An Update on Thay’s Health: 19th Feb


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Plum Village, France
February 19, 2015

To all Plum Village Practice Centers,
To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide,
To our Dear Beloved Friends,

As we enter the Lunar New Year, and our practice centers conclude our annual 90-day Winter Retreat, we are very happy to report that our dear Teacher continues to steadily make extraordinary progress.

Thay has now moved to a specialist stroke rehabilitation clinic, where he is receiving the best possible professional care. The team of monastic attendants work closely with doctors, nurses and professional therapists, and accompany Thay twenty-four hours a day, offering massage, acupuncture and comfort care, and helping Thay with his physical training.

Thay is steadily recovering his strength and rebuilding his muscles day by day. We have been struck by Thay’s great determination, motivation, courage and concentration as he sets his own program to train himself to learn anew how to sit upright, stand, and move his limbs.

The medical team is also helping Thay learn to swallow again, and last week Thay was able to drink his first cup of tea since November. The attendants prepared Thay’s favorite tea in his cup, and Thay even signalled to invite everyone to drink a cup of tea with him. Contemplating the tea, Thay smiled, put his hand on his heart, and looked up. All could clearly see that Thay was reminding everyone to bring our mind back to our body and to look deeply into the tea, really enjoying the tea and the presence of those around us.

During the last full moon of the lunar year, Thay enjoyed watching the moon rise from his bed, and invited the attendants to enjoy it silently with him. In the peace and joy with which he enjoyed the moon, we can see Thay’s love for the wonders of life and his generosity in teaching us to cherish these wonders at every moment.

With each week that passes Thay is becoming increasingly alert and engaged. Although Thay is not yet able to speak, he has begun to vocalize, and is developing a means of communicating silently with his attendants and physicians. Thay’s path of healing is still long, yet we know that every moment can be a moment to deeply touch the wonders and miracles of life.

We are very grateful for the great compassion and support that Thay has received from his global Sangha Body, creating wonderful conditions for his recovery and healing. We are thankful for your practice of mindfulness and prayers sending positive energy to Thay, and for your letters, donations, and the many beautiful children’s drawings.

Here in France the cold winter is beginning to give way to beautiful blossoms, in time to decorate the hamlets for the Lunar New Year, Thay’s favorite festival. Last week the community prepared hundreds of traditional “Earth Cakes”, and stayed up all night with music and song to cook them over open fires. Each New Year Thay offers us a compact “parallel verse,” to guide our practice in the year to come. For this New Year of the Goat the Plum Village elders have chosen an excerpt of a poem written by Thay, which hangs at the altar of the Still Water Meditation Hall in Upper Hamlet:

Look deeply to understand clearly
Listen deeply to truly love

These phrases have been written in calligraphy and prepared in “diamonds” that can be printed and posted around your home or workplace, as gentle reminders to practice. (You may download the print-friendly pdf here >>>)

Wishing you health, happiness and many fruits of the practice,

The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village

Future reports on Thay’s recovery will be posted officially at, and

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ENG - Look Deeply - diamond ENG - Listen Deeply - diamond

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83 comments on “An Update on Thay’s Health: 19th Feb
  1. thanh says:

    I know Thay has taught that we shouldn’t attach ourselves to his teachings and that they are merely a means to the final destination … I will still struggle to dettach myself from all of Thay’s teachings….it is so much a part of who I am.

  2. Fr Robert Herrell says:

    Our dear Thay, you are in my thought and prayers. Please recode

  3. We love Thay and would like to continue to hear about his health and the progress he is making. Thanks. John.

  4. Asha says:

    How is Thay now? Warm wishes

  5. Bradley Floyd says:

    Each and every day I pray for Thich Nhat Hanh; that he may reach his destiny for all of us, and I’m thinking and sending good thoughts that he will be with us in health, once again, but, happy he is with us still as we are with him, in spirit and mind!

    With love and appreciation,

    Retired, Burlingame Ca, Police Commander, Brad Floyd

  6. Sita says:

    Blessings upon blessings to dear Thay… When I breath I feel him breathing too So much love and healing to you

  7. I have been very deeply touched by Thay’s wisdom, gentleness and messages of love, compassion and understanding. Such an immense and beloved being. I am praying for Thay’s health and wellbeing.

