing den thay.

  47. Love, in action, love in presence; sometimes a person exemplifies what our hearts want and our spirits aspire too. Our hearts go out to meet the gentle strength of his example.

  48. Bruce MacFarlane says:

    Thank you for the inspiration and vision.

  49. Terry says:

    Dear Beloved Thay, may you know that wherever you are, you are surrounded with the same love you have sent out to all those who are familiar with you. May you feel our love surrounding you while you are in the place that welcomes you home. I will continue to send my love and energy to comfort and support you. Bless you Beloved Thay…your student, Terry, _/\_ Namaste’

  50. Karen Balmer says:

    Thank you for posting this letter. My heart is smiing after reading it. May Thay continue to recover.
    I believe that many people all over the world are sending him healing energy.

  51. Sheila Dugan says:

    May you be safe, dear Thay, may you be happy.

  52. María Teresa says:

    Gracias por informar acerca de la salud de Thay.
    Gracias por vuestros buenos deseos.
    Desde el sur del mundo les envío mis saludos y gratitud.

  53. Lynda Lien says:

    What a blessing to care for Thay and also a blessing to be cared for by those who love & respect him. I continue to send prayers & loving positive energy to Thay.

  54. Nikoo says:


    Blessings to you all. Thank you for the updates as to how Thay is doing.

    With love and respect, I highly recommend to have Thay touched by as many people as their energy will transfer to him. Also, if an option, a shaman healer can assist with bringing him back into his body 100% as comas are due to this.

    I hope you are open to the suggestions as many people have been brought out of comas due to being touched and guided back by a shaman.


  55. Zelia Nogueira says:

    May Thay recover and continue his mission

  56. Melanie says:

    My heart brims as I read this post. Thank you for the news and these sentiments, continuing Thay’s good work. I am honoring him by practicing. Bless!

  57. kay maughan says:

    Dear Thay my prayers pujas and meditation I dedicate to you may you come back to us soon the world needs you Many Many Blessings Kay maughan ( Kagyu Practitsioner )

  58. MAI PHAM says:

    Dear Thay. Con khong biet lam cach nao de goi Thay Essential Natural Oil
    de guip Thay khoe lai. Nguoi minh thuong noi con nuoc con tat.
    Con biet la Essential Dau Thien Nhien lam Tai My nay da guip rat nhieu nguoi benh Nan Y song them vai nam kheo manh.
    Xin ai do neu co doc email nay. Xin lien lac voi De Tu de goi Dau nay cho Thay dum
    website xin vao trang web nay de tim hieu them

  59. Maxine says:

    Thank you for giving us news. Thank you for supporting Thay.

  60. aurora williams says:

    dear thay

    your teachings will always remain with us, peace and love to you, we are eternally grateful, you have given us everthing

  61. Shiela B says:

    Blessings be, dear Thay. I know you are healing yourself. Prayers for a lovely recovery. To the care givers of Thay, Please read the book by Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor. She suffered a massive stroke back in the late 1990s. She recovered to become the PhD she was. She is a lovely person and has even answered my emails. From personal experience, speaking is a difficult task to do when you have anything on a neurological level. It takes great energy, however it doesn’t mean the neurons are firing the thoughts with complete and rapid ability. We can understand everything completely and want to express ourselves but to get it out on the lips is difficult. Sometimes I find it easier to sing than to speak. Here is a link for you to explore. I think Dr. Jill’s book will speak volumes to you now.
    Love and Kindness,

  62. Rev. Karen Harrison says:

    Dear Thay ,

    We breathe joyfully each moment of a great miracle and continue on with you dear friend and wonder teacher. Always Inter being.

  63. Laura McPherson says:

    I don’t have the eloquent words to express the love, light and healing I send to Thay, but knowing they can be felt and sent from my heart is my prayer to Thay.

  64. Donna Deal says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message. It is an act of kindness to share the updates and also the guiding words. You have made me feel a welcome part of an extended Sangha of all who hold Thay in our hearts.

  65. vanda Perestrelo says:

    I am a portuguese teacher of Mindfulness and I love so much Plum Vilage and your work. Kindness Vanda.

  66. Dian Gish says:

    May the power of love, witnessed by all those who are aware, thinking and praying for this wonderful person, provide a peaceful and comfortable respite for Thay and those caring for him and concerned about him. Life is a mystery,which we are not able to completely understand but can feel to the depth of our being. He has suffered a great injury to his physical body, but his mental and emotion life remain present but not easily accessible. Thay is at the boundary between life and death. This is were the deepest mystery exists for those of us bound to the present.

  67. Jody Witt says:

    Thank you so much for the all the updates dear Monks and Nuns of Plum Village. Thay is such an inspiration, the world is a better place for him.

  68. Lisa Gades says:

    Dear Thay and Plum Village Community–Our Sangha in Geneva, Illinois, USA continues to remember you in our meditations, especially when we gather in community on Wednesday evenings. Our best wishes for strength and patience.

  69. Thupten Rabgsal says:


    The moment I die,
    I will try to come back to you
    as quickly as possible.
    I promise it will not take long.
    Isn’t it true
    I am already with you
    in every moment?
    I come back to you
    in every moment.
    Just look,
    feel my presence.
    If you want to cry,
    please cry.
    And know
    that I will cry with you.
    The tears you shed
    will heal us both.
    Your tears are mine.
    The earth I tread this morning
    transcends history.
    Spring and Winter are both present in the moment.
    The young leaf and the dead leaf are really one.
    My feet touch deathlessness,
    and my feet are yours.
    Walk with me now.
    Let us enter the dimension of oneness
    and see the cherry tree blossom in Winter.
    Why should we talk about death?
    I don’t need to die
    to be back with you.

    ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

  70. Amy Issenberg says:

    We Love Thay!

  71. Carolyn Perla says:

    I treasure thay and all his teachings

  72. Debora Burch says:

    Dear Thay, Please remain to help relieve the suffering in this world and in your loving friend, Debbie.
    With great love and kindness, Debbie

    • Dear Thay,
      From far away in Africa we send love and blessings that you are comfortable and as we can see well looked after. Our great teachers teach us ever day how to be in the present and to care for those around us.Nothing else matters.We pray for you and your community.
      Maureen xxxx