An Update on Thay’s Health: 3rd January


Official Announcement

Plum Village, France
January 3, 2015

To all Plum Village Practice Centers,
To all Practice Centers and Sanghas World Wide,
To our Dear Beloved Friends,

Happy New Year! May you and your loved ones enjoy a truly New Year, blossoming with health, happiness and peace. We would like to thank everyone for continuing to generate the energy of healing and compassion for our Beloved Teacher.

In the last three weeks Thay has gradually emerged into wakefulness, and has his eyes open for much of the day, to the point where the doctors can now say that he is no longer in a coma.

In his current state, Thay is able to recognize familiar faces. He is very responsive to verbal stimuli and has brought everyone great joy by starting to smile in the last few days. One of Thay’s close attendants recounted some shared memories from being on Tour with Thay. There was a particularly humorous story which, to his astonishment, even made Thay smile and chuckle.

However at the present time Thay is not yet able to speak. This indicates some degree of aphasia, which is being monitored closely and may evolve favourably in response to therapy.

Thay’s physical condition remains stable, and thanks to the excellent care Thay has received from the medical staff, he is able to enjoy being comfortable and at ease. Thay is investing great effort in his physiotherapy sessions. He is making daily progress, and the attendants are learning from his mind of determination, as they witness him practising the exercises from time to time throughout the day.

There are plans for Thay to be transferred to a specialist Stroke Rehabilitation Clinic soon. In the Rehab Clinic he will get the best possible care and training in order to regain as much as he can in his speech ability and movements.

Today in Plum Village we concluded our special Christmas and New Year Retreat. Nine hundred people, including many friends from near and far, participated in our New Year’s Celebrations on the 31st. We practised walking meditation together along Upper Hamlet’s legendary paths, burned New Year Resolutions in a bonfire, listened to a nourishing Dharma Talk from a senior Dharma Teacher, and enjoyed a festive meal and lively performances, ranging from jazz to rap, kung fu and an in-house skit of “The Goodfather”. Sister Chan Khong offered a Total Relaxation and Touching of the Earth, and the whole community sat in meditation as midnight arrived, signalled by the giant temple drum and bell.

Thay has built a beautiful community for us all to take refuge in, and we know the peace and joy of our spiritual family is Thay’s peace and joy.

A real sangha always carries within itself the energy of love, the energy of brotherhood and sisterhood, hope and compassion.
Our sangha is our home. Our sangha is our hope.

TNH, December 24, 2010

With trust and love,

The Monks and Nuns of Plum Village


Future reports on Thay’s recovery will be posted officially at, and

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135 comments on “An Update on Thay’s Health: 3rd January
  1. Bart Berlin says:

    I have been reciting poems from Thay’s collection, Please Call Me By Real Name, at coffee shops in order to express my thanks for the solace I have received from his poetry. My time in Vietnam and in the US during the 60s has always weighed heavily on me. May we all continue to know comfort and joy even in our watchfulness.

  2. Kayoko says:

    Listening to Thay’s teachings everyday, his presence is vivid and vibrant in my heart but even then, I am caught in worries for his health. I hope the absence of updates only mirrors the fact that he is doing well. I owe many many thank you’s to dear Thay and his wise guidance. Sending loving thoughts everyday.

  3. katherine says:

    I am so happy to hear you are still with us. I send my love.

  4. Luigi says:

    I say a big thank to Thai for its valuable lessons! I hope he can recover fully, the world needs his wisdom and compassions.
    Inhaling I smile to Thai exhaling I say thank you!

  5. Rimaj says:

    Thank you Thay for your indispensable teachings. This world is a better place because of your kindness and deep wisdom. Get well soon.

  6. Brigid Ruth Brine says:

    My darling fellow Buddhists and lovers of peace.

    It is Valentine’s Night in New York City a place that is sometimes associated
    with violence.

    But, in the hearts of many New Yorkers, like me, there is a feeling of serenity and peace.

    We send our deepest love and metta to all of you, as well as Thay.

    Your love is strong and is felt around the world.