  8. vivi bowden says:

    A dear healer you have been to me for many decades. I am now 11 years post major paralyzing stroke and surprised & grateful for each new day as I still improve. Please keep on keeping on, dear Thay. I learned to sing again, walk again, read & write again. So much help, even tho’ my husband of 40 years filed for divorce, doubting I would recover.

  9. Veronica Anne deMarie says:

    Namaste Dear teacher. Your current journey is a teaching example of wonder, joy and patience. You continue to lead by example. With Love Honor and respect. Thankfully, Veronica

  10. Ann says:

    Reading Your last update About Thay drinking his first cup of tea, and watching the moon rise, I felt connected and Present in the room with him and his beloved attendants. I just finished reading his joUrnal from 1962-1966 “Fragrant Palm Leaves “. I understand more deeply now what made him who he is. I understand more deeply what it means to be a mother, and what Buddhism and compassion mean. What a gift Thay Is to humanity. Thank you so for the updateS. Any news to share ?

  11. kay Maughan says:

    When I awake Every Day I Pray For Thays recovery,He has given so much love to the world and taught us so much.Love and Many Blessings kay

  12. AmyCloud Chambers says:

    We are all grateful for Thay’s continued healing. He has taught us so much about love, and it is a joy to pray for his recovery.

  13. Valentine says:

    I wish a soon recovery keep us updated please! he is a wonderful teacher and human being :) I will come to visit soon the Plum village in France I’m so interested in the monastic life

  14. I keep Thay’s comments on the heart sutra with me always. I am so deeply happy that he is still with us, in body. His joy has always been an inspiration. It still is. Sending love and gratitude for each minute he shares, and for your updates.

  15. I keep Thay’s comments on the heart sutra with me always. I am so deeply happy that he is still with us, in body. His joy has always been an inspiration. It still is. Sending love and gratitude for each minute he shares.

  16. Shirley says:

    Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Peace is Every Breath” is my constant companion. I’ve read it numerous times and each time I am touched anew and learn something that I missed previously. His teachings have changed my life and helped me find peace and joy. I wish him much love and a speedy recovery.

  17. Leandro Mottin says:

    Dear Universe

    I am breathing in to Thank you very much for the 100% health recovery of the Lord Thay!

    We are one heartbeat , we are one smile, we are One for you, Thay!


  18. Jerry-yah'kov says:

    My sincerest wishes for a continued recovery and increased strength and wellness, dear teacher.

  19. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    How about Thay’s health now,March 11,2015 ? Thank you so much.

    • sally says:

      Namaste! I wanted to send my heart felt love to ‘Thay’ my prayers and love for this Beautiful soul….merely allows for immense humility and a Wonderous Connection of stillness where the very idea of any comlaints about anything atal….Is none existant! I love you ‘Thay’ and I love myself in a manner I have seeked for years! Thank You! I stand as a Testiment for all your Teachings! May, Peace Be with You and all who are by your side and all others who continue to support your life’s work…If, i am a quarter of who you are….I will be Happy..Though, naturally, I aspire more from myself..whilst loving being Nothing! Namaste and My Love Sallyxxx

  20. anna says:

    The last news was so positive, thank you for such a wonderful insight into how Thay is progressing. I continue to wish him wellness and strength in every breath and love in every moment ♥

  21. Jean Starns says:

    I have benefitted greatly from reading Thich Naht Hanh’s books for several years now as a part of my Buddhist studies. His wisdom and gentleness have made such a huge impression on me. I just learned today of his stroke. He is always in my daily prayers and my prayers now will be stronger for his recovery. He is an international treasure.

    Thank you for the updates on his recovery.

  22. Anna says:

    Thank you, thank you, to the friends of Plum Village for keeping us updated on Thay’s recovery. So often the thought of him gives great light to my day and I hope all of our thoughts also bring him great light. This is truly wonderful news~

  23. Ben-Zion Weiss says:

    This is most heart warming news!

  24. Lin Rongxiang says:

    May one and all be well, happy, safe and peaceful


  25. charles says:

    I have been a great admirer of Thay since I first began practing Buddhism. I was saddened to hear of his illness but his recovery and knowing he is doing better brings me joy and happiness. I draw strength every day from his words and teachings I love U Thay!!!

  26. Shayna Morse says:

    Thank you!