    With deepest gratitude, Brigid

  7. priya nirit chen (nur) says:

    Can you kindly update on Thay’s health progress.
    Sending him life, light, love and looking forward seeing him upon his recovery.

    Looking forward hearing from you,

  8. maytruth says:

    How are you, our teacher? Are you feeling better? You’re helping me so much right now in this moment. My heart is being healed because of your wise teaching. My prayers go out to you. Please get well soon and show us your beautiful smile again, forever. Thank you, Thay.

  9. Ada Javellana Loredo says:

    good day! i wish to know the state of health of dear Thay. I have not seen any update after January 3. Thank you.

  10. Linda Spence says:

    Sending beautiful and loving thoughts from Australia.

  11. I have love, compassion, and gratitude for Thay. He is the perfect manifestation of Buddha’s teachings.

  12. vasantha says:


    you have shown me the way to transformation . I pray for your good health. the world needs you. I am sure you will be back soon

  13. Suwanrang Dansawan says:

    We would like to hear more about Thay’s health after 3rd january2015,please.

  14. Fasweh says:

    It has been a month since your last update. Please update us about the status of our beloved teacher Thay…Thank You!

  15. Kate Harper says:

    Please give us an update on Thay’s health.

  16. Chasy says:

    When I meet a pretty flower walking in the forest, I greet Thay with joining my palms.
    Today in Korea I read the New about Thay’s Health.
    Starting 108 bows for Thay’s quite well again and Thay’s teachings.

  17. Chasy says:

    When I meet a pretty flower walking in the forest, I greet Thay with joining my palms.
    Today in Korea, I’ve read the News about Thay’s health.
    Starting every day 108 bows for Thay’s quite well again and Thay’s teaching.

  18. Cloud says:

    This is a precious moment

  19. patricia klein says:

    I breath in for Thay’s health and my out breath for his full recovery. He is in my meditation at all times. Metta.

  20. Karen E. Stone says:

    One mind, one heart….may love and blessings surround you Thay.

  21. Marcela Lozano says:

    All out love and gratitude for Thay, hope to have an update of his health soon

  22. Andreas says:

    The very best wishes for the recovery of Thay! The world has a lot to thank him, we all have that. May he be back soon be healthy and able to enjoy walking and breathing!

  23. Vivek says:

    Thay is a living Buddha.Thay’s books and his peacefull aura tell us about Shakyamuni’s teaching in a pure and clear way.Thay will definitely recover.

  24. Vivek says:

    Thay is a living Buddha.Thay’s books and his peacefull aura tells us about Shakyamuni’s teaching in a pure and clear way.Thay will definitely recover.

  25. Thay,
    In the midst of a blizzard here the falling snow reminds me to be still. I am so glad to hear you are able to smile again. Your gentle smile and words have been an example for me many times. Peace to you during your recovery.
    -olivia from NY

  26. Mike says:

    Dear Thay, you gave me so much, maybe even saved my life. Now I hope that people like me can return the energy you shared with us with good profit to you.

    All the best dear Friend.

  27. George & Ha Eaglin says:

    We have enjoyed your teachings and have gained much benefit. Prayers for your rapid recovery.

  28. Pat Maslowski says:

    Dear Thay, You are in our hearts. We are happy you are recovering. Namaste

  29. Steve Ak says:

    Thay s message and work may still speak through us. We are his voice.

  30. Ana says:

    Hi Teacher!
    I am so glad to hear you are recovering!
    Even in this difficult time in your personal life, you are an example of patience and acceptance. For me the smiling is a sign!
    Thank you for being you, and for sharing your wisdom with us, in your books and through positive messages.
    Much Peace and Love!

  31. peter says:

    hallo teacher
    i am happy to read that you can smile
    that is a good sign, a good sign from above
    i hope you get to your legs slowly but certainly but certainly slow… thx for helping me with your books to save my divorce, thich
    love you peter from belgium

  32. Libni and Gerald says:

    We are sharing the snow falling, softly, so peacefully, with you, dear Thay.

  33. Alissa says:

    That has been ill is a reminder for impermanence. Thay still alive or passes away is not important,o show our love and respect to That,keep practicing what That has taught us. Let the law of nature does its course, accept that That will be gone one day. The Buddha taught us not to attach to emotion no matter who with.

  34. Paul Cook says:

    Sorry to hear of the teachers stroke he had a good heart and I was blessed to meet him:) om a hum, om bekenze bekenze bekenze maha bekenze bekenze ranza samungati soha om mani pema hum.

  35. Alissa Le says:

    The most importance is keep practising . No matter what happen. Thay has been ill is a real lesson about impermanent. Thay still alive or passes away is not important, importance is practising what Thay has taught us.
    We need to understand that sooner or later Thay will be gone ( and we will too).
    Showing our love and respect Thay by practising.
    The Buddha teaches us NOT to attach to feeling, remember that.

  36. Rose says:

    Thay, I’m praying for you. Sending love and light towards you. Here’s for a speedy recovery!! ❤️❤️❤️

  37. lorraine says:

    Dear Thay I’m wishing you a speedy recovery back to full health & peace again . Sending unlimited love to you always <3 _()_

  38. Paula says:

    I am so happy to hear Thay is doing better. I am so grateful for his writing and all he has taught. May he continue to recover and bring peace and happiness to many people.

  39. Donna Martin says:

    Dearest Thay,
    I am so sorry to hear of the suffering you have been enduring. I wish I had known earlier so I could have prayed more for you but please, know that you are now in my prayers and will be always. You have been my mentor and teacher for many years. Meeting you and walking with you and your monks at the retreat held at Ascutney Mt. in Vermont years ago was a life-changing experience for me! I pray for your full recovery and that many more years of teaching are ahead for you. The world so needs the loving kindness,compassion and true understanding that you manifest!Thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking awhile along my path with me.
    Love and Peace!
    Donna Martin, Chittenden, VT

  40. mina says:

    How he continues? Is he better? Greetings from argntine

  41. Ian. Palmer (Nanshin) says:

    To the Sangha all around the world. May we all continue to walk together with Thay. May we all breathe in mindfulness with him and to cultivate love and compassion with every step we take in our daily lives. Love, peace and joy to you all…Namaste!

  42. Jaana Marin says:

    I am sending love and best wishes for Thay´s recovery.
    Jaana Marin

  43. Melanie Vesser says:

    Dear Thay and loving Sanga. Nowhere on earth have I experienced the kindness of Plum Village. I learned support for taking good care of myself. I have taken my students on walking meditations that I learned at Plum Village.

    When I read that Thay smiled and chuckled, I will redouble my Metta Meditation. There is nothing as sweet as the thought of Thay chuckling. May you all be well May you all be happy. May you all live in peace with ease of heart. May you be free from suffering.

  44. swapna says:

    Beloved Thay,
    You have been a guiding light and inspiration for so many!!
    Cannot repay all your kindness except by putting all your words into practice…everything you tirelessly taught!!!!wishing you a speedy recovery.. _/\_

  45. Patricia L. Williams says:

    I was so relieved to hear Thich Nhat Hanh is out of a coma. When I read that he smiled, I cried happy tears. May he make good progress while in rehabilitation. Thank you!

  46. goinghome says:

    News of relief and joy. May Thay stay with us for as long as possible, all of us together peaceful, happy and light in body and mind.

  47. Ronald Seim says:

    Thank you Thich Nhat Hanh ! You have been a beacon and guiding light.

  48. maddy says:

    This beautiful man lights up the world with his smile, he has taught me so much. Sending love and best wishes for his recovery.

  49. priya nirit chen (nur) says:

    Very very happy to hear the good news.

    He will speak too:
    You please advise when I can visit him.

    Q. Nur

  50. Rebecca says:

    15 of us formed part of the larger Fall Retreat group at Deer Park Monastery beginning November 7. Since then we’ve maintained some communication through emails as we watch for a sangha to join, as advised. Part of our email group practice was to hold 3 days of meditation on January 3, 4, and 5 focusing our attention on the energy field around Thich Naht Hanh. Thank you for the wonderful news of recovery and awakening.