  27. Angelika says:

    Thay is with us as we are with him.
    Peace, joy and happiness.

  28. Bill Smith says:

    Thay is such an inspiration to me. I am so happy that he is making a nice recovery

  29. Hanh says:

    Wow, our hearts are full of joys to know that Thay is making good progress and is able to drink tea after a long time and serious illness!We have been checking plump village website almost everyday for news on Thay’s condition, the last news was already in 3rd January.

    Thank you so much for all of the loves and supports of everyone out there and everywhere have given to Thay.

  30. Shelley Ervin says:

    I am so grateful to hear of Thay’s progress. What an inspiration he is to all of us who have benefited from his teachings, and learn by his example. I hope to visit Plum Village someday, and to meet him so I can tell him what he has done for me by being on this earth. I am chronically ill and suffer daily, but in reading his wise words today, my pain begins to lift and I am filled with joy to be here in this moment. With him. With all of you.

    Love and blessings to Thay and all,

    Shelley Ervin

  31. Karen_Kaeli_McCarthy says:

    I feel such love and gratitude in reading your detailed and positive update. I am grateful for Thay’s life, for his continuation body at Plum Village and for the love and connectedness I feel between all of us. Love and compassion and healing, Kaeli

  32. Helga Ruschka says:

    Thank You Dear Thay, with Respect and deep Love,
    Helga Ruschka from Graz, Austria

  33. Sue Shapiro says:

    Thay teaches us with the cup of his favorite tea.

    Thay is always teaching us.

    Our love surrounds him.

    Our devotion to him never fades.

  34. alexia says:

    Many blessings on a graceful and speedy recovery, thank you for Being you, an inspiration and gift.

  35. Claudia says:

    Dear friends,
    I can only guess the tremendous amount of courage, strength,
    Commitment and surrender of Thay and all of you who help him to recover
    in tiny little steps. It made me very happy to read he could have a cup
    of the again. Thank you so much for sharing! In my thoughts and prayers I am with him and with you. With love, gratitude and deep respect,

  36. Steve White says:

    this is wonderful news to hear. Mindfully hoping the progress continues!

  37. Peace to you Thay. In this moment Peace to you.

  38. Cindy Thomas says:

    Dear Thay, I wish you continued bodily strength, and a ocean of love daily.
    May my heart stretch to epic proportions to truly love as you do.

  39. Daniela says:

    Che gioia! Il tuo insegnamento continua anche nella malattia, oltre la malattia. Un abbraccio!

  40. Nguyen Ngoc Bach says:

    Deep thanks to Buddha for Thay’s recovery.I wish Thay would fully recover soon to continue his unreplacable teaching of Buddha’s Way of True Wisdom and Liberation.Teacher like him is very rare now and on.

  41. Minh says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Thầy in wishing him a speedy recovery. Thanks for posting the update.

  42. Thanks for the update! And thank you, Thay, for give us lessons still at this very important moment.

  43. Howard says:

    I’m filled with joy from this news.

    From my (re)discovery of Mindfulness and Thay since 2015, I felt great personal support from him and everyone at Plum Village, during heavy suffering. Even though we have never met, I know I’m not imagining that and I’m touched. So both Thay’s and everyone else’s warmth and compassion span continents: it has reached me!

    So a warm greeting back: may Thay and everyone both close and far from him be healthy, contented, happy and well. I hope I may join you at Plum Village one day. I’ll make sure to tell you this in person!

  44. Sandy says:

    I spent the day in Plum Village on 8th Feb. It was such a privalege to be with such beautiful people. Thay’s presence is everywhere. May he continue to recover and feel the collective love and energy from all around the world. His presence and teachings are everlasting

  45. Greetings,

    So sorry to hear of Thay’s stroke. Thinking of you now, and all of your family/friend/colleague
    Wishing you much healing and including you in prayer. It seems you are making amazing progress, I hope this continues to the best health now. You are such a kind and gentle, wonderful person. I can not even imagine how many people’s lives and situation you have changed. I have only looked on a small number of articles and it has already help refresh me such a positive and straight forward help you offer, I really do respect your effort to spread such a peaceful beautiful message and theory to life. I wish everybody could take the time to read up on your teaching’s in this entire Universe because sometimes it might just take someone like in my own case, to stumble upon your name and life work, in just a few days I feel much better about myself when I felt quite upset a week ago. It helped me re-connect with my conscious.
    Really hoping for your full recovery, wishing you every single happiness and health. Best wishes, Aoife Kelly – London

  46. Sandy says:

    I spent the day in Plum Village on 8th Feb. Such a privelege to spend time with such beautiful people. Thay’s presence is everywhere. He has transformed mine and so many other’s lives. May his recovery continue and may he feel the collective love and energy created all around the world for him. His presence and teachings are everlasting.