    “Present moment, wonderful moment”
    Coyote Sangha Email Group

  51. Chris cashiola says:

    My best wishes go out to one of the greatest teachers among us. Interbeing, mindfulness, and impermanence. Be well Thay.

  52. Abdullah Muhammad says:

    Thank you for your updates and please keep the good news. I pray to God that our beloved teacher Thay completely heals and someday he will be able to read the wonderful comments people are leaving for him. It is amazing to see someone like Thay loved by millions who brings joy to us when he is healthy and also when he is healing. Dear Thay, I have nothing but love, appreciation and gratitude toward you; you are an amazing person. May you heal soon.

  53. Suzanne says:

    PLEASE read and be advised by Diane Ackerman’s non-fiction memoir, One Hundred Names for Love. Several years ago, her husband suffered a stroke, and was subsequently aphasic. In her book Ackerman describes the methods she employed above and beyond those administered by her husband’s caretakers that lead him back recovery. I cannot recommend this book enough as a resource where you might find potential remedies for Thay’s aphasia. I am praying for Thay and for his caretakers. –Sincerely, Suzanne

  54. William Hartman says:

    Wishing and Praying for the calm peace and awareness for our dearest brother, Thay’ With Devotion to a beloved. WH

  55. randy osborn says:

    Thay’s teachings and presence have helped millions of people around the world awaken from the ‘coma’ of illusion and misunderstanding. As he recovers, may we send him our loving care and attention through our prayers and by our compassionate actions to others as he has taught and shown us.

  56. Koula says:

    My best wishes and love for Thay;s quick and complete recovery. Happy New Year!

  57. Monika says:

    Love and more love to Thay, and to the community. So very happy to hear he is healing. <3 <3 <3

  58. Debra says:

    What wonderful news, Dear Thay! We are so happy to be able to learn from you and your peaceful strength and determination, each and every day. Just this week, my 10 year old daughter has finally begun to sit and practice with me, after many years of witnessing and being gently encouraged by you, the brothers and sisters and our sangha community. We both share a deep love and respect for you, and are grateful to have such a warrior of peace as our spiritual guide. Just seeing your smile reminds us to smile, and to enjoy our breath more. May you feel more strength and joy every day!

  59. Sherry Baker says:

    It is with gratitude that I write to you dear Thay. Your and the sangas’ teachings and examples of mindfulness have meant so much to me. Your generosity of sharing so much on You Tube is a blessing to me and to the world. When I go to the woods or walk across the Delaware River I bring you with me. I play the 33 minute bell meditation and am thankful. I pray for your every breath.
    Yes, yes. Thank you, thank you.

  60. Swami Joy says:

    May GOD Bless Thay–He is still sharing His Grace upon others. I adore this soul, He is precious.

  61. Jeannette Adair says:

    I arrived back from a wonderful sangha evening where we shared from the heart our thoughts of Thay, to find the post on Thay’s continued improvement and smiles. How wonderful!

  62. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this webpage’s posts
    every day along with a cup of coffee.

  63. Matrika Mary Saraswati says:

    My prayers and love are with all of you during this time of challenge for Thay and this time of growth for the extended Plum Village Sangha.
    May we continue to grow in trust and the knowing that Thay’s journey is unfolding in perfection.
    May all beings be happy and free!

  64. Alexsondra Tomasulo says:

    I am sorry that he is unable to speak, make no mistake. Having said that, his radiant love is beyond words.
    Though I have not had the pleasure to meet him, I need only look into his eyes and am filled with love and am inspired to continue on my spiritual path. There is no greater gift one can give another.
    I pray him a full recovery.

  65. david shyu says:

    Stimulation of SPLEEN 21 AND STRONG FASCIA STIMULATION OF BELOVED TEACHER’S Ren and Du Meridians, I declare to be my blessing on to him.

  66. Hanh says:

    Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! I am soo happy to hear this news, it’s the greatest gift to me at the start of the New Year! He’s again truly amazing!

  67. Hanh says:

    Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! Nam Mo Bo Tat Quan The Am! I am so so happy to hear this news!

  68. Kathy Watson says:

    A blossom is not totally bloomed until ones eyes are closed then re-open. My heartfelt love and blessing I send to you and to all always all ways.

  69. Rio Morse says:

    May Teacher Thay continue in his recovery

  70. Nozaki Takeshi says:

    Please his soul for world peace and happiness.

    • wolf says:

      dear thay, dear community
      your teaching – mindfullness, concentration and insight, understanding is love- continues forever. strongest power in the universe. with or without words

  71. Ruby says:

    Sending love and strength <3

  72. ioma says:

    If the world community that Loves,respects and knows the goodness Thich Nhat Hanh brings to Everyone,and if it is true that only love heals Thay will be Healed through our Love,Love Hugs and Healing Wishes X ioma

  73. Rosa churampi guzman says:

    Como hago pra participar de los retiros soy del Peru.

  74. Maureen Trees says:

    Thank you Thay,I have recently begun to read your your teachings and already I have noticed myself changing. Let it continue into all areas of my life.

  75. Dominik says:

    May the colletive energy of the whole Sangha help venerable Thay to recover and to continue sharing His Great Wisdom with whole world.
    I bow with gratitude to venerable Thay, everlasting in His Teachings and Sangha.

  76. TNH has been a significant contributor and cornerstone in my Spiritual Growth and Journey! Continuing to pray for his health and continued Positive Effects in this sorely troubled world.

    Love, Iadora U!!!

  77. maura says:

    We are so happy to hear that Thay is doing better. We had such a wonderful family retreat in Plum Village in Summer 2014. My husband and I and our 4 children very much look forward to returning again this summer. Sending Thay and the entire Plum Village Community warm and loving wishes.

  78. jill nerkowski says:

    dear Plum Village, thankyou for sending health updates, I’m happy to hear you’re better. keep up the good work.!!!!:):):):):)

  79. Stan Cham says:

    Happy new year to the sangha and best wishes for Thay’s recovering ! He’s been doing so much for peace on earth through zen practice !

  80. barbara yen says:

    Dear Venerable Thay, Words cannot express how joyful we are to hear that you are now aware of your friends and surroundings. We will continue to radiate metta and compassion for your speedy recovery. I want to express my gratitude to you for showing us how to love one another, irrespective of race, religion and gender. I was very fortunate to be able to attend your retreats in Chiangmai, Thailand and in Malaysia where I am from. With me were 4 Catholic friends. They have great respect for you and benefitted a great deal from your teachings. Your Dhamma talks were very inspiring and wonderful.

    One morning, during Thay’s retreat in Chiangmai (forgot the year), we took a walking meditation to a large field nearby. We then sat on the grass while Thay sat on a simple seat slightly higher than us. I was in the front row and we kept a respectful distance. Thay gave me a kindly smile. Seeing the great divide, he gently beckoned us to come closer, and we moved 2 inches nearer. When the distance was still formidable, he beckoned again and we moved another 2 inches. It was so funny. I think Thay just gave up!
    We settled to enjoy the silence although there were a few hundred of us. His presence was electrifying. We could feel great, positive energy all around us. We were so connected, with each other and with the universe and very peaceful.
    Joyfully together,
    barbara yen

  81. Barbara Arndt says:

    All my good wishes go to Thay.
    Plum Village is an amazing place filled with wonderful loving people. I stayed over Christmas into the New Year at Lower Hamlet. My daughter Kristine was ordained at Upper Hamlet on the 18th/12/2014 and received the beautiful name of Trăng Chánh Niệm. I am so happy that I could witness this event.

  82. jovie chui says:

    Thay’s progress sure brings joy to us!

  83. Karen Balmer says:

    I am so pleased to hear that Thay is continuing to make a recovery. Testament to his strength and resilience. My thoughts and prayers are with him and all of the monks and nuns at Plum Village and related monasteries.

  84. Hang Le says:

    Such a great news! I keep praying for Thay!