  47. Carol says:

    dear Thay,

    I’m a very new in mindfulness learning…by your teaching…..I’m so Greatful I found your you tube, “refreshing your heart” and from the moment I watch it….I keep watching and listening …and I found a new light on my path…after my challenging of life almost knock me down…now it’s a time to go home…my mind, myself, my body…To get joy in the heart…and compassion….

    Get well soon..see you in my prayer…

  48. Valerie_Dorsky says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for your so very many gifts of insight, mercy, patience and Great Love. We have never met face to face in this lifetime but you are with me every day nonetheless. Thank you one more time — and another and another. . .

  49. Aoife Kelly says:

    Wishing Thay well in his health for the new year. What an amazing person. I will say a special prayer now. And I will smile, hoping he can see it here in England for him.
    Very best wishes to you all. Blessings. Love & Light

  50. claire barton says:

    Thank you for offering this email service to learn more about Thay’s recovery and to participate in distance meditations.
    I was so blessed to hear Thay speak in Trafalgar Square, London. He talked about each of us being our Mother; it deeply resonated within me.
    With Metta

  51. Connie Mansueto says:

    I felt truly moved to read of Thay’s continuing peace and happiness in the midst of his severe stroke. Thank you Thay for the learning, peace and inspriration you have brought into my life.

  52. Cheryl says:

    Dear Thay,
    I was introduced to you some 24 years ago from an audio tape which a dear friend gave to me from one of your talks. I immediately became aware of your capacity for peace and understanding not just through your spoken words, but also through your the gentle-strength that resonated through your voice. In those moments of listening to you I felt my heart and mind were being watered and this feeling inspired me to bring this feeling into my life through further practise. Your spoken and written words have been a blessing, helping me move through life with openness and awareness ; I thank-you deeply for this.You have taught me so much. I am so glad to hear that you are supported by love and kindness as you now move through this healing process. Please know that my heart stands with yours as you heal and always.

  53. Luigi says:

    I’m so happy to hear Thai’s conditions are improving!

  54. julian says:

    Dear Thay, very glad to hear you are enjoying tea again.

  55. Ana Paty says:

    The Love that wells from the depths of my heart joins our beloved Thay and embraces him. I Am with You, beloved Thay, Always.

  56. Julie says:

    Thank you :-)

  57. Rani says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Thay

    Thank you for showing us what courage, grace, and love as a practice looks like. May we all aspire to do the same in our daily lives.

  58. michelle elliot/ Great Listening of the Heart says:

    hearing this news, I smile. Breathing in, Thay teaches me about my body, breathing out I know a great listening of the heart
    Thank you dear Thay in health and in illness

  59. Joey says:

    I have arrived! I am home!

  60. kam po Sy says:

    Dear Teacher,
    I hope you will recover and get well soon. You help me out of the difficulties for many times in my life, i believed and know that a lot of people are waiting for your guidances and help, recover soon. Nowadays, I feel lost as the society, community and even the world are getting worst and ugly, people have a lot of angers, me too sometimes, luckily I got your teaching from my heart, i can calm sometimes, still feel a lot of people are suffering under poverty, unfairness, they are not living, they are suffering, when i am looking at those pain, i feel frustrated, feeling human beings are so little, fortunately, life is still amazing and precious I know :)

  61. Faye Harasack says:

    Dear Thay, dear sangha, I too am so grateful for all Thay is teaching us as he shows us the way through these experiences. And I’m so thankful to all who have been sharing these days and months with him and who then transmit to us what they see and learn. It was so moving to read about Thay’s enjoying the full moon earlier this month. When I saw that moon at my home in Alaska, I thought of him and wondered if he would someday be in a place and a condition to enjoy it again. Often when I see the moon I remember hearing him say that the mantra ”Darling, I know you are here and I am so happy!” isn’t just something we can say to other humans – we can use it to greet the moon, or a flower, or any other “thing” that we recognize and relate to. It makes me so happy to hear that he can again greet the moon as a friend! Thank you again to Thay and to all for living life so beautifully and showing us how to appreciate every moment!