  85. Dianna says:

    My deepest prayers are for your full recovery….
    Namaste ~

  86. Casey Wolf says:

    I am so happy to read this news.

  87. Linda and Chris Hanson says:

    Dear Thay,

    Much love to you and continued healing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

  88. Gaye :) says:

    such heartwarming news thank you so much for the updates :)

  89. David Gair says:

    This is a moment of great relief.

  90. antonio di stasi says:

    Na mo Gwan Shr Yin Pu Sa

  91. Thanh Hoàng Nguyễn says:

    Con thương thầy nhiều lắm,nguyện mãi mãi là một học trò biết vâng lời Thầy dạy.Mô Phật !

  92. NNEJAD says:

    So happy to hear this news. Praying for his further recovery. What a great man.

  93. Maggie Robertson says:

    I am so pleased to receive the news of Thays progres, his comfort and loving support of his community. I am forever grateful for having crossed his path. With love and peace in my heart I pray for namo avalokiteshvara.

  94. Sonnische says:

    Dear Thay, Dear Sangha, what wonderful news! Such love, effort and energy directed towards Thay and to his caregivers is nurturing the amazing spark of life within him. I am so grateful for these updates and learning of his progress. Bows, Sunny

  95. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for the updates. Thay’s ease of wellbeing is included in the intentions I offer each day at meditation. Positive energies for continued improvement by him.

  96. Dave Lavis says:

    My dear mother went through a series of strokes which left her in a similar condition. It took my sister 18 months to get her walking and talking again. I pray the same recovery from our dearest That. Worldwide energy and strength is with you.

  97. Sonya Gressel says:

    All blessings and love to you, Dear Teacher!

  98. Johan says:

    Love and peace to you dear friend .

  99. Claire says:

    Dearest Thây, I am praying for you. It touches my heart to know that you are smiling. Sending you peace and so much love, dear one. x

  100. Shelia McBrayer says:

    I am so thankful that Thay is on the road to recovery. Prayers daily for a full recovery. So thankful for your teachings.

  101. Margaret says:

    Beloved Thay and Sanga,
    We are all with you, we are all healing together in joy and love and compassion! We make this journey together and give each other hope and healing. We are learning and growing together.

    With gratitude, love and joy,

  102. kay maughan says:


  103. Annie Stratton says:

    Thank you for sharing Thai’s updates. I am glad to hear he is doing well. At the same time, it is a reminder that Thai, as we all are, is mortal, and at some point, will leave us in his present form. I am grateful for what his teachings have given me in this life. I have made a commitment to carry his teachings forward by living them in my life, and by sharing them with other people as I can. Thai, thank you for being. May your being continue to be joyful and meaningful, not only to you, but to those around you, including all of us whose lives have been transformed by your example.

  104. Ottaviano says:

    All my love to Thay

  105. Charly says:

    Dear Thay,
    Dear Sangha,

    It is wonderful to Reed some good news about Thay’s recovery. May he geht well step by step and hopefully recover completely. May my wishes and all your wishes become true.
    I’m also very glad to read about plumvillage’s New Year retreat. It Shows that the Sangha is active and Alive, although Thay’s not physically there. I’m sure, Thay would be glad about that too.
    Best wishes to all of you

  106. Elaine Hickey says:

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace and joy you have given me over the years through the best and the most challenging times of my life. I pray for your continued recovery. This troubled world needs your wisdom and peace.

  107. Brenda says:

    I wish for Thay a full recovery. He is a dear soul and I love him. All the best to the Plum Village community also.

  108. WendyMitchell says:

    What joyful & inspirational news. Thay is a shining light, one which will not dim. Peace & strength to him and all his friends.

  109. Joanne Thomas says:

    Sending healing energy and thankfulness your way. I pray for continued healing and positive thoughts.

  110. rebecca kerschen says:

    I will continue to pray for the peaceful care and comfort of our beloved teacher. Thank you for this encouraging message.peace and joy for the coming year.

  111. Roseli says:

    I am thrilled with the good news on Thay’s health. Lots of love healing energy to Thay and the wonderful sangha he created.