  62. Paul Mitchell says:

    I check everyday to see how Thay is doing. Thank you, my family can always count on you for inspiration and compassion, even at this challenging time you continue to work magic. WOW!

  63. Jason Gerhardt says:

    Thay continues to live by example that every day is precious and to be cherished! Bowing humbly.

    I’d love to have the new years gatha in a larger format to print if possible, such as just two diamonds per page, or even one.

    In gratitude,

  64. Samatva says:

    May all who are caring for Thầy be happy, be free from ill-being, and be bleesed by the work you do.

  65. Susan Hopkinson says:

    Thank you for being a continuing source of inspiration and love. I’m so grateful to have learned from you. Namovalokiteshvaraya!

  66. Franziska says:

    I am praying daily for Thay. I am so happy that I was allowed to know his books, and I do my best to applicate what I read. I am going on praying for his healt.

  67. wonderful news… was honoured to meet him a few years ago and he is an incredible example of peace.

  68. Alan Gornik says:

    Wonderful to hear such good news!

  69. Lynn says:

    I am so happy to read this wonderful news. Thay is strong in spirit and love. Peace to all.

  70. Polly says:

    Daily we hold Thay in our hearts and prayers. He is living what we all seek to obtain, and in his immediate suffering continues to show us how to live with compassion. Much love and healing, The Foxx Family

  71. Robert says:

    My best wishes for further recovery to Thay. I have been to Plum Village in 2007 and will never forget this deep and beautiful experience. It was just today that I read about Thay’s health issues and slow recovery. Get well soon!

  72. Ingrid Walbrach- Fickler says:

    Dear Friends,
    Our Sangha in
    Karlsruhe/Ger sits for Thays recovery breathes mindfully and sends positive Energy for Thich Nhat Hanh.
    We are thankful to have net hin in the retreats, to hear the dharma lectures ans Tod have the Meditation with him.
    Please can You send us the Dates of the Bank to make a donation forThays recovery?
    Best wishes
    A Lotus

  73. Sue says:

    It is fantastic that Thay is gaining strength day by day. Thank you for keeping us informed of his remarkable progress and for reminding us to take every moment and use it with joy and the preciousness it deserves. Sending love and prayers to the most special man.

  74. Carol Conner says:

    Dear Thay, Even in your darkest hours, you were and are continuing to ‘teach those of us who are watching and listening’; And, I am one of those. If such a stroke would attempt to destroy my body, by your model, I now know how to deal in peaceful thanksgiving with illness. I am so thankful to gain this powerful wisdom. I humbly bow to You, Thay. May you feel, this day, the power of ‘love’ and ‘support’ I am sending to you.

  75. Romina Lourdes says:

    WHAT A WONDERFUL NEW!!!!! We are very happy in hearing it! We love Thay and our prayers are always with him!!! Best wishes

  76. Priscilla Selden says:

    Blessings upon dear Thay, and prayers for continued healing.

  77. Fabián Maison says:

    My wishes of a soon recovery for Thay. I admire his strength and capacity to enjoy life. Dear friends, take good care of him.

  78. john costas says:

    I ma so glad to hear of Thay’s progress. He has been in my heart and prayers everyday. His teachings have been such an encouragement to me! may he continue to gain strength and may is spirit be strong.

  79. Dorothy Darrow says:

    It brings me great joy to know that Thay’s condition continues to improve. The sun shines a little brighter each day that he continues to be with us here on earth.

  80. Fabulous news and very inspiring. Another set of great teachings by Thay, without him saying a word. And thanks so much for sharing the printable “Look deeply to understand clearly and Listen deeply to truly love.” I appreciate the generous sharing and will make good use of it.

  81. Jim says:

    My first encounter with this wonderful and wise soul was through the website “” in “The Great Bell Chant”. The first time I listened to it I was brought to tears from the cleansing I experienced. From that moment I have striven to learn as much from this Master of peace as I could. He is truly a Mentor for me and I am forever grateful for his presence, if only through my computer contact.