  112. Herran Angela says:

    Je garde Thay dans mon coeur avec amour et respet. Je prie pour sa récupération et lui envoi énergie et douceur.

  113. khema Jenny says:

    Wow! Never been so happy to hear this…

  114. Susan hickey says:

    so good to hear that Thay is recovering well. Like many others, I know that he has brought so much love, joy, peace and kindness to so many. I believe, the most amazing and wonderfull gift from Thay is that he gives people a tool which they can take with them any where ever they go. This tool is used to bring awareness of the power of the mind and then to learn how to slow it down completely and then see behond it and what we really are. What a gift to bring to the world! Thay is loved by so many of us all over the world. I too pray for his recovery and thank those who are caring for him so lovingly. Much love and blessings to all, Susan. Xx

  115. Tara Killen says:

    What wonderful news!!! Many thanks to all at Plum Village for the updates:

    A humble suggestion: could it be considered to give Thay back his voice through the medium of computer assisted eye-movement technology (eg.

    Gratefully yours,

  116. Thank you for the update and your attending care…To
    our loving teacher and to you all I humbly offer healing prayers… and dedicated meditations.

  117. Yesterdays I´ve been sitting an my spinning-wheel while listening to Thays teachings on CD. It was wonderful and nourishing. I feel very greateful to met Thay a few times and to hear that his health is gettin better. May it improve step by step by step…

  118. Yesterday I´ve been sitting at my spinning-wheel while listening to Thays Dharma teachings. It was so great and nourishing an I feel so greateful for that. May your health be improve and get better.

  119. Beverly Kinsella says:

    Thank you for this update. Continued prayers and healing energy is being sent for Thay’s complete recovery. Namaste

  120. Sophie chisholm says:

    Thank you very much for the updates, I’m happy thay is improving and he is always with me and making me smile. Happy new year lovely people xx

  121. ruby says:

    <3 <3 <3

  122. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for giving us these precious updates. May our beloved teacher, Thay continue to heal.

  123. Anki Grip says:

    I’m so happy to hear about Thays remarkable recovery.

  124. Millicent Marquart says:

    Thank you They for changing my life and helping me connect to peace in every step and every thought, in the here and the now. Every day, I can stop and be in the here and now when I want to be at peace

  125. Diane Stevens says:

    Thank you for keeping me in touch, much strength in healing to our teacher, Thay

  126. nguyễn tâm hà says:

    Namo avalokitisvara
    Namo avalokitisvara
    Namo avalokitisvara

  127. Abdullah Muhammad says:

    Dear Beloved Teacher Thay,

    I pray that your health improves soon, and your amazing smile shines again. I’ve walked with you in the US, I’ve read your books, I’ve listened to your CD’s, and I’ve watched your YouTube videos. You bring joy and comfort to so many unhappy and wounded souls. You are the most peaceful and non-judgmental person that I have ever came across in my life. Your words have touched me in so many ways. May you heal soon, may the world continue to benefit because of your existence. I am, like so many followers, are forever grateful to you for helping us look deep within ourselves and in transforming the present moment into a “wonderful moment.” You are a blessing and an inspiration for this world. With all my love, and sincere gratitude I say, Thank You!

    • Janice Kendrick says:

      I’ve wanted to post something since Thay became sick and did not know what to say. Now it has been said for me. My thoughts have been expressed by Abdullah Muhammad very effectively. The great teacher is in my thoughts.

  128. Claudia Schumann says:

    I continue to pray for Thay’s recovery and it’s working. I carry him in my heart.

  129. Wonderful to know that Thay is doing much better! May he continue to heal day by day…

    • As Thay said: every step is healing, every breath is healing.
      Yesterday I´ve been sitting with my spinning-wheel while listening to Thays teachings and I felt very greateful to have met him a few times and that I´ve learned so much from him. May his health get better step by step by step…

    • Atula Shah says:

      I am so very happy to receive the wonderful news in the begining of the new year of Thay’s steady recovery & now that he is out of coma. I continue sharing my merits for Thay’s recovery.
      With Metta